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    Department of Political Science

    Spring 2004 Course List

    POLSC110 Intro Pol Science
    03ALEC20950P   T   U11:30-12:45CW 103Smith, Michael A.
    General Education coursePOLSC301 Intro Pol Thought
    Closed03AREC20960P   T   U9:30-10:45T 101Bagby, Laurie M
    POLSC321 Kans Pol And Govt
    03ALEC20970P   T   U2:30-3:45PWA 231Smith, Michael A.
    General Education coursePOLSC325 U S Politics
    03ALEC20980PM   W   F8:30UN 101Fliter Jr, John A
    03BLEC20990PM   W   F11:30JU 109Unekis, Joseph K
    03CLEC20991P   T   U4:05-5:20PJU 109Franke, James L
    POLSC333 World Politics
    03ALEC21000P   T   U2:30-3:45PTH 1018Pickering, Jeffrey J
    General Education coursePOLSC344 Intro Comp Politics
    03ALEC21010PM   W   F9:30WA 231Michie, Aruna N
    POLSC350 Current Pol Issues
    02ALEC21020PM   W11:30UN 101Peterson, Brianne M
    POLSC366 Practical Politics
    03AREC21030P   T7:05-9:55PWA 348Smith, Michael A.
    POLSC400 Pol Inquiry/Analysis
    03ALEC21040PM   W   F10:30WA 350Aistrup, Joseph
    03BLEC21050P   T   U9:30-10:45W 120Franke, James L
    POLSC499 Senior Hon Thesis
    02AIND21060PAppointmentAistrup, Joseph
    POLSC607 Administrative Law
    03AREC21070PM   W   F10:30BH 122Fliter Jr, John
    POLSC611 Legislative Process
    03ALEC21080PM   W   F9:30JU 256Unekis, Joseph K
    POLSC615 Constitutional Law 2
    03AREC21090PM   W   F1:30 p.m.LS 001Fliter Jr, John
    POLSC623 South Asian Politics
    03AREC21100PM2:30-5:20PWA 041Michie, Aruna N
    POLSC630 Pol Russia/Sov Union
    03AREC21110P   T2:30-5:20PW 218Herspring, Dale
    POLSC631 Comp Civil Mil Relat
    03AREC21120P      W2:30-5:20PLS 013Herspring, Dale
    POLSC655 Internatl Pol/Lat Am
    03ALEC21130   T   U2:30-3:45PEH 015Tollefson, Scott D
    POLSC663 Pol Tht/Sinc 16C
    03AREC21140P   T   U1:05-2:20PS 132Bagby, Laurie M
    POLSC671 Mod Politic Tht
    03AREC21150P   T   U8:05-9:20CW 102Holland, Kenneth M
    POLSC710 Policy Analy & Eval
    03AREC21160P   T5:30-8:20PWA 041Michie, Aruna N
    POLSC737 Public Budgeting
    03AREC21170P      W7:05-9:55PWA 333Tummala, Krishna K
    POLSC742 Internation Conflict
    03AREC21180         U5:30-8:20PWA 041Pickering, Jeffrey J
    POLSC784 Intern Govt,Pa & Pol
    VAINT21190CAppointmentRichter, Linda K
    POLSC785 Rdg/Political Scienc
    VARDG21200PAppointmentAistrup, Joseph
    POLSC790 Prb/Political Scienc
    VAIND21210PAppointmentAistrup, Joseph
    POLSC791 Top/Not/Profit Mgmt
    03AREC21220P         U7:05-9:55PWA 348Smith, Michael A.
    POLSC821 Sem/Politicl Thought
    03AREC21240P      W7:05-9:55PWA 132Bagby, Laurie M
    POLSC831 Sem/Public Admin
    03AREC21250PM7:05-9:55PWA 333Tummala, Krishna K
    POLSC841 Sem/Compar Politics
    03AREC21260PM7:05-9:55PWA 132Tollefson, Scott D
    POLSC897 M P A Internship
    VAINT21270CAppointmentTummala, Krishna K
    POLSC898 MS Report
    VARSH21280CAppointmentAistrup, Joseph
    POLSC899 MS Thesis
    VARSH21290CAppointmentAistrup, Joseph

    90000 series reference numbers have separate enrollment through the Division of Continuing Education, 532-5566.

    General Education coursePOLSC301 Intro Pol Thought
    0390ALEC92851PAppointmentWWW CEBagby, Laurie M
    Section meets from January 22, 2004 through May 21, 2004.
    General Education coursePOLSC325 U S Politics
    0390BLEC92707PAppointmentWWW CEFranke, James L
    Section meets from January 22, 2004 through May 21, 2004.
    0390ALEC96316P   T   U5:30-7:55PWA 333Unekis, Joseph K
    Section meets from March 16, 2004 through May 13, 2004.
    POLSC603 Politic Part & Elect
    0390ALEC96317P   T   U8:05-10:30PWA 333Unekis, Joseph K
    Section meets from March 16, 2004 through May 13, 2004.
    POLSC672 Ideol:Origin/Impact
    0390ALEC95209AppointmentDIS EDUCBagby, Laurie M
    Section meets from January 22, 2004 through May 21, 2004.

    General Education course indicates the course has been approved for university general education credit.

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