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K-State 8 areas

CourseTitleK-State 8
AGCOM210Layout and Design Principles
ANTH715Research Methods in Digital Ethnography
ARAB102Arabic II
ARAB301Arabic IV
ARAB540SS/ In Arabic - Top/Arabic Literature & Cult
ARCH274Digital Architecture I
ARCH301Appreciation Of Architecture
ARCH374Digital Architecture III
ARCH506Architectural Internship, Part B
ART102Ceramics for Non-majors
ART103Jewelry Design and Processes for Non-majors
ART180Two Dimensional Design
ART190Drawing 1
ART196Survey Art History 2
ART200Three Dimensional Design
ART210Drawing 2
ART290Type And Design Principles
ART300SS/In Art - Top/Experimental Type & Image
ART300SS/In Art - Top/Fiber Art & Mat Studies
ART300SS/In Art - Top/Graphic Design for Non/maj
ART320Water Media 1
ART325Figure Drawing 1
ART330Digital Techniques in Visual Art
ART335Printmaking 1
ART340Sculpture 1
ART345Introduction To Oil Painting
ART365Ceramics 1
ART370Metalsmithing And Jewelry
ART395Photography In Art 1
ART530Color Printmaking Workshop
ART55020th Cent Art Hist 2
ART563Photography In Art 2
ART565Ceramics 2
ART570Mixed Media Painting Workshop
ART580Graphic Design Senior Studio - Top/Visual Com Sr Studio
ART613History of Northern Renaissance Art
ART621Advance Concepts in Lens Based Media
AT340Aesthetics Of Apparel And Textiles
CHINE101Chinese 1
CHINE102Chinese 2
CHINE301Chinese IV
CHINE502Chinese 6
CHINE599Special Studies In Chinese
CLSCS105Medical Terminology: Latin and Greek for Scientists
CLSCS502Top Class Studies - Top/History & Culture of Rome
CLSCS502Topics in Classical Studies
CLSCS549Special Studies in Classics
CMST135Web Fundamentals
CMST146Digital Photography
CMST216Digital Media 1
CMST332Web Development Project
CMST336Digital Media Project
CMST406Social Media Technology
COMM260Introduction To Trial Advocacy
COMM311Business And Professional Speaking
COMM321Public Speaking 2
COMM323Nonverbal Communication
COMM328Professional Interviewing
COMM330Rhetoric In Western Thought
COMM430Freedom Of Speech
COMM431Criticism of Public Discourse
COMM475Legal Communication
DANCE120Modern Dance 1
DANCE165Ballet 1
DANCE171Jazz Dance 1
DANCE181Tap 1
DANCE200Anatomy For Dancers
DANCE205Dance As An Art Form
DANCE295Dance Composition 1
DANCE323Modern Dance 2
DANCE324Modern Dance 3
DANCE325Ballet 2
DANCE326Ballet 3
DANCE372Jazz Dance 3
DANCE380Musical Theatre Dance
DANCE381Tap 2
DANCE382Tap 3
DANCE502Performance Production
ECED541Curriculum For Emotional, Social, And Physical Development Young Children
EDEL270Arts for Elementary Schools
EDEL411Teaching Literacy K-2
EDEL450Art Methods Elem Sch
EDEL461Teaching Literacy: Grades 3-6
EDSEC536Language Arts Methods for Secondary and Middle Schools
EDSEC582Teaching Internship in Music
ENGL220Fiction Into Film
ENGL251Introduction To Literature
ENGL253The Short Story
ENGL270American Literature
ENGL285Introduction to American Ethnic Literatures
ENGL287Great Books
ENGL295Selected Studies In English
ENGL302Technical Writing
ENGL310Introduction To Literary Studies
ENGL315Introduction to Cultural Studies
ENGL350Introduction To Shakespeare
ENGL355Literature For Children
ENGL361British Survey 1
ENGL362British Survey 2
ENGL381American Survey 1
ENGL382American Survey 2
ENGL385Selected Am Ethnic Literature - Top/Multicult Ch Lit
ENGL388Asian American Literatures
ENGL390Fable And Fantasy
ENGL395Top/English - Top/Shakespeare
