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Department of Biological and Agricultural Engineering

Spring 2006 course list

If no dates listed directly under course, then course is a 16-week course and will meet January 12-May 5.
The contact person for the attendance policy is the department head.

ATM450 Sensors/Controls
03AREC31150 M   W10:30S 134Zhang, Naiqian
LAB    T2:30-5:20PS 134C
ATM511 Ag/Building Systems
03AREC31160 M   W   F11:30S 127Maghirang, Ronaldo G
ATM515 Prb/Ag Tech Mgmt
VAIND31170 Appointment Clark, Gary A
ATM515 Prb/Ag Mach Systems
03BREC31180P   T   U1:30 p.m.S 127Schrock, Mark D
LAB       W2:30-5:20PS 142
ATM540 Intro Food Engr
03AREC31190 M   W   F1:30 p.m.S 134Wang, Donghai
ATM541 Intro Food Engr Lab
01ALAB31200          U11:30-2:20S 133Wang, Donghai
ATM558 Soil Eros/Pollution
03AREC31210P      W   F12:30 p.m.S 132Steichen, James M
1LAB31220       W2:30-5:20PS 134Steichen, James M
2LAB31230          U2:30-5:20PS 134Steichen, James M
ATM571 Pwr Trnsfr/Metr Hdlg
03AREC31240P   T   U11:30-12:45S 134Slocombe, John W
ATM653 Water Mgmt/Irrig Sys
02ALEC31250PM   W9:30S 132Clark, Gary A
ATM654 Wtr Mgt/Irrigtn Syst
011LAB31260 M12:30-2:20PS 134Clark, Gary A
012LAB31270 M2:30-4:20PS 134Clark, Gary A
BAE020 Engg Assembly
00ALEC31280C         U7:05-8:20PS 132Mankin, Kyle R
BAE499 Honors Rsch Ag Engg
VAIND31290 Appointment Koelliker, James K
BAE500 Prop Biol Materials
02ALEC31300    T8:30S 134Wang, Donghai
LAB          U2:30-4:20PS 133Wang, Donghai
BAE530 Natr Rescourc Engg 1
03ALEC31310    T   U9:30S 134Hutchinson, Stacy L.
LAB             F12:30-2:20PS 127
BAE531 Natr Res Eng Fld Lab
01ALAB31320    T2:30-5:20PS 134Hutchinson, Stacy L.
BAE620 Prb/Ag Engg
VAIND31330 Appointment Clark, Gary A
VBIND31340 Appointment Mankin, Kyle R
BAE636 Agric Engg Design 2
02AREC31350    T8:30S 133Koelliker, James K
LAB             F2:30-5:20PS 134
BAE640 Instrumentation/Ctrl
03AREC31360 M   W11:30S 134Zhang, Naiqian
LAB          U2:30-5:20PS 134C
BAE651 Air Pollution Engg
03AREC31370 M   W   F9:30S 134Maghirang, Ronaldo G
BAE750 Dsgn Off Road Vehicl
03AREC31380    T   U9:30S 127Schrock, Mark D
LAB       W2:30-5:20PS 142
BAE810 Res Agric Engg
VALEC31390 Appointment Clark, Gary A
BAE810 Res/Env Engr Seminar
VBLEC31400 Appointment Mankin, Kyle R
BAE815 Grad Sem Ag Engg
01ASEM31410          U1:30 p.m.DUR 1061Steichen, James M
BAE898 MS Report
VARSH31420CAppointment Clark, Gary A
BAE899 MS Thesis
VARSH31430CAppointment Clark, Gary A
BAE999 PhD Research
VARSH31440CAppointment Clark, Gary A

General Education course indicates the course has been approved for university general education credit.

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