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Department of General Agriculture

Spring 2008 course list

If no dates listed directly under course, then course is a 16-week course and will meet January 17-May 9.

GENAG000 Agric Scholars Progr
00AOTH00050CAppointment Donnelly, Kevin J
GENAG020 Univ Honors Program
00AREC00060CAppointment Donnelly, Kevin J
GENAG189 Intro Univ Honors
01AREC00070 Appointment Kiefer, Stephen W
GENAG200 Top/College-Career
00ASEM00080P   T4:30 p.m.EH 015Boggs, Don
Section meets from January 22, 2008 through February 19, 2008.
GENAG200 Topics/Ag
VBIND00090PAppointment McClaskey, Jackie M
Enrollment restrictions: Instructor Permission
GENAG200 Top/Catalyst Facil
VCIND00100PAppointment Lehning, Emily M
GENAG295 Intro Scholarshp/Dis
01AIND00110          U2:30 p.m.AK 221Donnelly, Kevin J
GENAG396 Res/Proposal/Methods
01AIND00120 M4:30 p.m.WA 333Boggs, Don
Johnson, Bradley J
General Education courseGENAG450 Citznshp/Ethics/Agri
Closed03AREC00130    T   U2:30-4:20PWA 041McClaskey, Jackie M
GENAG505 Comparative Ag
VAREC00140PAppointment Boggs, Don
GENAG515 Hon/Scholars Project
02AIND00150CAppointment Johnson, Bradley J
General Education courseGENAG582 Nat Res/Envir Sci
03AREC00160    T   U11:30UN 101Harrington, Lisa Mb
LAB Appointment
GENAG780 Top/Seminar Intl Ag
01ASEM00170PM3:30 p.m.WA 137Boggs, Don
GENAG780 Top/Ag Res Envir Mgt
01BIND00171P      W8:30-10:20WA 137Peterson, Jeffrey M
Rice, Charles W
Mankin, Kyle R
Selfa, Theresa L
Section meets from January 23, 2008 through March 12, 2008.

General Education course indicates the course has been approved for university general education credit.