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Department of Grain Science and Industry

Spring 2009 class list

If no dates listed directly under course, then course is a 16-week course and will meet Thursday, January 15, 2009 through Friday, May 8, 2009.

ClassDescriptionClass Grading    
GRSC101 Intro Gr Sci/Indust
ClosedALEC129313 M  W  F10:30-11:20 a.m.SH 311McKinney, Leland James
GRSC110 Flow Sheets
ClosedALAB129322   T  U8:30-11:20 a.m.FT 202Haque, Ekramul
GRSC150 Principles Milling
Closed01BLAB12933 M2:30-5:20 p.m.WA 009Miller, Christopher Lee
ClosedAREC129343   T  U11:30 a.m.-12:20 p.m.SH 301Miller, Christopher Lee
GRSC405 Grain Analysis Tech - Grain Analysis Tech
ALEC129352   T  U10:30-11:20 a.m.SH 301Wetzel, David L
GRSC500 Milling Science 1
Closed01BLAB12936 M12:30-2:20 p.m.SH 311Gwirtz, Jeffrey Alan
Closed LAB     W12:30-4:20 p.m.SH 311Gwirtz, Jeffrey Alan
02BLAB12937     W7:30-9:20 a.m.WA 009Gwirtz, Jeffrey Alan
LAB         F7:30-11:20 a.m.WA 009Gwirtz, Jeffrey Alan
AREC129384   T  U9:30-10:20 a.m.SH 301Gwirtz, Jeffrey Alan
GRSC510 Feed Technology 1
01BLAB12939   T2:30-5:20 p.m.SH 311Behnke, Keith C
AREC129404 M  W  F9:30-10:20 a.m.SH 301Behnke, Keith C
GRSC530 Prin/Cereal Science
ZAREC155463 DistanceRogers, Deborah E
DCE tuition and fees apply to this course. See for individual course costs.
GRSC540 Engr Appl Gr/Fd Prod
ALEC129413 M  W  F1:30-2:20 p.m.SH 301Dogan, Hulya
GRSC541 Engr Appl Gr/Fd Prod
ALAB129421   T2:30-5:20 p.m.WA 009Dogan, Hulya
GRSC602 Cereal Science
ALEC129433 M  W  F8:30-9:20 a.m.SH 311Faubion, Jon M
GRSC610 Elec/Grain Proc Ind
01BLAB12944         F12:30-2:20 p.m.WA 009Haque, Ekramul
ALEC129453   T  U11:30 a.m.-12:20 p.m.SH 311Haque, Ekramul
GRSC630 Mgmt App Gr Proc Ind
AREC129463 M  W  F10:30-11:20 a.m.SH 301Fairchild, Fred
GRSC640 Adv Flow Sheets
ALAB129472   T  U2:30-5:20 p.m.FT 202Gwirtz, Jeffrey Alan
GRSC651 Food Feed Prd Protct
AREC129504 M  W  F11:30 a.m.-12:20 p.m.SH 311Bhadriraju, Subramanyam
GRSC651 Food Feed Prd Protct - Food Feed Prd Protct
01BLAB12948       U2:30-5:20 p.m.WA 009Bhadriraju, Subramanyam
02BLAB12949         F2:30-5:20 p.m.WA 009Bhadriraju, Subramanyam
GRSC670 Bakery Layout
AREC129511 M2:30-4:20 p.m.SH 311Krishock, David A
GRSC701 Prc/Bakery Technolog
ZCPRC161721 MTWUF8:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m.ManhattanKrishock, David A
Faubion, Jon M
This class is for Grain Science students only.
Primary Location: American Institute Of Baking 1213 Baker's Way Manhattan, KS
Section meets from January 7, 2009 through January 13, 2009.
GRSC712 Vibr Spec Chem Anal
AREC129521-2 M  W  F8:30-9:20 a.m.SH 301Wetzel, David L
GRSC713 Chromatogr Anal Food
AREC129531 M  W  F8:30-9:20 a.m.SH 301Wetzel, David L
GRSC737 Baking Science 2
AREC129543 M  W  F9:30-10:20 a.m.SH 311Krishock, David A
GRSC738 Baking Science 2 Lab
ALAB129551       U2:30-5:20 p.m.SH 110Krishock, David A
GRSC745 Fund of Bioprocessing
ALEC156293   T  U8:30-9:45 a.m.SH 311Vadlani, Praveen Venkata
GRSC790 Prb/Grain Science - Top/Vary By Student
AIND129561-18 Appointment Maier, Dirk E
GRSC899 Ms Research
ARSH129591-18CNCAppointment Maier, Dirk E
GRSC902 Carbohydrate In Food
ALEC156302   T  U10:30-11:20 a.m.SH 311Shi, Yongcheng
GRSC910 Top/Grain Science - Top/Vary By Student
AIND129611-18 Appointment Maier, Dirk E
GRSC915 Adv Cereal Chemistry
CancelledAREC129623 Staff
Section meets from January 15, 2009 through May 15, 2009.
GRSC999 Phd Research
ARSH129631-18CNCAppointment Maier, Dirk E

General Education course indicates the course has been approved for university general education credit.

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