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    Department of Interior Architecture

    Spring 2003 Course List

    If no dates listed directly under course, then course is a 16 week course and will meet January 16-May 9.

    IAR248 Building Science
    Closed03ALEC04040    T   U12:30-1:45PS 063 Mayo,Michael G
    IAR302 Iar Dsgn Studio 2
    Closed03ASTD04050 M2:30-5:20PS 203A Husseini,Fayez
    Closed STD       W   F1:30-5:20PS 203A
    Closed03BSTD04060 M2:30-5:20PS 203B Bullock,Robert A
    Closed STD       W   F1:30-5:20PS 203B Bullock,Robert A
    IAR305 Iar Dsgn Studio 2
    Closed01ALEC04070 M1:30 p.m.S 207 Husseini,Fayez
    Closed01BLEC04080 M1:30 p.m.S 207 Bullock,Robert A
    IAR390 Cont Interior/Ideas
    Closed02ALEC04090       W   F12:30 p.m.S 127 Thompson,Carolyn
    IAR400 Prod Dsgn Studio 1
    01 A LEC 04100 M 1:30 p.m. SC 111 Hastings,Allan J
    IAR403 Prod Dsgn Studio 1
    03 A STD 04110 M 2:30-5:20P SC 111 Hastings,Allan J
    STD       W   F 1:30-5:20P SC 111 Hastings,Allan J
    IAR404 Iar Dsgn Studio 3
    Closed04ASTD04120 M   W   F1:30-5:20PSC 111 Hubbell,Neal C
    IAR406 Prb/Furniture Dsgn
    V A IND 04130 P M   W   F 2:30-5:20P SC 101 Brown,David A
    IAR406 Prb/Int Arch/Delinea
    V B IND 04140 P Appointment S 203C Bullock,Robert A
    IAR406 Prb/Furniture Dsgn
    V C IND 04150 P    T   U 1:30-5:20P SC 101 Troyer,Rodney J
    IAR406 Prb/Int Arch
    V D IND 04151 P    T 2:30-4:20P Murphy,Stephen M
    V E IND 04152 P          U 2:30-4:20P Dubois,James H
    IAR407 Design Workshop 1
    Closed03ALAB04160    T   U9:30-12:20SC 101 Troyer,Rodney J
    Closed STD       W   F11:30SC 101
    Closed03BLAB04170 M   W   F9:30-11:20SC 101 Brown,David A
    Closed STD M   W   F11:30SC 101
    Closed03CLAB04180 M   W   F11:30-1:20SC 101 Davidson,Steven R
    Closed STD M   W   F10:30SC 101
    IAR416 History Of Furniture
    02 A REC 04190 M   W   F 10:30 S 251 Hubbell,Neal C
    IAR455 Prod Dsgn Illustrat
    01 A STD 04200    T 2:30-4:20P SC 111 Hastings,Allan J
    IAR520 Des Graph Workshop
    03 A STD 04210    T   U 1:30-3:20P S 207 Husseini,Fayez
    IAR606 Iar Dsgn Studio 5
    04 A STD 04220 M   W 9:30-12:20 SC 112 Borchers,Vicky L
    STD       W   F 8:30-12:20 SC 112 Borchers,Vicky L
    IAR607 Iar Dsgn Studio 5
    01 A LEC 04230 M 8:30 SC 112 Borchers,Vicky L
    IAR644 Inter Arch Internshp
    12 A IND 04240 C Appointment SC 103A Borchers,Vicky L
    IAR645 Iar/Intrn/Report
    03 A IND 04250 Appointment SC 103A Borchers,Vicky L
    IAR646 Iar/Foreign Studies
    12 A IND 04260 C Appointment SC 114D Dubois,James H
    IAR647 Iar/Foreign Stdy Rpt
    03 A IND 04270 Appointment SC 114D Dubois,James H
    IAR704 Prod Dsgn Studio 2
    04 A STD 04280 M   W 9:30-12:20 SC 114 Hastings,Allan J
    STD       W   F 8:30-12:20 SC 114 Hastings,Allan J
    IAR705 Iar Dsgn Studio 6
    04 A STD 04290 M 9:30-12:20 S 206 Dubois,James H
    STD       W   F 8:30-12:20 S 206 Dubois,James H
    IAR707 Prod Dsgn Studio 2
    01 A LEC 04300 M 8:30 SC 114 Hastings,Allan J
    IAR708 Iar Dsgn Studio 6
    01 A LEC 04310 M 8:30 S 206 Dubois,James H
    IAR714 Furniture Dsgn Wksp
    03 A IND 04320 M   W   F 2:30-5:20P S 101 Brown,David A
    IAR740 Adv Des Workshop
    ClosedVALAB04330    T   U1:30-5:20PSC 101 Troyer,Rodney J
    IAR760 Sem/Interior Arch
    03 A REC 04340    T 8:30-10:20 S 207 Borchers,Vicky L
    IAR830 Prb/Int Arch
    V A IND 04350 Appointment Thompson,Carolyn

    90000 series reference numbers have separate enrollment through the Division of Continuing Education, 532-5566.

    IAR406 Prb/Portfolio Design
    03 90B IND 94142 MTWUF 1:00-4:30P SC 111 Hastings,Allan J
    Course meets from December 30, 2002 through January 15, 2003.
    IAR406 Prb/Beg Airbrush
    03 90A IND 94143 MTWUF 5:00-8:30P SC 111 Hastings,Allan J
    Course meets from December 30, 2002 through January 15, 2003.

    General Education course indicates the course has been approved for university general education credit.

    For more information, visit the Department of Interior Architecture home page at


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    May 2, 2003