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    Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

    Spring 2004 Course List

    EECE210 Intro Electrical Eng
    Closed03AREC34020M7:30-9:20DUR 0039Kuhn, Bill
    ClosedLECM   W   F3:30 p.m.DUR 1073Kuhn, Bill
    Closed03BREC34030   T7:30-9:20DUR 0039
    ClosedLECM   W   F3:30 p.m.DUR 1073
    Closed03CREC34040      W7:30-9:20DUR 0039
    ClosedLECM   W   F3:30 p.m.DUR 1073
    Closed03DREC34050         U7:30-9:20DUR 0039
    ClosedLECM   W   F3:30 p.m.DUR 1073
    Closed03EREC34060            F7:30-9:20DUR 0039
    ClosedLECM   W   F3:30 p.m.DUR 1073
    Closed03FREC34070M9:30-11:20DUR 0039Kuhn, Bill
    ClosedLECM   W   F3:30 p.m.DUR 1073
    03GREC34080      W9:30-11:20DUR 0039Kuhn, Bill
    LECM   W   F3:30 p.m.DUR 1073
    03HREC34090            F9:30-11:20DUR 0039Kuhn, Bill
    LECM   W   F3:30 p.m.DUR 1073
    03IREC34100   T12:30-2:20PDUR 0039Kuhn, Bill
    LECM   W   F3:30 p.m.DUR 1073
    Closed03JREC34110         U12:30-2:20PDUR 0039Kuhn, Bill
    ClosedLECM   W   F3:30 p.m.DUR 1073
    EECE241 Intro Computer Engg
    Closed03AREC34120   T7:30-9:20DUR 2095Stanton, Stew
    ClosedLECM   W   F9:30DUR 1073
    Closed03BREC34130   T9:30-11:20DUR 2095Stanton, Stew
    ClosedLECM   W   F9:30DUR 1073
    Closed03CREC34140   T11:30-1:20DUR 2095Stanton, Stew
    ClosedLECM   W   F9:30DUR 1073
    Closed03DREC34150      W7:30-9:20DUR 2095
    ClosedLECM   W   F9:30DUR 1073
    Closed03EREC34160      W12:30-2:20PDUR 2095
    ClosedLECM   W   F9:30DUR 1073
    Closed03FREC34170         U7:30-9:20DUR 2095
    ClosedLECM   W   F9:30DUR 1073
    Closed03GREC34180         U9:30-11:20DUR 2095
    ClosedLECM   W   F9:30DUR 1073
    Closed03HREC34190         U7:30-9:20PDUR 2095
    ClosedLECM   W   F9:30DUR 1073
    Closed03IREC34200            F7:30-9:20DUR 2095
    ClosedLECM   W   F9:30DUR 1073
    Closed03KREC34220         U12:30-2:20PDUR 2095Stanton, Stew
    ClosedLECM   W   F9:30DUR 1073
    03LREC34230M12:30-2:20PDUR 2095Stanton, Stew
    LECM   W   F9:30DUR 1073
    EECE431 Microcontrollers
    03AREC34240   T   U8:05-9:20S 132Devore, John J
    LAB   T2:30-5:20PDUR 2078
    03BREC34250   T   U8:05-9:20S 132Devore, John J
    LAB      W2:30-5:20PDUR 2078
    03CREC34260   T   U8:05-9:20S 132Devore, John J
    LAB         U2:30-5:20PDUR 2078
    03EREC34280   T   U8:05-9:20S 132Devore, John J
    LABM2:30-5:20PDUR 2078
    EECE499 Honor Rsch Elec Engg
    VAIND34300AppointmentKuhn, Bill
    Enrollment restrictions: Honors Program
    EECE501 Elect Engg Lab 1
    Closed02ALAB34310   T2:30-5:20PDUR 0039Soldan, David L
    ClosedLECM2:30 p.m.DUR 1052
    Closed02BLAB34320         U7:05-9:55PDUR 0039Soldan, David L
    ClosedLECM2:30 p.m.DUR 1052
    Closed02CLAB34330      W2:30-5:20PDUR 0039Soldan, David L
    ClosedLECM2:30 p.m.DUR 1052
