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Department of Clinical Sciences

Spring 2008 course list

If no dates listed directly under course, then course is a 16-week course and will meet January 17-May 9.

CS709 Medicine 1
04ALEC40590 MT   UF8:30 Harkin, Kenneth R
CS710 Medicine 3
04ALEC40600 Appointment Rush, Bonnie Robin
CS713 Production Medicine
02ALEC40610 Appointment White, Bradley J
CS714 Clinical Nutrition
03ALEC40620 Appointment Thomson, Daniel U
CS715 Radiology
03ALEC40630 Appointment Armbrust, Laura J
CS724 Veterinary Diag Imag
03AREC40640 Appointment Biller, David S
CS725 Clinical Anesthesia
03AREC40650 Appointment McMurphy, Rose M
CS726 Clin Extern/Prog Sty
VAIND40660CAppointment Rush, Bonnie Robin
CS727 Ophthalmology
VAREC40670CAppointment Rush, Bonnie Robin
CS728 Theriogenology
03ALEC40680 Appointment Larson, Robert L
CS730 Veterinary Surgery 2
05ALEC40690 Appointment Lillich, James D
CS738 Clinical Oncology
03AREC40700 Appointment McCaw, Dudley
CS739 Dermatology/Medicine
02AREC40710 Appointment Bagladi-Swanson, Mary Sue
CS742 Clinical Skills
01ALAB40720CAppointment Grauer, Gregory F
CS743 Grand Rounds 1
01ALEC40730CAppointment Thomson, Daniel U
CS745 Grand Rounds 3
01ALAB40740CAppointment Davis, Elizabeth G
CS746 Clin Eq Theriogenoly
03AREC40750 Appointment Ferrer, Maria Soledad
CS747 Sys Integr Sm Animal
02AREC40760 Appointment Harkin, Kenneth R
CS748 Food Animal Local Pr
03AREC40770 Appointment Laflin, Shelie L
CS749 Food Anim Med/Surg
03AREC40780 Appointment Anderson, David E
CS750 Eq Medic/Field Serv
03AFLD40790 Appointment Davis, Elizabeth G
CS751 Eq Surg/Field Servic
03AFLD40800 Appointment Davis, Elizabeth G
CS752 Small Animal Int Med
03AREC40810 Appointment Harkin, Kenneth R
CS753 Small Animal Gen Med
03AREC40820 Appointment Harkin, Kenneth R
CS754 Sm Anim Sft Tis Surg
03AREC40830 Appointment Roush, James K
CS755 Sm Anim Ortho Surg
03AREC40840 Appointment Roush, James K
CS756 Comp Cardiology
03AREC40850 Appointment Borgarelli, Michele
CS757 Equine Lameness 1
01ALEC40860CAppointment Delco, Michelle L
CS761 Supl Fd An Loc Pract
03AREC40870 Appointment Laflin, Shelie L
CS762 Supp Fd Anim Med/Sur
03AREC40880 Appointment Anderson, David E
CS763 Lab Animal Medicine
03ALEC40890 Appointment Rush, Bonnie Robin
CS764 Beef Cattle Breed Ev
01ALAB40900 Appointment Miesner, Matt D
CS766 Fd An Pract Mentrshp
01APRC40910CAppointment Elmore, Ronnie G
CS767 Sm An Pract Mentrshp
01APRC40920CAppointment Elmore, Ronnie G
CS768 Non-Trad Prc Mentrsh
01APRC40930CAppointment Elmore, Ronnie G
CS800 Prb/Medicine/Surgery
VAIND40940 Appointment Rush, Bonnie Robin
CS802 Sup Sm An Tis Surg
03AREC40950 Appointment Roush, James K
CS803 Supp Sm An Inter
03AREC40960 Appointment Harkin, Kenneth R
CS806 Suppl Equine Studies
VAREC40970 Appointment Davis, Elizabeth G
CS814 Vet Diag Imaging 2
03ALEC40980 Appointment Biller, David S
CS818 Supp Sm An Orth Surg
03AREC40990 Appointment Roush, James K
CS821 Med/Surg/Sa Camelids
01ALEC41000CAppointment Miesner, Matt D
CS822 Ex An Wildlife Med
03AREC41010 Appointment Carpenter, James W
CS850 Res/Medicine
VAIND41020CAppointment Rush, Bonnie Robin
CS859 Clinical Science Sem
01ASEM41030 Appointment Lillich, James D
CS869 Top/Sm An Intrn Md 2
01AIND41040 Appointment Harkin, Kenneth R
CS873 Adv Top/Sm An Surg
VAREC41050CAppointment Renberg, Walter C
CS890 Prb/Clinical Science
VAREC41060 Appointment Rush, Bonnie Robin
CS899 Thesis Res/Clin Sci
VAIND41070CAppointment Rush, Bonnie Robin

General Education course indicates the course has been approved for university general education credit.

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