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    Department of Mathematics

    Summer 2004 Course List

    If no dates listed directly under course, then course is an 8 week course and will meet June 7 through July 30.

    MATH010 Intermediate Algebra
    03AREC02700PMTWUF9:50-10:50CW 145Hawkinson, Dale P
    MATH100 College Algebra
    03AREC02710PMTWUF8:40-9:40CW 131Shaw, Mark B
    03BREC02720PMTWUF8:40-9:40CW 144Adongo, Nicholas
    03CREC02730PMTWUF9:50-10:50CW 144Alnaser, Ala Jamil Odeh
    03DREC02740PMTWUF11:00-12:00CW 145Ostrander, Justin E
    03EREC02750PMTWUF11:00-12:00CW 144Cipra, James A
    MATH150 Plane Trigonometry
    03AREC02760PMTWUF12:10-1:10PCW 145McCubrey, Raymond O
    MATH160 Intro Contemp Math
    Closed03AREC02770PMTWUF9:50-10:50CW 023Staff
    MATH205 Gen Calc & Linr Alg
    03AREC02780PMTWUF8:40-9:40CW 122Kim, Sang Hyun
    03BREC02790PMTWUF9:50-10:50CW 122Prater, Ashley A
    03CREC02800PMTWUF11:00-12:00CW 122Randriampiry, Njinasoa
    MATH220 Analy Geom & Calc 1
    04AREC02810PMTWUF8:40-10:50CW 130Dahal, Rajendra
    04BREC02820PMTWUF11:00-1:10CW 130Celebi, Mehmet
    MATH221 Analy Geom & Calc 2
    04AREC02830PMTWUF9:50-12:00CW 131Adongo, Donald O
    04BREC02840PMTWUF12:10-2:20PCW 144Coffelt, Jeremy P
    MATH222 Analy Geom & Calc 3
    04AREC02850PMTWUF9:50-12:00CW 120Beswick, Matthew J
    Closed04BREC02860PMTWUF12:10-2:20PCW 122Staff
    MATH240 Elem Differential Eq
    04AREC02870PMTWUF8:40-10:50CW 129Tang, Xin
    04BREC02880PMTWUF11:00-1:10CW 129Lesperance, Mark A
    MATH499 Top/Undergrad Math
    VAIND02890 Appointment Muenzenberger, T B
    Enrollment restrictions: Instructor Permission
    MATH499 Top/Putnam Seminar
    01BREC02900 MT12:10-2:20PCW 120Nagy, Gabriel
    MATH510 Discrete Mathematics
    03AREC02901 MTWUF10:20-11:20TH 1021Pinner, Christopher G
    MATH551 Applied Matrix Thry
    Closed03AREC02910 MTWUF8:40-9:40CW 120Staff
    03BREC02920 MTWUF2:30-3:30PCW 131Mohammad, Hassan M
    MATH704 Intro Thry Of Groups
    Closed03AREC02930 MTWUF1:20-2:20PCW 145Staff
    MATH713 Adv App Matrix Thy
    Closed03AREC02940 MTWUF1:20-2:20PCW 131Staff
    MATH740 Calc Of Variations
    Closed03AREC02950 MTWUF1:20-2:20PCW 130Staff
    MATH745 Ordinary Diff Eq
    03AREC02960 MTWUF3:40-4:40PCW 122Yang, Huanan
    MATH755 Dynamic Model Proces
    Closed03AREC02970 MTWUF3:40-4:40PCW 129Staff
    MATH760 Probability Theory
    Closed03AREC02980 MTWUF2:30-3:30PCW 130Staff
    MATH772 Elem Diff Geometry
    03AREC02990 MTWUF2:30-3:30PCW 129Miller, Forrest R
    MATH789 Combinatorial Analys
    Closed03AREC03000 MTWUF3:40-4:40PCW 120Staff
    MATH791 Top/Math Sec Sch Tch
    Closed03AREC03010 MTWUF2:30-3:30PCW 122Staff
    MATH896 Top/Mathematics
    VAIND03020 Appointment Pigno, Louis
    Enrollment restrictions: Instructor Permission
    MATH896 Top/Msri
    VBIND03030 Appointment Staff
    Enrollment restrictions: Instructor Permission
    MATH897 Sem/Math Education
    Closed03ASEM03040 Appointment Staff
    Enrollment restrictions: Instructor Permission
    MATH898 Masters Research
    VAIND03050CAppointment Pigno, Louis
    Enrollment restrictions: Instructor Permission
    MATH899 MS Thesis
    VARSH03060CAppointment Pigno, Louis
    Enrollment restrictions: Instructor Permission
    MATH991 Top/Alg Topos Theory
    03AREC03070 MTWUF1:20-2:20PCW 146Yetter, David
    MATH993 Top/Harmonic Analys
    Closed03AREC03080 MTWUF2:30-3:30PCW 120Staff
    MATH994 Top/Applied Math
    Closed03AREC03090 MTWUF12:10-1:10PCW 131Staff
    MATH996 Top/Topology
    Closed03AREC03100 MTWUF1:20-2:20PCW 129Staff
    MATH999 PhD Research
    VARSH03110CMTWUF2:30-3:30PCW 144Pigno, Louis
    Enrollment restrictions: Instructor Permission

    90000 series reference numbers have separate enrollment through the Division of Continuing Education, 532-5566.

    MATH100 College Algebra
    0390BLEC90848PAppointmentWWW CEHawkinson, Dale P
    Section meets from June 7, 2004 through July 30, 2004.
    0390AREC96412PM   W5:30-7:55PCW 146Hawkinson, Dale P
    Section meets from June 2, 2004 through July 28, 2004.
    MATH205 Gen Calc & Linr Alg
    0390BLEC95007PAppointmentDIS EDUCHawkinson, Dale P
    Section meets from June 7, 2004 through July 30, 2004.
    MATH499 Top/Cryptology
    0390ALEC94813 MTWUF9:45-1:15CW 146Yetter, David
    Section meets from August 2, 2004 through August 17, 2004.
    MATH591 Top/Math For Teacher
    0390CREC90532PAppointmentBH 217Bennett, Andrew G
    JUNE 7-18 MTWUF 8:30 - 12 IN BH 217
    Section meets from June 7, 2004 through July 1, 2004.
    Enrollment restrictions: Permission Required
    0390AREC94512PMTWUF10:00-1:00AK 107Yetter, David
    Section meets from May 24, 2004 through June 11, 2004.

    General Education course indicates the course has been approved for university general education credit.

    For more information, visit the Department of Mathematics home page at


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