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Department of Economics

Spring 2008 course list

If no dates listed directly under course, then course is a 16-week course and will meet January 17-May 9.

General Education courseECON110 Prin/Macroeconomics
03ALEC10540 M   W   F8:30UN 101Kuester, Daniel D
Closed03BLEC10550 M   W   F10:30WA 231Freeman, Amanda S
03CLEC10560 M   W   F10:30UN 101Kuester, Daniel D
Closed03DLEC10570 M   W   F12:30 p.m.BH 101Freeman, Amanda S
03ELEC10580 M   W   F1:30 p.m.TH 1018Gormely, Patrick J
QZ    T5:30-6:45P
03FLEC10590 M   W   F2:30 p.m.TH 1018Gormely, Patrick J
QZ    T5:30-6:45P
03GLEC10600 M   W   F2:30 p.m.WA 328Abington, Casey R
03HLEC10610    T   U9:30-10:45UN 101Blankenau, William F.
03ILEC10620    T   U11:30-12:45CW 103Blankenau, William F.
Closed03JLEC10630    T   U1:05-2:20PTH 1018Fout, Hamilton B
General Education courseECON120 Prin/Microeconomics
Closed03ALEC10640 M   W   F11:30WA 231Potter, Joel M
03BLEC10650 M   W   F12:30 p.m.WA 231Potter, Joel M
03CLEC10660 M   W   F1:30 p.m.CW 145Babcock, Michael W
03DLEC10670    T   U9:30-10:45TH 1018Gayle, Philip G
03ELEC10680    T   U1:05-2:20PW 114Braymen, Charles B
03FLEC10690 M   W   F1:30 p.m.ECM 101Kuester, Daniel D
Enrollment restrictions: Honors Program, Permission Required
ECON499 Senior Honors Thesis
02AREC10700CAppointment Turner, Tracy Margo
Enrollment restrictions: Honors Program, Instructor Permission
ECON510 Intermed Macroecon
03BREC10720 M   W   F9:30WA 348Akkina, Krishna R
03CREC10730 M   W   F11:30WA 348Sargsyan, Ruben
03DREC10740 M   W   F1:30 p.m.CW 102Castro-Oliveira, Emanuel M R
03EREC10750    T   U9:30-10:45C 212Cassou, Steve
03FREC10760    T   U1:05-2:20PCW 146Bachmeier, Lance J
ECON520 Intermed Microecon
Closed03AREC10770 M   W   F11:30F 208Andersen, Jaime R
03BREC10780 M   W   F12:30 p.m.WA 348Brown, David R
Closed03CREC10790 M   W   F1:30 p.m.WA 328Brown, David R
03EREC10810    T   U11:30-12:45WA 348Chang, Yang Ming
03FREC10820    T   U1:05-2:20PAK 231Chang, Yang Ming
03GREC10830    T   U2:30-3:45PWA 348Neymotin, Florence
General Education courseECON523 Human Resource Econ
Closed03ALEC10840    T   U2:30-3:45PTH 1014Ragan Jr, James F
ECON530 Money And Banking
03AREC10850 M   W   F9:30EH 015Ross, Kyle D
Closed03BREC10860    T   U9:30-10:45BT 114Freeman, Amanda S
Closed03CREC10870    T   U11:30-12:45TH 1014Freeman, Amanda S
03DREC10871 M   W   F10:30WA 041Artzer, Steven P
ECON540 Managerial Economics
03ALEC10880 M   W   F1:30 p.m.WA 348Akkina, Krishna R
ECON580 Sem/Sr In Econ
Closed03ASEM10890    T   U11:30-12:45WA 329Ragan Jr, James F
ECON595 Prb/Economics
VAIND10900 Appointment Turner, Tracy Margo
Enrollment restrictions: Instructor Permission
ECON620 Labor Economics
03AREC10910    T   U11:30-12:45TH 1021Neymotin, Florence
ECON630 Intro To Econometric
03AREC10920    T   U9:30-10:45DF 134Li, Dong
ECON631 Principles Transport
03AREC10930    T   U9:30-10:45C 211Babcock, Michael W
ECON633 Public Finance
Closed03AREC10940    T   U1:05-2:20PCW 143Turner, Tracy Margo
ECON681 International Econ
03AREC10950    T   U9:30-10:45WA 348Braymen, Charles B
ECON690 Mon,Cred,Fiscl Polcy
03AREC10960    T   U11:30-12:45WA 333Thomas Jr, Lloyd B
ECON710 History Econ Thought
Closed03AREC10970    T   U1:05-2:20PW 025Gormely, Patrick J
ECON805 Income Employ Thry 1
03AREC10980 M   W2:30-3:45PWA 333Cassou, Steve
ECON815 Econ Analysis/Bus
03AREC10990    T   U8:05-9:20WA 348Weisman, Dennis L
ECON830 Econometrics 1
03AREC11000    T   U11:30-12:45KF 120Li, Dong
ECON890 Grad Sem/Econ
VASEM11010 Appointment Bachmeier, Lance J
ECON895 Prb/Economics
VAIND11020 Appointment Thomas Jr, Lloyd B
ECON898 MS Report
VARSH11030CAppointment Thomas Jr, Lloyd B
ECON899 MS Research
VARSH11040CAppointment Thomas Jr, Lloyd B
ECON940 Adv Micro Theory 1
03AREC11050    T   U2:30-3:45PTH 1021Gayle, Philip G
ECON948 Econ Of Regulation
03AREC11060 Appointment Weisman, Dennis L
ECON999 PhD Research
VARSH11080CAppointment Thomas Jr, Lloyd B

90000 series reference numbers have separate enrollment through the Division of Continuing Education, 532-5566.

General Education courseECON110 Prin/Macroeconomics
0390ALEC96204 M   W5:30-7:55PWA 132Alhaj-Yaseen, Yaseen S
Section meets from January 23, 2008 through March 10, 2008.
General Education courseECON120 Prin/Microeconomics
0390ALEC96205 M   W8:05-10:30PWA 041Onemli, Muharrem Burak
Section meets from January 17, 2008 through March 6, 2008.
ECON510 Intermed Macroecon
0390AREC96304 M   W5:30-7:55PWA 041Thomas Jr, Lloyd B
Ojede, Andrew
Section meets from March 12, 2008 through May 7, 2008.
ECON520 Intermed Microecon
0390BREC92804 AppointmentCD ROMCopeland, Douglas W
Section meets from January 17, 2008 through May 16, 2008.
Enrollment restrictions: Permission Required
0390AREC96305 M   W8:05-10:30PWA 041McCarty, Trina S
Section meets from March 12, 2008 through May 7, 2008.
ECON530 Money And Banking
0390AREC92805 AppointmentDIS EDUCCopeland, Douglas W
Section meets from January 17, 2008 through May 16, 2008.
Enrollment restrictions: Permission Required

General Education course indicates the course has been approved for university general education credit.

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