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    Department of Chemical Engineering

    Spring 2004 Course List

    CHE015 Engg Assembly
    00AREC32080C         U1:30 p.m.DUR 1073Walawender Jr, Walter P
    CHE350 Electronic Materials
    02AREC32090   T   U9:30DUR 1052Schlup, John R
    CHE352 Structural Materials
    02AREC32100   T   U8:30DUR 1073Castro Diaz, Sigifredo
    CHE354 Engg Materials Lab
    011LAB32110   T2:30-5:20PDU 0011Castro Diaz, Sigifredo
    012LAB32120         U11:30-2:20DU 0011Castro Diaz, Sigifredo
    CHE416 Comput Tech In Che
    03ALEC32130   T   U8:30DU 1029Hohn, Keith L
    LABM2:30-4:20PDU 1029
    CHE499 Hon Rsch Chem Engg
    VAIND32140AppointmentGlasgow, Larry A
    CHE521 Chem Engg Therm 2
    03AREC32150M   W   F9:30DUR 1068Pfromm, Peter H
    CHE531 Transpt Phenomena 2
    03AREC32160M   W   F10:30DU 1029Glasgow, Larry A
    CHE535 Transpt Phenomena Lb
    03ALAB32170M12:30-5:20PDU 0011Glasgow, Larry A
    REC      W2:30-5:20PDU 1041
    03BLAB32180   T12:30-5:20PDU 1041Pfromm, Peter H
    REC         U2:30-5:20PDU 1041
    CHE542 Chem Engg Lab 3
    03ALAB32190      W12:30-5:20PDU 1029Walawender Jr, Walter P
    Rezac, Mary E
    REC            F2:30-5:20PDU 1029Rezac, Mary E
    CHE561 Chem Proc Dyn Contrl
    03AREC32200M   W   F9:30DU 1029Schlup, John R
    CHE571 Ch E System Design 2
    04ALEC32210   T   U9:30DU 1029Walawender Jr, Walter P
    LABM2:30-5:20PDU 1041
    REC         U2:30-5:20PDU 1029
    CHE580 Prb/Ch E / Matr Sci
    VAIND32220AppointmentEdgar, James H
    CHE626 Bioseparations
    02AREC32230M   W8:30DUR 1064Erickson, Larry E
    CHE661 Proc Solid State Dev
    03AREC32245   T   U8:05-9:20DUR 1064Edgar, James H
    CHE875 Sem/Grad Chem Engg
    01ASEM32260         U1:30 p.m.DU 1029Fan, Liang T
    CHE898 MS Report
    VARSH32270CAppointmentEdgar, James H
    CHE899 MS Thesis
    VARSH32280CAppointmentEdgar, James H
    CHE999 PhD Research
    VARSH32290CAppointmentEdgar, James H

    90000 series reference numbers have separate enrollment through the Division of Continuing Education, 532-5566.

    CHE626 Bioseparations
    0290ALEC92620AppointmentErickson, Larry E
    Section meets from January 22, 2004 through May 13, 2004.
    CHE661 Proc Solid State Dev
    0390ALEC92625AppointmentVID TAPEEdgar, James H
    Section meets from January 22, 2004 through May 13, 2004.
    CHE682 Surface Phenomena
    0290AREC92621AppointmentVID TAPESchlup, John R
    Section meets from January 22, 2004 through May 13, 2004.
    CHE750 Sem/Air Quality
    0190AREC92622AppointmentVID TAPEErickson, Larry E
    Section meets from January 22, 2004 through May 13, 2004.

    General Education course indicates the course has been approved for university general education credit.

    For more information, visit the Department of Chemical Engineering home page at


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