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Department of Mechanical and Nuclear Engineering

Spring 2007 course list

If no dates listed directly under course, then course is a 16-week course and will meet January 11-May 4.

ME212 Engineer Graphics
02ALAB36750    T   U8:30-11:20DUR 3056Swenson, Daniel V
02BLAB36760    T   U2:30-5:20PDUR 3056Swenson, Daniel V
02CLAB36770 M   W2:30-5:20PDUR 3056Swenson, Daniel V
02DLAB36780 M   W8:30-11:20DUR 3056Swenson, Daniel V
ME400 Computer App Me
03ALEC36790 M   W1:30 p.m.DUR 1066Swenson, Daniel V
LAB             F2:30-4:20PDUR 3056
03BLEC36800 M   W1:30 p.m.DUR 1066Swenson, Daniel V
LAB             F9:30-11:20DUR 3056
ME499 Hon Rsch Mech Engg
VAIND36810 Appointment Pacey, David A
Enrollment restrictions: Honors Program
ME512 Dynamics
03ALEC36820 M   W   F12:30 p.m.DUR 1073Xin, Jack
1QZ36830    T7:30-9:20PDUR 1073Xin, Jack
2QZ36840    T7:30-9:20PDUR 1066Xin, Jack
3QZ36850    T7:30-9:30PDUR 1063Xin, Jack
ME513 Thermo 1
03ALEC36860 M   W   F10:30DUR 1073Ohalloran, Steven P
Closed 1QZ36870 M7:30-9:20PDUR 1073Ohalloran, Steven P
2QZ36880 M7:30-9:20PDUR 1066Ohalloran, Steven P
3QZ36890 M7:30-9:20PDUR 1063Ohalloran, Steven P
ME523 Thermo 2
03ALEC36900 M   W   F1:30 p.m.WD 135Zheng, Zhongquan
ME533 Mach Des 1
03ALEC36910 M   W   F11:30DUR 1052Wang, Youqi
ME535 Measurement/Instr Lb
03ALEC36920 M   W   F12:30 p.m.DUR 1066Pacey, David A
LAB    T   U8:30-11:20DUR 3049Pacey, David A
Enrollment restrictions: Instructor Permission
Closed03BLEC36930 M   W   F12:30 p.m.DUR 1066Pacey, David A
Closed LAB    T   U2:30-5:20PDUR 3049White, Warren N
Enrollment restrictions: Instructor Permission
Closed03CLEC36940 M   W   F12:30 p.m.DUR 1066Pacey, David A
Closed LAB    T   U11:30-2:20DUR 3049Patterson, Eric L
Enrollment restrictions: Instructor Permission
Closed03DLEC36950 M   W   F12:30 p.m.DUR 1066Pacey, David A
Closed LAB M   W2:30-5:20PDUR 3049Pedotto, Cristina M
Enrollment restrictions: Instructor Permission
ME563 Mach Des 2
03ALEC36960 M   W   F11:30DUF 1107Lease, Kevin B
ME570 Control Mech Systm 1
Closed04ALEC36970    T   U9:30-10:45DUR 1066Schinstock, Dale E
Closed LAB       W9:30-11:20DUR 3037
Closed04BLEC36980    T   U9:30-10:45DUR 1066Schinstock, Dale E
Closed LAB       W2:30-4:20PDUR 3037Schinstock, Dale E
04CLEC36990    T   U9:30-10:45DUR 1066Schinstock, Dale E
LAB          U2:30-4:20PDUR 3037
Closed04DLEC37000    T   U9:30-10:45DUR 1066Schinstock, Dale E
Closed LAB          U12:30-2:20PDUR 3037Noonan, Andrea L
ME571 Fluid Mech
03ALEC37010 M   W   F8:30DUR 1073Madanshetty, Sameer I
ME573 Heat Transfer
03ALEC37020 M   W   F10:30DUR 1066Tokuhiro, Akira
ME574 Ind Dsgn Projects 1
03ALEC37030 M7:30DUR 3034Lease, Kevin B
LAB    T   U2:30-5:20PDUR 3034Xin, Jack
Enrollment restrictions: Dept. Majors Only
ME575 Ind Dsgn Projects 2
Closed03ALAB37040 M   W2:30-5:20PDUR 3034Thompson, J Garth
Krishnaswami, Prakash
Enrollment restrictions: Dept. Majors Only
ME622 Indoor Envir Engg