    Closed02DLAB34340         U2:30-5:20PDUR 0039Soldan, David L
    ClosedLECM2:30 p.m.DUR 1052
    02ELAB34350            F2:30-5:20PDUR 0039Soldan, David L
    LECM2:30 p.m.DUR 1052
    EECE502 Elect Engg Lab 2
    02ALAB34360         U2:30-5:20PDUR 0037Dillman, Norman G
    LEC            F2:30 p.m.DUR 1061Dillman, Norman G
    Closed02BLAB34370   T2:30-5:20PDUR 0037Dillman, Norman G
    ClosedLEC            F2:30 p.m.DUR 1061Dillman, Norman G
    02DLAB34390      W2:30-5:20PDUR 0037Dillman, Norman G
    LEC            F2:30 p.m.DUR 1061
    EECE510 Circuit Theory 1
    03AREC34400   T   U9:30-10:45DUR 1073Stanton, Stew
    EECE511 Circuit Theory 2
    03AREC34410M   W   F10:30DUR 1052Held, Jon
    EECE512 Linear Systems
    03AREC34420M   W   F9:30DUR 1052Warren, Steven
    EECE519 Electric Cir/Control
    04ALEC34430MTWU11:30DUR 1073Held, Jon
    QZ         U7:30-9:20P
    EECE525 Electronics 1
    03AREC34440M   W   F9:30BT 114Rys, Andrew
    EECE526 Electronics 2
    03AREC34450M   W   F8:30DUR 1052DeVault, James E
    EECE530 Con Systems Design
    03AREC34460M   W   F12:30 p.m.DUR 1052Morcos, Medhat M
    EECE541 Digital Comput Des
    03AREC34480   T   U8:05-9:20DUR 1066Das, Sanjoy
    EECE557 Elect/Magnet Thry 1
    04AREC34490MTWU1:30 p.m.LS 013Miller, Ruth Douglas
    EECE571 Intro Biomedical Eng
    01AREC34500         U12:30 p.m.DUR 1068Miller, Ruth Douglas
    EECE581 Energy Conversion
    03AREC34510   T   U11:30-12:45DUR 1052Farag, Mohamed Awadallah
    EECE589 Circuits/Machine Lab
    Closed02ALAB34520M2:30-5:20PDUR 0033
    Enrollment restrictions: Non-Majors Only
    EECE590 Seminar
    Closed01AREC34530M9:30DU 1041Miller, Ruth Douglas
    ClosedLEC            F1:30 p.m.DUR 1073Miller, Ruth Douglas
    01BREC34540   T9:30DU 1041Miller, Ruth Douglas
    LEC            F1:30 p.m.DUR 1073Miller, Ruth Douglas
    Closed01CREC34550      W11:30DU 1041Miller, Ruth Douglas
    ClosedLEC            F1:30 p.m.DUR 1073Miller, Ruth Douglas
    01DREC34560         U10:30DU 1041Miller, Ruth Douglas
    LEC            F1:30 p.m.DUR 1073Miller, Ruth Douglas
    EECE631 Microcomputer Sys De
    03AREC34570M   W8:30DUR 1061Lenhert, Donald H
    LAB   T2:30-5:20PDUR 2087
    Closed03BREC34580M   W8:30DUR 1061Lenhert, Donald H
    ClosedLAB      W2:30-5:20PDUR 2087
    EECE636 Intro Computer Graph
    03AREC34590   T   U11:30-12:45DUR 1061Carpenter, Kenneth H
    EECE641 Adv Digital Ds Synth
    03AREC34600M   W   F12:30 p.m.DUF 1091Gruenbacher, Don M
    EECE643 Cmptr Engr Dsgn Lab
    Closed02ALAB34610M2:30-5:20PDUR 2094Devore, John J
    ClosedRECM   W1:30 p.m.DUR 1061Devore, John J
    02BLAB34620   T2:30-5:20PDUR 2094Devore, John J
    RECM   W1:30 p.m.DUR 1061Devore, John J
    EECE645 Digital Electronics
    03AREC34630   T   U9:30-10:45DUR 1061DeVault, James E
