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Department of Diagnostic Medicine/Pathobiology

Spring 2006 course list

If no dates listed directly under course, then course is a 16-week course and will meet January 12-May 5.
The contact person for the attendance policy is the department head.

DMP705 Prin Vet Immunol
03ALEC38570 M   W8:00-8:50 Wilkerson, Melinda J
DMP708 Prin/Meth Epidemiol
02ALEC38580 MT11:00-11:50 Green, Jessica L
LEC    T8:00-8:50
DMP720 Systemic Pathology
05ALEC38590 M   W   F8:00-8:50 Narayanan, Sanjeev K
LAB M   W   F9:00-10:50
DMP722 Veterinary Virology
03ALEC38600 M   W   F1:00-1:50P Oberst, Richard D
DMP753 Zoon/Prev Med
03ALEC38610 M   W   F10:00-10:50 Payne, Patricia A
DMP759 Lab Animal Science
02ALEC38620    T2:00-3:50P Carter, Bart
DMP775 Clinical Pathology
03AREC38630    T   U10:00-12:20 Stockham, Steven L
DMP785 Diagnostic Medicine
03AREC38640 Appointment Andrews, Gordon A
DMP790 Intro Res Lab Med
06ALEC38650 Appointment Chengappa, M M
Enrollment restrictions: Instructor Permission
DMP801 Toxicology
03AREC38660 Appointment Oehme, Frederick W
DMP803 Adv Toxicology
03AREC38670 Appointment Oehme, Frederick W
DMP806 Envir Toxicology
02ALEC38680 AppointmentVMS 209Oehme, Frederick W
DMP809 Prb/Toxicology
VAIND38690 Appointment Oehme, Frederick W
DMP821 Adv Clin Path Lb
01ALAB38700 Appointment Keeton, Kerry S
Enrollment restrictions: Instructor Permission, Dept. Majors Only
DMP830 Analys Food Prod/Vm
03AREC38710 Appointment Dritz, Steven S
DMP849 Path Tech & Diag
03ALAB38720 Appointment Mosier, Derek A
DMP856 Adv Vet Parasitology
03ALEC38730 Appointment Dryden, Michael W
DMP859 Surgical Pathology
VALEC38740 Appointment Mosier, Derek A
DMP860 Pathogenic Mech
03ALEC38750 Appointment Mosier, Derek A
DMP867 Adv Top Compar Path
VALEC38760 Appointment Mosier, Derek A
DMP870 Sem/Pathobiology
01ASEM38770CAppointment Nagaraja, T.G.
DMP871 Mole Diag Infect Dis
03ALEC38780 Appointment Ganta, Roman Reddy
DMP877 Adv Lab Diagnosis
VALAB38790 Appointment Keeton, Kerry S
Enrollment restrictions: Instructor Permission, Dept. Majors Only
DMP878 Appl Flow Cytometry
VAREC38800 Appointment Wilkerson, Melinda J
DMP880 Prb/Pathobiology
VAIND38810 Appointment Chengappa, M M
DMP890 Vet Hematology
03ALEC38820 Appointment Keeton, Kerry S
DMP898 MS Research/Micro
VARSH38830CAppointment Chengappa, M M
DMP899 MS Research/Patho
VARSH38840CAppointment Mosier, Derek A
DMP935 Necropsy Diagnosis
VALEC38850 Appointment Andrews, Gordon A
DMP950 Adv Systemic Path 2
05AREC38860 Appointment Mosier, Derek A
DMP965 Cell Molecular Path
04ALEC38870 Appointment Mosier, Derek A
DMP970 Sem/Pathobiology
01ASEM38880CAppointment Nagaraja, T.G.
DMP980 Prb/Pathobiology
VAIND38890 Appointment Chengappa, M M
DMP997 Res/Postdoctoral
VARSH38900CAppointment Rowland, Raymond R.R.
DMP998 PhD Res Microbiol
VARSH38910CAppointment Chengappa, M M
DMP999 PhD Res/Path
VARSH38920CAppointment Mosier, Derek A

General Education course indicates the course has been approved for university general education credit.

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