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Advisement - Continuous Students

University Advising Plan

Visit with an academic advisor and get the required advisor’s signature.

As approved by the dean and the University Provost, the following students are NOT required to get an advisor’s signature prior to initial enrollment.

  • All Graduate students, except for 21 curriculums. Contact your department for specific information.
  • All Veterinary Medicine students.
Access to Course Information and Courses at K-State

Refer to for the course schedule.

Acquiring Appropriate Support Documentation and/or Signatures

Obtain any required special permission signatures for closed or permission class sections; instructors can give an electronic permission via iSIS or sign a Instructor/Department - iSIS Class Permission form for permission courses. Instructors can get the iSIS Class Permission form from their department office. Students should take iSIS class permission form to the department office.

Note: Some courses have multiple components (i.e. PHYS 113). For these courses, sign up for all components such as quiz, lab, recitation, etc. which are listed at

See Required Signatures.

A $50 Late Enrollment Fee (non-refundable) will be assessed for any student who enrolls in their first class on or after the first day of the term. See Academic Calendar.