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    Department of General and Honors

    Spring 2004 Course List

    DHE000 Honors Program
    00AREC36120CAppointmentWhite, Carmel Parker
    DHE002 Serv-Lrng Res/Tch/Ad
    00AIND36650CAppointmentWhite, Carmel Parker
    General Education courseGNHE310 Human Needs
    03ALEC36130   T   U11:30-12:45JU 247White, Carmel Parker
    03BLEC36140   T   U1:05-2:20PJU 247White, Carmel Parker
    GNHE385 Prb/Gen Human Ecol
    VAIND36150PAppointmentMoxley, Virginia M
    GNHE385 Prb/Magazine Prod St
    VBIND36151PM   W4:30 p.m.JU 253Kellett, Carol E
    GNHE780 Prb/Magazine Prod St
    VAIND36155PM   W4:30 p.m.JU 253Kellett, Carol E

    General Education course indicates the course has been approved for university general education credit.

    For more information, visit the Department of General and Honors home page at


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