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    Department of Plant Pathology

    Spring 2003 Course List

    If no dates listed directly under course, then course is a 16 week course and will meet January 16-May 9.

    PLPTH500 Prin Plant Pathology
    03 A LEC 02810    T   U 8:30 TH 1018 Bockus,William W
    Closed 1LAB02820    T12:30-2:20PTH 1506 Bockus,William W
    2 LAB 02830    T 2:30-4:20P TH 1506 Bockus,William W
    3 LAB 02840          U 12:30-2:20P TH 1506 Bockus,William W
    4 LAB 02850          U 2:30-4:20P TH 1506 Bockus,William W
    PLPTH590 Landscape Diseases
    02 A LEC 02860    T   U 10:30 TH 4031 O'Mara,Judith A
    Tisserat,Ned A
    LAB    T   U 2:30-4:20P TH 1502 Tisserat,Ned A
    Course meets from March 11, 2003 through May 8, 2003.
    PLPTH599 Res/Plant Pathology
    V A IND 02870 Appointment Zeigler,Robert S
    PLPTH610 Biotechnology
    03 A LEC 02880 M   W   F 2:30 p.m. TH 4031 Hulbert,Scot H
    PLPTH750 Prb/Plnt Pathology
    V A IND 02890 Appointment Zeigler,Robert S
    PLPTH840 Plant Path Bacteria
    Closed03ALEC02900 M   W12:30 p.m.TH 1506 Claflin,Larry E
    Closed LAB M   W1:30-3:20PTH 1506
    PLPTH870 Sem/Pl Path
    01 A SEM 02910 P          U 4:05-5:20P TH 1018 Zeigler,Robert S
    PLPTH885 Plant Resist Pests
    02 A LAB 02920       W 1:30-4:20P WA 124B Hulbert,Scot H
    PLPTH890 Genomic Bioinformatc
    04 A LEC 02930    T   U 1:05-2:20P TH 4031 Nelson,James
    LAB       W 8:30-11:20 TH 1302
    PLPTH898 MS Report
    V A RSH 02940 C Appointment Zeigler,Robert S
    PLPTH899 MS Research
    V A RSH 02950 C Appointment Zeigler,Robert S
    PLPTH911 Plt Tiss Cult & Regn
    03 A LEC 02970 M   W 11:30 TH 1502 Johnson,Lowell B
    Trick,Harold N
    LAB    T 9:30-12:20 TH 1502 Trick,Harold N
    PLPTH912 Molecule Apprch/Plpt
    02 A LAB 02980 M   W 3:30-5:20P TH 4031 White,Frank F
    PLPTH920 Top/Plnt Pathology
    V A LEC 02990 Appointment Zeigler,Robert S
    PLPTH920 Top/Plpth Teach Asst
    V B LEC 03000 Appointment Zeigler,Robert S
    PLPTH999 PhD Research
    V A RSH 03010 C Appointment Zeigler,Robert S

    General Education course indicates the course has been approved for university general education credit.

    For more information, visit the Department of Plant Pathology home page at


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    Kansas State University
    May 2, 2003