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Department of Grain Science and Industry

Spring 2006 course list

If no dates listed directly under course, then course is a 16-week course and will meet January 12-May 5.
The contact person for the attendance policy is the department head.

GRSC101 Intro Gr Sci/Indust
03ALEC02110 M   W   F10:30SH 311McFall, Kendall L
GRSC110 Flow Sheets
Closed021LAB02120    T   U8:30-11:20FT 202Haque, Ekramul
GRSC150 Principles Milling
03AREC02130    T   U7:30SH 311McFall, Kendall L
1LAB02140 M2:30-5:20PWA 009McFall, Kendall L
GRSC500 Milling Science 1
04AREC02150    T   U9:30SH 301Eustace, Dale
1LAB02160 M12:30-2:20PSH 311Eustace, Dale
LAB       W12:30-4:20PSH 311
2LAB02170       W7:30-9:20WA 009Smail, Virgil W
LAB             F7:30-11:20WA 009
GRSC510 Feed Technology 1
04AREC02180 M   W   F9:30SH 301Behnke, Keith C
LAB    T2:30-5:20PSH 311
GRSC610 Elec/Grain Proc Ind
03ALEC02190    T   U11:30SH 311Haque, Ekramul
LAB             F12:30-2:20PWA 009
GRSC625 Flour And Dough Test
03AREC02200    T   U8:30SH 311Macritchie, Finlay
1LAB02210       W2:30-5:20PWAX 103Macritchie, Finlay
GRSC630 Mgmt App Gr Proc Ind
03AREC02220 M   W   F10:30SH 301Fairchild, Fred J
GRSC640 Adv Flow Sheets
021LAB02230    T   U2:30-5:20PFT 202McFall, Kendall L
GRSC651 Food Feed Prd Protct
04AREC02240 M   W   F11:30SH 311Bhadriraju, Subramanyam
1LAB02250          U2:30-5:20PWA 009Bhadriraju, Subramanyam
2LAB02260             F2:30-5:20PWA 009Bhadriraju, Subramanyam
GRSC670 Bakery Layout
01AREC02270 M2:30-4:20PFT 202Krishock, David A
GRSC712 Vibr Spec Chem Anal
VAREC02280 M   W   F8:30SH 301Wetzel, David L
GRSC713 Chromatogr Anal Food
01AREC02290 M   W   F8:30SH 301Wetzel, David L
GRSC737 Baking Science 2
03AREC02300 M   W   F9:30SH 311Krishock, David A
GRSC738 Baking Science 2 Lab
011LAB02310          U2:30-5:20PSH 110Krishock, David A
GRSC790 Prb/Grain Science
VAIND02320 Appointment Smail, Virgil W
GRSC830 Phys Prop/Cereal Pol
03ALEC02330 M   W11:30SH 301Sun, Susan
LAB             F2:30-4:20PSH 301
GRSC899 MS Research
VARSH02340CAppointment Smail, Virgil W
GRSC901 Starch Chem/Technoly
02ALEC02350    T   U10:30SH 311Seib, Paul A
GRSC910 Top/Grain Science
VAIND02360 Appointment Smail, Virgil W
GRSC915 Adv Cereal Chemistry
03AREC02370 M   W   F12:30 p.m.SH 301Macritchie, Finlay
GRSC999 PhD Research
VARSH02380CAppointment Smail, Virgil W

90000 series reference numbers have separate enrollment through the Division of Continuing Education, 532-5566.

GRSC530 Prin/Cereal Science
0390AREC92755 AppointmentVID TAPERogers, Deborah E
Section meets from January 12, 2006 through May 12, 2006.
GRSC701 Prc/Bakery Technolog
0190APRC94101 MTWUF8:00-4:30MAN HATNHerald, Thomas J
Section meets from January 5, 2006 through January 11, 2006.
Enrollment restrictions: Instructor Permission

General Education course indicates the course has been approved for university general education credit.

For more information, visit the Department of Grain Science and Industry home page at