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Department of American Ethnic Studies

Spring 2000 Course Schedule

Course   Title       Ref     Gr
Cr Sec Type No GE Op Days Hours Room Instructor
AMETH160 INTRO AM ETHNIC STDY 03 A LEC 05440 Y T U 0930-1045 DE 124 WATSON,FREDERICK D AMETH460 RDG/IND READING/RES Closed V A REC 05450 APPT MCGOWAN,JUANITA M AMETH499 RES/PRO AM ETHN STDY 03 A IND 05460 M 0330-0500 LS 006A MCGOWAN,JUANITA M Enrollment restrictions: Instructor Permission AMETH501 LDRSHP AM ETHNIC ST V A REC 05470 M W 0930 CW 145 MCGOWAN,JUANITA M REC F 0930 LS 006A Enrollment restrictions: Instructor Permission
For more information, visit the Department of American Ethnic Studies home page at http://www.ksu.edu/ameth/

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April 11, 2000