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K-State 8 areas

CourseTitleK-State 8
AERO311Officer Leadership Studies 3b
AGCOM550Internship In Agricultural Communications
AGEC315Contemporary Issues in Global Food and Agricultural Systems
AGEC516Agricultural Law And Economics
AGEC520Market Fundamentals And Futures/Options Trading
AGEC570Food Man/Dist/Retail
AGRON375Soil Fertility
AGRON602Agronomy Capstone Experience
AMETH461Transformative Thought
AMETH650Sem/AMETH - Top/Practicing Social Change
AMETH700Adv Top in Amer Ethnic Studies - Top/Vary by Student
ANTH525Language and Culture
ARCH505Architectural Internship, Part A
ARCH506Architectural Internship, Part B
ARE539Architectural Engineering Management
ATM558Hydrology and Soil Erosion Management
AVM102Aviation Regulations, Compliance and Operations
AVT420Aviation Accident Investigation
AVT445Aviation Law
BUS251Financial Accounting
BUS315Supervisory Management
CHE571Chemical Engineering Systems Design 2
CIS101Introduction to Computing Systems
CIS415Ethics and Computing Technology
CMST334Computer Technology Project Development
CNRES531Core Conflict Resolution
CNRES533Prevention & Intervention Of Violence
CNRES535Divorce & Child Custody Mediation
CNS542Ethics & Professional Standards
COMM311Business And Professional Speaking
COMM431Criticism of Public Discourse
COMM465Communication and Conflict
COT299Prb/Arts/Science/Bus - Top/Experiential Chemistry
COT495Industrial Internshp - Top/Vary By Student
DAS102Practicum In Student Governance
DAS355Introduction to Nonviolence Studies
DAS455Violence, Nonviolence and Social Change
DAS590Applied Nonviolence
ECE590Senior Design Experience
ECED410Introduction To Early Childhood Education
ECED450Environments In Early Childhood
ECED543Reflective Practice: Infants And Toddlers
ECED544Reflective Practice: Preschoolers And Kindergartners
ECED553Early Childhood Practicum 1: Infants And Toddlers
ECED554Early Childhood Practicum 2: Preschoolers
ECED555Early Childhood Practicum 3: Kindergartners
ECED566Emergent Literacy
ECED598Student Teaching In Early Childhood, Unified
ECON580Senior Seminar In Economics
EDCEP111University Experienc
EDCEP111University Experienc
EDCEP315Educational Psychology
EDEL200Teaching As A Career
EDEL320Core Teaching Skills and Lab
EDEL320Core Teaching Skills and Lab
EDEL585Tch Intern Elem School - Top/Tch Part El For Lang
EDEL585Tch Intern Elem School - Top/Tch Part Ele Sch Art
EDEL585Teaching Internship in the Elementary School
EDSEC200Teaching As A Career
EDSEC376Core Teaching Skills/Secondary/Middle
EDSEC376Core Teaching Skills/Secondary/Middle
EDSEC405Middle Level Education
EDSEC532Business Methods for Secondary and Middle Schools
EDSEC536Language Arts Methods for Secondary and Middle Schools
EDSEC538Mathematics Methods for Secondary and Middle Schools
EDSEC542Science Methods for Secondary and Middle Schools
EDSEC544Social Studies Methods for Secondary and Middle Schools
EDSEC586Tch Intern Sec School - Top/Tch Part Sec Agri Ed
EDSEC586Tch Intern Sec School - Top/Tch Part Sec Art
EDSEC586Tch Intern Sec School - Top/Tch Part Sec Bus
EDSEC586Tch Intern Sec School - Top/Tch Part Sec Eng
EDSEC586Tch Intern Sec School - Top/Tch Part Sec Fcse
EDSEC586Tch Intern Sec School - Top/Tch Part Sec Journal
EDSEC586Tch Intern Sec School - Top/Tch Part Sec Math
EDSEC586Tch Intern Sec School - Top/Tch Part Sec Mod La
EDSEC586Tch Intern Sec School - Top/Tch Part Sec Science
EDSEC586Tch Intern Sec School - Top/Tch Part Sec Soc Sci
EDSEC586Tch Intern Sec School - Top/Tch Part Sec Speech
EDSEC621Prg Pln Career/Tc Ed - Top/Fcse
EDSP324Exceptional Child In The Regular Classroom
EDSP324Exceptional Child In The Regular Classroom
ENGL500Writing Center Theory/Practice
ENTRP340Introduction to Entrepreneurship
ENTRP350Technology and Innovation Management
ENTRP520Social Entrepreneurship
FDSCI695Quality Assurance Of Food Products
