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Department of Agronomy

Spring 2009 class list

If no dates listed directly under course, then course is a 16-week course and will meet Thursday, January 15, 2009 through Friday, May 8, 2009.

ClassDescriptionClass Grading    
AGRON220 Crop Science
Closed01BLAB10112       U9:30-11:20 a.m.TH 2501Hennigh, David Shane
02BLAB10111       U12:30-2:20 p.m.TH 2501Donnelly, Kevin J
03BLAB10110       U2:30-4:20 p.m.TH 2501Stamper, Joshua David
ALEC101134 M  W  F8:30-9:20 a.m.TH 1014Donnelly, Kevin J
AGRON305 Soils
Closed01BLAB10114   T9:30-11:20 a.m.TH 2509Thien, Stephen J
02BLAB10115   T12:30-2:20 p.m.TH 2509Thien, Stephen J
03BLAB10116   T2:30-4:20 p.m.TH 2509Thien, Stephen J
04BLAB10118       U9:30-11:20 a.m.TH 2509Ihde, Nicholas Adam
05BLAB10117       U12:30-2:20 p.m.TH 2509Ihde, Nicholas Adam
ALEC101194 M  W  F9:30-10:20 a.m.TH 1018Thien, Stephen J
AGRON350 Plant/Seed Identfctn
ALAB101202 M  W2:30-4:20 p.m.TH 2402Donnelly, Kevin J
AGRON375 Soil Fertility
ALEC101213 M  W  F8:30-9:20 a.m.TH 1018Nelson, Nathan Ormond
AGRON385 Soil Fertility Lab
01BLAB10122   T2:30-4:20 p.m.TH 2401Nelson, Nathan Ormond
02BLAB10123       U2:30-4:20 p.m.TH 2401Bontrager, Austin Joe
ALEC101242   T1:30-2:20 p.m.TH 1012Nelson, Nathan Ormond
BLEC101252       U1:30-2:20 p.m.TH 1012Bontrager, Austin Joe
AGRON400 Topics In Agronomy - Top/Vary By Student
ALEC101261-18 Appointment Ransom, Michel D
AGRON415 Soils Judging
ALAB101270-1   T    F2:30-5:20 p.m.TH 2309Ransom, Michel D
Section meets from January 16, 2009 through March 13, 2009.
AGRON455 Comptr Appl Agron
ALEC101283   T  U9:30-10:45 a.m.TH 1302Landis, Marsha Kay
BLEC101293   T  U9:30-10:45 a.m.TH 1302Landis, Marsha Kay
AGRON515 Soil Genesis & Class
01BLAB10130       U2:30-5:20 p.m.TH 2402Ransom, Michel D
ALEC101313 M  W10:30-11:20 a.m.TH 1021Ransom, Michel D
AGRON550 Forage Mgmt & Utiliz
ALEC101323 M  W  F9:30-10:20 a.m.TH 1014Blocksome, Carolyn Elizabeth
AGRON600 Prb/Crop - Prb/Emerging Topics in Agron
CIND162783 M7:00-9:45 p.m. Staggenborg, Scott Alan
Rice, Charles W
AGRON600 Prb/Crop - Prb/Nacta Crops Team
BIND101341   T9:30-11:20 a.m.TH 2402Donnelly, Kevin J
AGRON600 Prb/Crop - Top/Vary By Student
AIND101331-18 Appointment Ransom, Michel D
AGRON605 Soil/Enviroment Chem
ALEC101353 M  W  F8:30-9:20 a.m.TH 1012Hettiarachchi, Ganga
AGRON615 Prb/Soil - Prb/Soil/Climate Chg
BIND101372 Appointment Rice, Charles W
AGRON615 Prb/Soil - Top/Vary By Student
AIND101361-18 Appointment Ransom, Michel D
AGRON630 Crop Improv/Biotech
01BLAB10139   T12:30-2:20 p.m.TH 2402Fritz, Allan Kent
ALEC101403   T  U8:30-9:20 a.m.TH 1012Fritz, Allan Kent
AGRON650 Integrated Weed Mgnt
ALEC101413   T  U1:05-2:20 p.m.TH 1014Dille, Johanna Adriana
Al-Khatib, Kassim Mo
AGRON655 Site Specific Agric
01BLAB10142   T12:30-2:20 p.m.TH 1302Staggenborg, Scott Alan
01IIND10143 Appointment Staggenborg, Scott Alan
02BLAB10144   T2:30-4:20 p.m.TH 1302Staggenborg, Scott Alan
ALEC101453   T  U10:30-11:20 a.m.TH 1021Staggenborg, Scott Alan
AGRON670 Prb/Range Management
BIND159561-18   T  U2:30-3:45 p.m.TH 3021Price, Kevin P
AGRON670 Prb/Range Management - Top/Vary By Student
AIND101461-18 Appointment Owensby, Clenton E
AGRON746 Phys Prop Soils
01BLAB10149 M9:30-10:20 a.m.TH 1021Stone, Loyd R
ALEC101503     W  F9:30-10:20 a.m.TH 1021Stone, Loyd R
AGRON790 Range Mgt Planning
01BLAB15100 Appointment Fick, Walter H
ALEC150993   T  U10:30-11:20 a.m.TH 1012Fick, Walter H
AGRON810 Sem/Agronomy
ASEM101511     W3:30-4:20 p.m.TH 1018Rice, Charles W
AGRON810 Sem/Agronomy - Sem/Prin Tch Lrn
BSEM101521 M3:30-4:20 p.m.TH 1013Thien, Stephen J
AGRON820 Plant-Water Relation
ALEC101543 M  W  F7:30-8:20 a.m.TH 1021Kirkham, Mary Beth
AGRON840 Crop Physiology
ALEC151013   T  U1:05-2:20 p.m.TH 3021Pagadala, Venkata
AGRON860 Appl Plant Breed
ALEC101563 M  W  F8:30-9:20 a.m.TH 1013Schapaugh Jr, William T
AGRON898 Ms Report
ARSH101570-18CNCAppointment Ransom, Michel D
AGRON899 Ms Research
ARSH101581-18CNCAppointment Ransom, Michel D
AGRON910 Top/Plant Breeding - Top/Vary By Student
ALEC101611-18 Appointment Schapaugh Jr, William T
AGRON916 Advanced Soil Physic
AGRON925 Adv Soil Gen/Class
AGRON930 Top/Plant Genetics - Top/Vary By Student
AIND101621-18 Appointment Yu, Jianming
Enrollment restrictions: Instructor consent
AGRON935 Top/Soils - Top/Soil/Climate Chg
BLEC101642 Appointment Rice, Charles W
AGRON935 Top/Soils - Top/Vary By Student
ALEC101631-18 Appointment Ransom, Michel D
Rice, Charles W
AGRON960 Top/Crop Phys & Ecol
AREC101671-18 Appointment Pagadala, Venkata
AGRON999 Phd Research
ARSH101681-18CNCAppointment Ransom, Michel D

General Education course indicates the course has been approved for university general education credit.

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