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    Drop Dates

    Course drop dates are calculated by counting calendar days and include Saturdays, Sundays and holidays. Drop deadline dates that fall on Saturday, Sunday, or a holiday are extended through the next business day. A change of reference numbers is considered a Drop/Add.

    A summer semester course of 56-62 days (approximately 8 weeks) may be dropped without a W being recorded through the 20th calendar day; after the 37th calendar day a course may not be dropped. A course 1-55 calendar days is prorated. Refer to Course Drops by Days and Course Refunds by Days and Drop & Refund for Short Courses.


    After your assigned enrollment time (Enrollment Time Chart) you can drop or add between 7:00am-9:00pm Mon-Fri. through May 28. Know your eID and password.

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    After your assigned enrollment time (Enrollment Time Chart), you can drop or add at Enrollment Services, 210 Willard Hall, 8:15am-11:45am and 1:00pm-4:45pm.

    Drop/Add forms are required at Enrollment Services. Drop/Add forms are available in the hallway
    across from 210 Willard Hall.

    Required Signatures

    Instructors can give an electronic permission via KATS or sign a Course Section Permit form (available to instructors from their department office) for closed/permission courses. Instructor permission for adds is required on a prorated basis depending on the length of the course.

    Advisor signatures are required for drop/add for students in the Colleges of Agriculture, Architecture/Planning/Design, Education, Engineering, and Human Ecology on a prorated basis depending on the length of the course.




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