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    Department of Engineering Technology

    Spring 2003 Course List

    If no dates listed directly under course, then course is a 16 week course and will meet January 16-May 9.

    CET020 Sem/Civil/Const Engg
    00 80A LEC 81950 C    T 4:30-5:20P STC115 Rietcheck,Andrew A
    CET130 Plane Surveying
    04 80A LEC 81960 M   W   F 9:30-10:20 STC115 Tannous,Sami K
    LAB    T 2:30-5:20P Tannous,Sami K
    CET211 Statics
    03 80A LEC 81970 M   W   F 10:30-11:20 STC151 Rietcheck,Andrew A
    CET300 Prb/Cet
    V 80A LEC 81980 Appointment Rietcheck,Andrew A
    CET312 Transportatn Systems
    03 80A LEC 81990    T   U 8:30-9:20 STC151 Rietcheck,Andrew A
    LAB    T 2:30-4:20P STC151 Rietcheck,Andrew A
    CET313 Struct Design
    03 80A LEC 82000 M   W   F 8:30-9:20 STC120 Rietcheck,Andrew A
    CET340 Mech/Elect Systems
    03 80A LEC 82010 M   W 12:30-1:20P STC151 Tannous,Sami K
    LAB          U 2:30-4:20P Tannous,Sami K
    CET351 Constr Tech/Detailng
    03 80A LAB 82020 M         F 2:30-5:20P STC118 Tannous,Sami K
    LAB       W 2:30-5:20P STC115 Tannous,Sami K
    CMET450 Adv Data Communicatn
    03 80A LEC 82030    T   U 8:30-9:20 STC115 Khan,Saeed M
    801 LAB 82040          U 12:30-2:20P STC154 Khan,Saeed M
    CMIS130 Database Management
    02 80A LEC 82050    T   U 6:00-7:50P STC163 Schowengerdt,Diana L
    Course meets from January 16, 2003 through March 6, 2003.
    Closed0280BLEC82060 M   W6:00-7:50PSTC163 Schowengerdt,Diana L
    Course meets from March 10, 2003 through May 7, 2003.
    CMST100 Intro/Operating Sys
    03 80A LEC 82070 M   W   F 1:30-2:20P STC169 Kinsler,Les
    CMST101 Applied Basic Progrm
    02 80A LEC 82080    T   U 12:30 p.m. STC151 Williamson,Marcia A
    CMST103 Intro/Program Dsgn
    03 80A LEC 82090 M   W   F 10:30 STC169 Leite,Pedro T
    Closed0380BLEC82100 M   W   F2:30-3:20PSTC172 Francisco,John F
    CMST130 Intro To Pc Hardware
    03 80A LEC 82110    T   U 8:30 STC169 Kinsler,Les
    03 80B REC 82115    T   U 11:30-12:20 STC172 Kinsler,Les
    Closed 801LAB82120          U9:30-11:20STC171 Kinsler,Les
    Closed 802LAB82130    T2:30-4:20PSTC171 Kinsler,Les
    803 LAB 82140          U 2:30-4:20P STC171 Kinsler,Les
    CMST135 Web Page Development
    03 80A REC 82150    T   U 9:30-10:45 STC163 Williamson,Marcia A
    03 80B REC 82160    T   U 2:30-3:45P STC163 Williamson,Marcia A
    CMST140 Visual Basic 1
    03 80A LEC 82170 M   W   F 12:30 p.m. STC169 Leite,Pedro T
    CMST155 Web Page Develpmnt 2
    03 80A REC 82180    T   U 1:05-2:20P STC167 Leite,Pedro T
    CMST180 Database Development
    03 80A REC 82190 M   W   F 8:30-9:20 STC172 Mertz,Thomas E
    CMST220 Cobol 1
    03 80A LEC 82200 M   W   F 12:30 p.m. STC168 Kinsler,Les
    CMST225 Comm Software Analy
    Closed0380ALEC82210 M   W   F10:30-11:20STC163 Penzenstadler,Suzanne
    03 80B LEC 82220 M   W   F 1:30-2:20P STC163 Penzenstadler,Suzanne
    03 80C LEC 82230 M   W   F 12:30-1:20P STC163 Penzenstadler,Suzanne
    03 80D LEC 82235 Appointment STC163 Penzenstadler,Suzanne
    CMST245 C++ Programming 1
    03 80A LEC 82240 M   W   F 10:30 STC172 Mertz,Thomas E
    CMST250 Networking 1
    03 80A LEC 82250 M   W 11:30-12:20 STC169 Harding,Troy D
    801 LAB 82260          U 12:30-2:20P STC171 Harding,Troy D
    802 LAB 82270 M 12:30-2:20P STC171 Harding,Troy D
    CMST255 Visual Basic 2
    03 80A LEC 82280 M   W   F 2:30-3:20P STC169 Leite,Pedro T
    CMST315 Networking 2
    03 80A LEC 82290 M   W 8:30-9:20 STC169 Harding,Troy D
    LAB             F 7:30-9:20 STC171 Harding,Troy D
    CMST320 Cobol 2
    03 80A LEC 82300 M   W   F 8:30-9:20 STC168 Kinsler,Les
    CMST332 Web Development Proj
    03 80A REC 82310    T   U 9:30-10:45 STC169 Harding,Troy D
    CMST333 Software Syst Devel
    03 80A LEC 82320    T   U 9:30-10:45 STC151 Mertz,Thomas E
    CMST341 C++ Programming 2
    03 80A LEC 82330 M   W   F 9:30-10:20 STC169 Kinsler,Les
    CMST345 Networking 3
