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    Department of Accounting

    Spring 2005 Course List

    If no dates listed directly under course, then course is a 16-week course and will meet January 12-May 6.

    General Education courseACCTG231 Acctg For Bus Ops
    Closed03ALEC25550PM   W   F7:30C 209Perry, Dustin M
    Closed03BLEC25560PM   W   F8:30C 211Smith, Fred W
    Closed03CLEC25570PM   W   F9:30C 211Smith, Fred W
    Closed03DLEC25580PM   W   F10:30T 213Perry, Dustin M
    Closed03ELEC25590PM   W   F11:30C 211Smith, Fred W
    Closed03FLEC25600PM   W   F12:30 p.m.C 211Smith, Fred W
    Closed03GLEC25610P   T   U8:05-9:20C 212Lyle, Johanna
    Closed03HLEC25620P   T   U9:30-10:45C 212Lyle, Johanna
    Closed03ILEC25630P   T   U1:05-2:20PC 209Charland, Kim D
    03JLEC25631PM   W   F8:30C 212Suther, Ashley A
    Enrollment restrictions: Instructor Permission
    03KLEC25632PM   W   F11:30C 212Suther, Ashley A
    Enrollment restrictions: Instructor Permission
    Closed03LLEC25633PM   W3:55-5:10PC 208Lyle, Johanna
    Enrollment restrictions: Instructor Permission
    General Education courseACCTG241 Acctg For Inv & Fin
    Closed03ALEC25640PM   W   F7:30C 212Hullman, Jonathan L
    03BLEC25650PM   W   F7:30C 208Schmidt, Jaime J
    Closed03CLEC25660PM   W   F8:30C 209Hullman, Jonathan L
    Closed03DLEC25670PM   W   F8:30C 208Schmidt, Jaime J
    Closed03ELEC25680PM   W   F9:30C 212Schwartz, Matthew J
    Closed03FLEC25690PM   W   F10:30C 212Vogt, Rodney L
    Closed03GLEC25700PM   W   F10:30C 211Schwartz, Matthew J
    Closed03HLEC25710P   T   U8:05-9:20C 208Vogt, Rodney L
    Closed03ILEC25720P   T   U9:30-10:45C 209Vogt, Rodney L
    Enrollment restrictions: Honors Program
    ACCTG331 Acctg Proc & Cont
    04ALEC25730PM   W9:30-11:20C 209Charland, Kim D
    LAB             F8:30C 202
    04BLEC25740PM   W12:30-2:20PC 208Charland, Kim D
    LAB             F11:30C 218
    04CLEC25750P   T   U12:30-2:20PC 208Vogt, Rodney L
    LAB             F10:30C 209
    ACCTG342 Taxation 1
    Closed03ALEC25760PM   W   F11:30C 209Fisher, Dann G
    03BLEC25770PM   W   F12:30 p.m.C 209Fisher, Dann G
    ACCTG432 Managerial Reporting
    03ALEC25780PM   W   F1:30 p.m.C 209Kovar, Stacy E
    03BLEC25790P   T   U11:30-12:45C 211Valentine, Erick G
    ACCTG433 Financial Reporting
    03ALEC25800PM   W   F9:30C 208Thomas, Lynn R
    Closed03BLEC25810PM   W   F10:30C 208Thomas, Lynn R
    ACCTG434 Acctg/Not-For-Profit
    02ALEC25820PM   W2:30 p.m.C 208Lyle, Johanna
    ACCTG442 Auditing 1
    03AREC25830PM   W   F12:30 p.m.C 212Linville, Mark E
    ACCTG631 Accounting Intern
    03AIND25850CAppointmentC 109Ott, Richard L
    Enrollment restrictions: Instructor Permission
    ACCTG641 Acctg Thry/History
    03ALEC25860PM   W   F9:30C 202Deines, Dan S
    03BLEC25870PM   W   F10:30C 202Deines, Dan S
    ACCTG642 Accounting Research
    03ALEC25880P   T   U9:30-10:45C 208Ott, Richard L
    Deines, Dan S
    Charland, Kim D
    03BLEC25890P   T   U11:30-12:45C 212Ott, Richard L
    Deines, Dan S
    Charland, Kim D
    ACCTG832 Advanced Auditing
    03AREC25900PM   W   F2:30 p.m.C 212Linville, Mark E
    ACCTG833 Corporate Taxation
    03AREC25910    T   U1:05-2:20PC 202Atwood, Tj
    03BREC25920    T   U2:30-3:45PC 208Atwood, Tj
    ACCTG835 Adv Mgmt Accounting
    03ALEC25930    T   U3:55-4:05PC 208Valentine, Erick G
    ACCTG884 Enterprise Assurance
    03ALEC25940 M   W   F11:30C 306Kovar, Stacy E

    90000 series reference numbers have separate enrollment through the Division of Continuing Education, 532-5566.

    General Education courseACCTG231 Acctg For Bus Ops
    0390ALEC92865PAppointmentCD ROMSmith, Fred W
    Section meets from January 12, 2005 through May 13, 2005.
    0390BLEC96230P   T   U5:30-7:55PC 208Charland, Kim D
    Section meets from January 11, 2005 through March 3, 2005.
    General Education courseACCTG241 Acctg For Inv & Fin
    0390ALEC92866PAppointmentCD ROMBrockway, Kathy J
    Section meets from January 12, 2005 through May 13, 2005.
    Closed0390BLEC96327P   T   U5:30-7:55PC 208Vogt, Rodney L
    Section meets from March 8, 2005 through May 5, 2005.

    General Education course indicates the course has been approved for university general education credit.

    For more information, visit the Department of Accounting home page at


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    June 10, 2005