FNDH515Counseling Strategies In Dietetic Practice
FNDH520Applied Clinical Dietetics
FNDH521Clinical Dietetics Practicum
FNDH560Management In Dietetics
FNDH561Management In Dietetics Practicum
FNDH588Practicum VI In Athletic Training
FNDH631Clinical Nutrition 1
FSHS580FSHS Internship
FSHS585Prof Sem/FSHS
FSHS585Prof Sem/FSHS - Top/Family Life Educ
FSHS590Capstone Exp in FSHS
GEOG360Sustainability Concepts & Issues
GERON600Seminar In Gerontology
GERON610Seminar In Long Term Care Administration
GNHE310Human Needs
GWSS105Introduction to Gender, Women, and Sexuality Studies
GWSS305Advanced Fundamentals of Gender, Women, and Sexuality Studies
GWSS410Feminist Thought
HM220Environmental Issues In Hospitality
HM275Str Fld Exp/Hosp Mgmt
HM340Cont Iss/Control Bev
HM375Foodservice Work Exp
HM376Convention, Meeting, and Event Management Work Experience
HM377Lodging Work Experience
HM421Hospitality Service Systems
HM427Travel and Dining Auction Event Management
HM475Internship In Hospitality Management
HM495Golf Course Internship In Hospitality Management
HM624Procurement In The Hospitality Industry
HM662Foodservice Systems Management
HM663Con/Meet/Event Dev
HORT590Horticulture Internship
IAPD391Topics in Contemporary Design Seminar
ID530Interior Design Practices And Procedures
KIN310Measurement And Research Techniques In Kinesiology
KIN592Sport And Exercise Personality
LAR322Environmental Issues And Ethics
LEAD405Leadership In Practice
LEAD450Senior Seminar In Leadership
LEAD499Nonprofit Organization Internship
MANGT390Business Law 1
MANGT535Employment Law
MANGT596Business Ethics and Corporate Citizenship
MANGT623Compensation And Performance Management
ME575Interdisciplinary Industrial Design Projects 2
MET245Material Strength And Testing
MET464Senior Design Project 2
MSCI206Leaders Training Course
MSCI302Leading Small Military Organizations 2
MSCI351Military Leadership Studies And Practical Applications
MSCI402Transition To Lieutenant
MSCI501Advanced Transition To Lieutenant 1
MSCI502Advanced Transition To Lieutenant 2
MUSIC510A Survey of Music Therapy
PFP595Professional Seminar In Personal Financial Planning
PHILO100Introduction To Philosophical Problems
PHILO125Introduction To Philosophy Of Science
PHILO130Introduction To Moral Philosophy
PHILO305Reasons, Decisions and Society
PHILO330Moral Philosophy
PHILO331Philosophy of Gender
PHILO365Medical Ethics
PHILO390Business Ethics
PHILO501Perspectives on Science
PHILO535Philosophy Of Law
PLAN670Planning in POP Culture
POLSC301Introduction To Political Thought
POLSC661Political Thought/Classical To 16th Century
POLSC671Modern Political Thought
PPIL111Private Pilot
PPIL112Professional Instrument Pilot
PPIL210Aviation Safety
PPIL211Professional Commercial Pilot
PPIL312Certified Flight Instructor Ground School
PPIL416Crew Resource Management II
PPIL482Certified Instrument Flight Instructor Ground School
PSYCH350Experimental Methods In Psychology
PSYCH351Experimental Methods Laboratory
PSYCH556Multicultural Psychology
PSYCH585Basic Concepts In Clinical Psychology
PSYCH587Field Placement
SOCIO360Social Problems
SOCIO362Police And Society
SOCIO507International Development and Social Change
SOCIO536Environmental Sociology
SOCIO569Criminology And Sociology Professional Seminar
SOCWK200Basic Skills for Working with People
SOCWK200Basic Skills for Working with People
SOCWK565Social Policy
SOCWK565Social Policy
SPAN531Professional Spanish: Health and Human Services
SPAN580Intro to Span Ling
THTRE261Fundamentals Of Acting
THTRE361Intermediate Acting
UAS270Introduction to Unmanned Aircraft Systems
WOEM555Big Game Management
WOEM560Upland Gamebird Management
WOEM565Freshwater Fish/Guiding
WOEM570Internship for Wildlife and Outdoor Enterprise Management
WOEM595Wildlife and Outdoor Enterprise Management Senior Seminar
WOEM620Human-Wildlife Conflicts