    EECE648 Multimedia Compressn
    03AREC34640M   W   F10:30DUR 1061Chandra, D V Satish
    EECE649 Computer Design 1
    03AREC34650M   W   F8:30DU 1041Chandra, D V Satish
    EECE661 Communication Syst 2
    03AREC34660   T   U8:05-9:20DUR 1061Natarajan, Bala
    EECE662 Design Comm Circuits
    Closed03AREC34670M   W11:30DUR 1061Kuhn, Bill
    ClosedLABAppointmentDUR 2097
    03BREC34680M   W11:30DUR 1061Kuhn, Bill
    LABAppointmentDUR 2097
    EECE670 Engg Appl Mach Intel
    03AREC34690   T   U11:30-12:45DUR 1069Das, Sanjoy
    EECE684 Power Laboratory
    03AREC34700   T   U11:30-12:45DUR 0033Starrett, Shelli K
    LAB      W2:30-5:20PDUR 0033
    EECE686 Power Sys Protection
    03AREC34710M   W   F9:30DUR 1061Pahwa, Anil
    EECE690 Prb/Elect Engg
    VAIND34720AppointmentSoldan, David L
    EECE725 Ic Device & Process
    03AREC34750   T   U8:30DUR 1069Rys, Andrew
    LAB         U2:30-5:20PDUR 0035
    EECE733 R-Time Embed Sys Des
    03AREC34780M   W10:30DUR 1069Lenhert, Donald H
    LABM2:30-5:20PDUR 2087
    03BREC34790M   W10:30DUR 1069Lenhert, Donald H
    LAB         U2:30-5:20PDUR 2087
    EECE747 Digital Signal Proc
    03AREC34800   T   U11:30DU 1029Day, Dwight D
    LABAppointmentDUR 2064
    03BREC34810   T   U11:30DU 1029Day, Dwight D
    LABAppointmentDUR 2064
    EECE840 Cmptr Eng Method 1
    03AREC34820M   W   F12:30 p.m.DUR 1066Warren, Steven
    EECE841 Wide Area Networking
    03AREC34830   T   U9:30-10:45DUR 1069Gruenbacher, Don M
    EECE849 Top/Adv Dig Ds Synth
    03AIND34831M   W   F12:30 p.m.DUF 1091Gruenbacher, Don M
    EECE882 Power Quality
    03AREC34840M   W   F10:30DUR 1064Morcos, Medhat M
    EECE887 Distributn Syst Engg
    03AREC34850M   W   F11:30DUR 1064Pahwa, Anil
    EECE890 Adv Elec Theory
    VALAB34860AppointmentSoldan, David L
    EECE897 Res/Electrical Engg
    VAIND34870AppointmentSoldan, David L
    EECE898 MS Report
    VARSH34880CAppointmentSoldan, David L
    EECE899 MS Thesis
    VARSH34890CAppointmentSoldan, David L
    EECE962 Top/Adv Communicatns
    03AREC34900   T   U1:05-2:20PDUR 1069Natarajan, Bala
    EECE999 PhD Research
    VARSH34920CAppointmentSoldan, David L

    90000 series reference numbers have separate enrollment through the Division of Continuing Education, 532-5566.

    EECE882 Power Quality
    0390ALEC92660AppointmentVID TAPEMorcos, Medhat M
    Section meets from January 22, 2004 through May 13, 2004.
    EECE887 Distributn Syst Engg
    0390AREC92661AppointmentVID TAPEPahwa, Anil
    Section meets from January 22, 2004 through May 13, 2004.

    General Education course indicates the course has been approved for university general education credit.

    For more information, visit the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering home page at


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