03ALEC37050    T   U8:05-9:20DUF 1091Fenton, Donald L
ME631 Aircft Miss Propuls
03ALEC37060 M   W   F11:30DUR 1063Babin, Bruce R
ME635 Dynamics Of Flight
03ALEC37070 M   W   F9:30DUR 3034Thompson, J Garth
ME656 Mach Vibr 1
03ALEC37080 M   W   F8:30DUR 1063Cai, Liang-Wu
ME699 Prb/Sae Formula Team
03AREC37085 Appointment Swenson, Daniel V
Enrollment restrictions: Instructor Permission
ME699 Prb/Conv Heat Trans
VBREC37086 Appointment Tokuhiro, Akira
Enrollment restrictions: Instructor Permission
ME716 Interm Dynamics
03ALEC37090    T   U8:05-9:20DUR 1063Krishnaswami, Prakash
ME728 Cmptr Contr Elme Sys
03AREC37100    T   U8:05-9:20DUR 3037Schinstock, Dale E
ME773 Intermd Heat Transfr
03ALEC37110 M   W   F12:30 p.m.DUR 1063Beck, B Terry
ME800 Sem/Mne Graduate/Res
VALEC37120C   T1:30 p.m.DUR 3034Krishnaswami, Prakash
VBSEM37121CAppointment Krishnaswami, Prakash
Enrollment restrictions: Instructor Permission
ME830 Top/Optimal Contrl
VAIND37130    T   U9:30DUR 3037White, Warren N
ME860 Engg Anal 2
03ALEC37140 M   W2:30-3:45PWD 135Madanshetty, Sameer I
ME862 Finite Elements
03ALEC37150    T   U11:30-12:45DUR 1063Cai, Liang-Wu
ME871 Mech Composite Matr
03AREC37160 M   W   F1:30 p.m.DUR 1063Wang, Youqi
ME898 MS Report
VARSH37170CAppointment Krishnaswami, Prakash
ME899 MS Thesis
VARSH37180CAppointment Krishnaswami, Prakash
ME920 Adv Top/Hmn Thml Eng
03ALEC37185 Appointment Eckels, Steven J
Enrollment restrictions: Instructor Permission
ME921 Thermal Syst Analys
03ALEC37190 M   W   F2:30 p.m.DUR 1063Fenton, Donald L
ME942 Conv Heat Transfer
03ALEC37200    T   U9:30-10:45DUR 1063Beck, B Terry
ME999 PhD Research
VARSH37210CAppointment Krishnaswami, Prakash
NE250 Reactor Operation Lb
03ALEC37220 M   W9:30WD 135Whaley, Paul M
1LAB37230          U2:30-5:20PWD 110Whaley, Paul M
2LAB37240             F2:30-5:20PWD 110Whaley, Paul M
NE495 Elements Nucl Engg
03ALEC37250 M   W   F11:30DUR 1066Shultis, J Kenneth
NE648 Nuclear Reactor Lab
03ALEC37260    T   U8:30WD 135Dunn, Bill
LAB    T11:30-2:20WD 110
NE690 Rad Protectn/Shieldg
03ALEC37270 M   W   F10:30WD 135Shultis, J Kenneth
NE761 Rad Meas Syst
03ALEC37280    T   U11:30-12:45WD 135McGregor, Douglas S
NE799 Sp Top/Rad Applicatn
03ALEC37285 Appointment Dunn, Bill
Enrollment restrictions: Instructor Permission
NE899 MS Thesis
VARSH37290CAppointment Krishnaswami, Prakash
NE999 PhD Research
VARSH37300CAppointment Krishnaswami, Prakash

90000 series reference numbers have separate enrollment through the Division of Continuing Education, 532-5566.

ME716 Interm Dynamics
0390AREC92665 AppointmentWWW CEKrishnaswami, Prakash
Section meets from January 11, 2007 through May 11, 2007.
ME773 Intermd Heat Transfr
0390AREC92666 AppointmentWWW CEBeck, B Terry
Section meets from January 11, 2007 through May 11, 2007.

General Education course indicates the course has been approved for university general education credit.

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