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K-State 8 areas

CourseTitleK-State 8
AGRON220Crop Science
AGRON515Soil Genesis And Classification
AGRON550Forage Management And Utilization
AGRON605Soil And Environmental Chemistry
AGRON630Crop Improvement And Biotechnology
AGRON650Integrated Weed Management
AGRON655Site Specific Agriculture
AGRON681Range Ecology
AGRON685Tropical Soil Management
ANTH280Introduction to Biological Anthropology
ANTH388Top/Physical Anthropology - Top/Eat: Food and Subsistence
ANTH388Top/Physical Anthropology - Top/Nutritional Anthro
ANTH680Survey Of Forensic Sciences
ARCH347Structural Systems in Architecture I
ARCH433Building Construction Systems In Architecture 1
ARCH514Environmental Systems In Architecture 2
ASI318Fundamentals Of Nutrition
ASI350Meat Science
ASI361Meat Animal Processing
ASI400Farm Animal Reproduction
ASI533Anatomy & Physiology
ASI533Anatomy & Physiology
ASI608Dairy Foods Processing & Technology
ASI671Meat Selection And Utilization
ATM450Sensors And Controls For Agricultural And Biological System
AVM201Aircraft Metallic Primary Structures
AVM205Aircraft Landing Gear and Fluid Power Systems
AVM207Aircraft Electrical Systems
AVM322Powerplant Operation And Troubleshooting
AVM332Gas Turbine Powerplant
AVM342Powerplant Induction And Fuel Systems
AVT242Aviation Meteorology
AVT340Human Factors In Aviation
BAE331Professional Practice for Biological Systems Engineering Design
BAE640Instrumentation and Control for Biological Systems
BIOCH110Biochemistry And Society
BIOCH111Biochemistry And Society Laboratory
BIOCH265Introduction To Organic And Biochemistry
BIOCH499Honors Project
BIOCH521General Biochemistry
BIOCH522Gen Biochemistry Lab
BIOCH599Research Training In Biochemistry
BIOCH775Molecular Biophysics
BIOL198Principles of Biology
BIOL198Principles of Biology
BIOL198Principles of Biology
BIOL201Organismic Biology
BIOL450Modern Genetics
BIOL455General Microbiology
BIOL455General Microbiology
BIOL529Fundamentals Ecology
CE212Elementary Surveying Engineering
CE331Strength of Materials and Analysis
CE332Strength of Materials Laboratory
CE411Route Location And Design
CE522Soil Mechanics 1
CE530Statics And Dynamics
CE533Mechanics Of Materials
CE534Mechanics Of Materials Laboratory
CE537Introduction To Structural Analysis
CE542Structural Engineering In Steel
CE552Hydraulic Engineering
CE563Environmental Engineering Fundamentals
CE565Water And Wastewater Engineering
CE585Civil Engineering Project
CHE354Basic Concepts in Materials Science and Engineering
CHE355Fundamentals of Mechanical Properties
CHE356Fundamentals of Electrical Properties
CHE535Transport Phenomena Laboratory
CHE542Unit Operations Laboratory
CHM110General Chemistry
CHM110General Chemistry
CHM110General Chemistry
CHM111General Chemistry Laboratory
CHM111General Chemistry Laboratory
CHM210Chemistry 1
CHM210Chemistry 1
CHM211Chemistry 1 Recitation
CHM230Chemistry 2
CHM230Chemistry 2
CHM250Honors Chemistry 2
CHM350General Organic Chemistry
CHM351General Organic Chemistry Laboratory
CHM371Chemical Analysis
CHM499Prb/Undgd Chemistry - Top/Vary By Student
CHM500General Physical Chemistry
CHM531Organic Chemistry 1
CHM532Organic Chemistry Laboratory
CHM550Organic Chemistry 2
CHM595Physical Chemistry 2
CHM600Scientific Glassblowing
CMST305Robotics Programming
DAS388Honors Internship
DAS499Physical Sciences Senior Report
DAS582Natural Resources/Environmental Sciences Project
ECE210Introduction To Electrical Engineering
ECED540Curr/Cog/Lang Dev Young Child
ECET100Basic Electronics
ECET101Direct Current Circuits
ECET320Electronic Communication Systems
ECET420Communication Circuits Design