ENGL420Topics In Film
ENGL420Topics In Film
ENGL450Literature/Society - Top/Lit of Aging
ENGL455Exploring Creativity
ENGL461Introduction To Fiction Writing
ENGL463Introduction To Poetry Writing
ENGL465Introduction To Creative Nonfiction
ENGL470The Bible
ENGL525Women In Literature
ENGL545Literature For Adolescents
ENGL580Selected World Literature
ENGL610Rdg/Renaissance Lit - Top/Relig/Renaissance
ENGL635Rdg 20c British Lit - Top/London/Br Lit
ENGL640Rdg/Early Amer Lit - Top/Early Am Lit
ENGL661Advanced Creative Writing/Prose Fiction
ENGL663Advanced Creative Writing
ENGL680Top/Amer Literature - Top/Asian Am Lit
ENGL695Top/Literature - Top/Innocence/Exp
ENGL698Capstone Seminar - Top/Amer West
ENVD202Environmental Design Studio 2
ENVD251History Of The Designed Environment 2
ENVD650Italian, Art, History and Culture
FREN101French I
FREN102French II
FREN103Beg Acc French
FREN201French III
FREN301French IV
FREN503French Composition And Grammar
FREN512Fren/Fran Cinema - Top/War & Rev in French Cinema
FREN519Spec Studies French
FREN520Introduction to French Literature (19th Century to the Present
FREN530Top/Fren/Fran Lit & Cul - Top/The French Revolution
GRMN101German I
GRMN102German II
GRMN201German III
GRMN301German IV
GRMN522Top/Grmn Lit/20/21th - Top/Vary By Student
GRMN527Advanced German Conversation
GWSS450The Stories of a Young Girl
HINDI102Hindi II
HORT210Concepts Of Floral Design
HORT510Horticultural Design 2
IAPD320Iapd Design Studio 2
IAPD407Design Workshop 1
IAPD412Design Workshop 1 Studio
IAPD440Iapd Design Studio 4
IAPD605Prb/IAPD - Top/Asian Architecture
IAPD605Prb/IAPD - Top/Glass Studio
IAPD605Prb/IAPD - Top/Interior Arch Upholstery
IAPD605Problems in IAPD
IAPD606IAPD Design Studio VI
IAPD625Lighting In Interior Architecture and Product Design
ID360History of Interior Design 2
ITAL102Italian II
ITAL105Italian for Travelers
ITAL301Italian IV
ITAL520Special Studies in Italian - Top/Adv Italian Lang & Culture
JAPAN101Japanese I
JAPAN102Japanese II
JAPAN301Japanese IV
JAPAN592Japanese 6
JAPAN599Special Studies In Japanese
LAR311Unlocking Creativity
LAR500Site Planning And Design
LAR811Unlocking Creativity
LATIN102Latin II
LATIN302Intermediate Latin-Poetry
MC331Digital Photography For Mass Media
MLANG398Studies in Foreign Language
MLANG398Studies in Foreign Language - Top/Intermed Span/Costa Rica
MLANG499Honors Project
MUSIC100Music Fundamentals
MUSIC103Voice Class 1
MUSIC104Voice Class 2
MUSIC111Concert Choir
MUSIC112University Chorus
MUSIC113University Band
MUSIC114Pep Band
MUSIC116Concert Band
MUSIC117Wind Ensemble I
MUSIC121Collegiate Chorale
MUSIC125K-State Singers
MUSIC130Symphony Orchestra
MUSIC131Theatre Orchestra
MUSIC140Women's Choir
MUSIC160Music Listening Laboratory
MUSIC170History of Rock and Roll
MUSIC203Vocal Techniques 1
MUSIC204Vocal Techniques 2
MUSIC206Piano Class 1
MUSIC207Piano Class 2
MUSIC210Music Theory 1
MUSIC220Top/In Music - Top/Vary By Student
MUSIC230Music Theory 2
MUSIC231Aural Skills 1
MUSIC249Introduction to Music of the World
MUSIC250Introduction To Music
MUSIC280L-D Ensb - Top/Brass
MUSIC280L-D Ensb - Top/Cje
MUSIC280L-D Ensb - Top/In-A-Chord
MUSIC280L-D Ensb - Top/Jazz Combo
MUSIC280L-D Ensb - Top/Jazz Lab A
MUSIC280L-D Ensb - Top/Latin Jazz Ens
MUSIC280L-D Ensb - Top/Mixed Instrumental
MUSIC280L-D Ensb - Top/Percussion
MUSIC280L-D Ensb - Top/String
MUSIC280L-D Ensb - Top/V.J.E.