    03 80A LEC 82340    T   U 11:30-12:20 STC169 Harding,Troy D
    LAB    T 12:30-2:20P STC171 Harding,Troy D
    CMST350 Unix Administration
    03 80A LEC 82350 M   W   F 12:30-1:20P STC182 Mortensen,Alvin Norman
    CMST400 Prb/Java Programming
    03 80A LEC 82360 M   W   F 11:30-12:20 STC172 Mertz,Thomas E
    CMST400 Prb/In Cmst
    V 80C LEC 82370 Appointment Kinsler,Les
    ECET020 Sem/Elect/Cmptr Tech
    00 80A SEM 82380 C       W 8:30-9:20 STC151 Delker,David G
    ECET101 D C Circuits
    03 80A LEC 82390    T   U 11:30-12:20 STC151 Mortensen,Alvin Norman
    801 LAB 82400    T 2:30-4:20P STC154 Mortensen,Alvin Norman
    802 LAB 82410          U 9:30-11:20 STC154 Mortensen,Alvin Norman
    ECET110 Semiconductor Elec
    04 80A LEC 82420 M   W   F 9:30-10:20 STC151 Wilson,Michael L
    801 LAB 82430       W 2:30-4:20P STC142 Wilson,Michael L
    802 LAB 82440             F 12:30-2:20P STC142 Wilson,Michael L
    ECET304 Elec Power & Device
    03 80A LEC 82450    T   U 1:30 p.m. STC151 Misoc,Florian
    LAB          U 2:30-4:20P STC153 Misoc,Florian
    ECET330 Industrial Controls
    04 80A LEC 82460    T   U 8:05-9:20 STC172 Shepard,Scott R
    801 LAB 82470    T 2:30-4:20P STC153 Shepard,Scott R
    ECET350 Microprocessor Fund
    04 80A LEC 82480 M   W   F 1:30-2:20P STC151 Khan,Saeed M
    801 LAB 82490    T 9:30-11:20 STC154 Khan,Saeed M
    ECET492 Prb/Elect/Cmptr Tech
    V 80A IND 82500 Appointment Mortensen,Alvin Norman
    ECET499 Digital Sig Pro
    03 80A LEC 82510    T   U 11:30-12:20 STC120 Wilson,Michael L
    LAB    T 2:30-4:20P STC139 Wilson,Michael L
    ELET420 Elect Comm Circuits
    03 80A LEC 82520    T   U 10:30-11:20 STC168 Shepard,Scott R
    801 LAB 82530    T 12:30-2:20P STC142 Shepard,Scott R
    ELET590 Electronic Design Lb
    02 801 LAB 82540 M   W 2:30-4:20P STC152 Mortensen,Alvin Norman
    MET020 Sem/Mech Engg Tech
    00 80A LEC 82550 C       W 4:30-5:20P STC168 Dandu,Raju S
    MET117 Mechanical Detailing
    03 801 LAB 82560 M   W   F 9:30-11:20 STC119 Hassan,Masud A
    03 802 LAB 82570 M   W   F 2:30-4:20P STC119 Hassan,Masud A
    MET125 Cnc Machine Process
    02 801 LAB 82580    T   U 9:30-11:20 STC120 Dandu,Raju S
    02 802 LAB 82590    T   U 12:30-2:20P STC169 Dandu,Raju S
    MET230 Automated Mfg Syst 1
    03 80A LEC 82600 M   W 8:30-9:20 STC115 Buchwald,Donald L
    801 LAB 82610          U 9:30-11:20 STC121 Buchwald,Donald L
    802 LAB 82620    T 2:30-4:20P STC121 Buchwald,Donald L
    MET245 Matr Strength/Test
    03 80A LEC 82630    T   U 11:30-12:20 STC115 Spaulding,Gregory L
    LAB    T 2:30-4:20P STC123 Dandu,Raju S
    MET246 Dynamics/Machines
    03 80A REC 82640 M   W   F 12:30-1:20P STC115 Spaulding,Gregory L
    MET264 Machine Dsgn Tech 1
    04 80A LEC 82650 M   W   F 11:30-12:20 STC151 Spaulding,Gregory L
    LAB          U 2:30-4:20P STC121 Spaulding,Gregory L
    MET333 Adv Materials Sci
    02 80A LEC 82660          U 12:30-1:20P STC120 Buchwald,Donald L
    LAB    T 9:30-11:20 STC123 Buchwald,Donald L
    MET353 Fluid Mechanics
    03 80A LEC 82670    T   U 11:30-12:20 STC119 Hassan,Masud A
    LAB             F 12:30-2:20P STC119 Hassan,Masud A
    MET383 Advanced Cad/Cam
    02 80A LEC 82680          U 8:30-9:20 STC119 Dandu,Raju S
    LAB M 12:30-2:20P STC119 Dandu,Raju S
    MET460 Tool Dsgn Manufact
    Closed0380ALEC82690    T   U8:30-9:20STC120 Buchwald,Donald L
    Closed LAB       W12:30-2:20PSTC119 Buchwald,Donald L
    MET464 Senior Design Proj 2
    02 80A IND 82700 M   W 8:30-10:20 STC121 Spaulding,Gregory L
    MET471 Thermodyn/Heat Trnsf
    03 80A LEC 82710    T   U 9:30-10:20 STC115 Misoc,Florian
    LAB       W 2:30-4:20P STC123 Misoc,Florian
    MET492 Problems In Met
    V 80A IND 82720 Appointment Dandu,Raju S

    General Education course indicates the course has been approved for university general education credit.

    For more information, visit the Department of Engineering Technology home page at


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    May 2, 2003