EDEL412Teaching Science: K-6
EDSEC542Science Methods for Secondary and Middle Schools
EDSEC614Laboratory Techniques In Teaching Science
ENTOM300Economic Entomology
ENTOM301Insects And People
ENTOM312General Entomology
FDSCI302Introduction To Food Science
FDSCI305Fundamentals Of Food Processing
FDSCI307Applied Microbiology For Meat And Poultry Processors
FDSCI501Food Chemistry
FDSCI600Food Microbiology
FDSCI600Food Microbiology
FDSCI690Principles of HACCP and HARPC
FDSCI695Quality Assurance Of Food Products
FNDH132Basic Nutrition
FNDH132Basic Nutrition
FNDH320Care and Prevention of Athletic Injuries
FNDH400Human Nutrition
FNDH400Human Nutrition
FNDH413Science of Food
FNDH450Nutritional Assessment
FNDH510Life Span Nutrition
FNDH552Emergency Procedures & Evaluation Of Core Athletic Injuries
FNDH554General Medical Conditions In The Athletic
FNDH555Therapeutic Modalities In Athletic Training
FNDH556Rehabilitation And Conditioning For Athletic Injuries
FNDH620Nutrient Metabolism
FNDH632Clinical Nutrition II
FNDH635Nutrition and Exercise
GENAG582Natural Resources/Environmental Sciences Project
GEOG221Intro Physical Geography
GEOG340Natural Resources
GEOG340Natural Resources
GEOG600Mountain Geography
GEOL100Earth In Action
GEOL102Earth Through Time
GEOL103Geology Laboratory
GEOL103Geology Laboratory
GEOL115Environmental Geology
GEOL125Natural Disasters
GEOL125Natural Disasters
GEOL540Geologic Record of Climate Change
GRSC540Process Calculations in Food Systems
GRSC560Electricity and Industrial Power Distribution
GRSC602Cereal Science
GRSC625Flour And Dough Testing
HM205Food Safety and Protection in Hospitality Operations
HM220Environmental Issues In Hospitality
HORT515Basic Turfgrass Culture
HORT516Int Culture Golf/Sports Turf
IAPD606IAPD Design Studio VI
IMSE250Introduction To Manufacturing Processes & Systems
KIN220Biobehavioral Bases Of Physical Activity
KIN335Physiology Of Exercise
KIN336Physiology Of Exercise Lab
KIN360Anatomy and Physiology
KIN601Cardiorespiratory Exercise Physiology
KIN603Cardiovascular Exercise Physiology
KIN609Environmental Physiology
LAR248Landscape Architecture Materials And Methods
LAR439Design Implementation II
LAR704Environmental Landscape Planning & Design
ME573Heat Transfer
MET245Material Strength And Testing
MET246Dynamics Of Machines
MET346Elements Of Mechanisms
MET353Fluid Mechanics
MET382Industrial Instrumentation And Controls
MET471Thermodynamics And Heat Transfer
PHYS101The Physical World
PHYS103The Physical World Laboratory
PHYS113General Physics 1
PHYS113General Physics 1
PHYS113General Physics 1
PHYS114General Physics 2
PHYS114General Physics 2
PHYS115Descriptive Physics
PHYS191Descriptive Astronomy
PHYS213Engineering Physics 1
PHYS214Engineering Physics 2
PHYS224Physics 2, Electromagnetism And Sound
PHYS452Contemporary Physics: Problems And Principles
PHYS460Top/Undergrad Physic - Top/Introduction to Physics
PHYS497Senior Research In Physics
PHYS499Honors Project
PHYS506Adv Physics Lab
PHYS633Electromagnetic Fields 2
PHYS636Physical Measurements Instrumentation
PHYS662Introduction To Quantum Mechanics
PHYS692Introduction To Cosmology
PHYS694Particle Physics
PLPTH495Res/Plant Pathology - Top/Vary by Student
PLPTH500Principles Of Plant Pathology
PLPTH575Topics In Plant Pathology
PLPTH576Special Topics in Plant Pathology
PLPTH590Landscape Diseases
PPIL263Multi Engine Flight Lab
PPIL295Tailwheel Transition
PPIL325Advanced Aircraft Systems
PPIL396Introduction To Upset Training and Recovery
PSYCH202Drugs And Behavior
PSYCH370Brain and Behavior
PSYCH475Principles Of Learning
PSYCH480Fundamentals Of Perception And Sensation
WOEM620Human-Wildlife Conflicts