MUSIC280L-D Ensb - Top/Vocal
MUSIC280L-D Ensb - Top/Woodwind
MUSIC280Lower-Division Ensemble Performance
MUSIC281West African Drumming and Percussion
MUSIC297Jazz Theory II
MUSIC299Jazz Improvisation 2
MUSIC320Music Theory 3
MUSIC321Aural Skills 2
MUSIC340Introduction to Film Music
MUSIC350Studio Accompanying
MUSIC351Recital Accompanying
MUSIC360Music Theory 4
MUSIC361Aural Skills 3
MUSIC400Concert Choir
MUSIC401Concert Band
MUSIC402Wind Ensemble II
MUSIC403Collegiate Chorale
MUSIC404Symphony Orchestra
MUSIC405Music For Elementary Teachers
MUSIC409Women's Choir
MUSIC412University Band
MUSIC416Pep Band
MUSIC475Opera Workshop
MUSIC480Upper-Div Ensem Perf - Top/Brass
MUSIC480Upper-Div Ensem Perf - Top/Cje
MUSIC480Upper-Div Ensem Perf - Top/In-A-Chord
MUSIC480Upper-Div Ensem Perf - Top/Jazz Combo
MUSIC480Upper-Div Ensem Perf - Top/Jazz Lab A
MUSIC480Upper-Div Ensem Perf - Top/Latin Jazz Ensemble
MUSIC480Upper-Div Ensem Perf - Top/Mixed Instrumental
MUSIC480Upper-Div Ensem Perf - Top/Percussion
MUSIC480Upper-Div Ensem Perf - Top/String
MUSIC480Upper-Div Ensem Perf - Top/V.J.E.
MUSIC480Upper-Div Ensem Perf - Top/Vocal
MUSIC480Upper-Div Ensem Perf - Top/Woodwind
MUSIC480Upper-Division Ensemble Performance
MUSIC490Collegium Musicum
MUSIC492Meth&Mat For Studio - Top/Meth & Mat for Studio
MUSIC492Methods And Materials For The Studio
MUSIC511Music In The Schools K-6
MUSIC517Choral Conducting
MUSIC518Instrumental Conducting
MUSIC531Music History 2: 1700 To 1850
MUSIC616Theories of Contemporary Music
MUSIC618Graduate History Review
MUSIC632Digital Sound Synthesis
MUSIC670Advanced Studies In Music Education
MUSIC675Arranging for Bands
PHILO120Introduction To Philosophy Of Art
RUSSN102Russian II
RUSSN301Russian IV
RUSSN504Russian Literature In Translation/The 19th Century
RUSSN559Spec Studies Russian - Spec Studies Russian
SOCIO537Sociology of Emotions
SOCIO538Sociology of Culture
SPAN101Spanish I
SPAN102Spanish II
SPAN201Spanish III
SPAN301Spanish IV
SPAN410Spanish Composition And Grammar
SPAN410Spanish Composition And Grammar
SPAN420Spanish Conversation
SPAN421Listening Skills
SPAN531Professional Spanish: Health and Human Services
SPAN550Introduction To Literature In Spanish
SPAN565Spanish Civilization
SPAN568Literature Of Spanish American
SPAN580Intro to Span Ling
THTRE162Concepts Of Theatre Production
THTRE211Run Crew
THTRE212Wardrobe Crew
THTRE261Fundamentals Of Acting
THTRE268Techniques Of Makeup
THTRE270Introduction To Theatre
THTRE280Script Analysis
THTRE300Vocal Expression for Actors
THTRE361Intermediate Acting
THTRE366Fundamentals of Theatre Management
THTRE368Fundamentals Of Technical Production
THTRE369Fundamentals of Theatrical Design
THTRE475Opera Workshop
THTRE565Principles Of Directing
THTRE566Rehearsal Techniques
THTRE568Scene Design
THTRE579Lighting Design
THTRE630Top/Theatre - Top/Dramaturgy
THTRE630Top/Theatre - Top/New Play Development
THTRE630Top/Theatre - Top/Surv & Thrive/Drama Thrpy
THTRE630Top/Theatre - Top/Vary By Student
THTRE664Creative Drama
THTRE665Drama Therapy With Special Populations