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Food Science Institute

Fall 2008 class list

If no dates listed directly under course, then course is a 16-week course and will meet Monday, August 25, 2008 through Friday, December 12, 2008.

ClassDescriptionClass Grading    
FDSCI302 Intro Food Science
ALEC128193 M  W  F12:30 p.m.WB 123Phebus, Randall K
ZALEC154943 DistancePhebus, Randall K
FDSCI305 Fund Food Processing
ZAREC155573OPT DistanceGetty, Kelly Karr
FDSCI307 Microbiol/Meat/Poult
ZALAB154953 DistanceRetzlaff, Deanna Devereaux
FDSCI500 Food Science Seminar
AIND128201   T12:30-1:20 p.m.WB 111Hunt, Melvin C
ZAIND154971 DistanceHunt, Melvin C
Food Science Graduate Students cannot take this class for graduate credit.
FDSCI501 Food Chemistry
ZAREC155023OPT DistanceSmith, J Scott
Students who need graduate credit need to enroll in FDSCI 815.
FDSCI600 Microbiology Of Food
ZAREC155582 DistanceFung, Daniel Y C
FDSCI603 Int/Food Science
ClosedAINT128211-6 M5:30-9:20 p.m.WB 111Riley, Jack G
Enrollment restrictions: Department consent
FDSCI607 Food Microbiology
01BLAB12822   T  U2:30-4:20 p.m.CL 227Fung, Daniel Y C
ALEC128234   T  U11:30 a.m.-12:20 p.m.CL 226Fung, Daniel Y C
FDSCI630 Prb/Food Science - Prb/Food Science
ZAIND155041-2OPT DistanceHunt, Melvin C
ZFIND168003OPT DistanceHunt, Melvin C
FDSCI630 Prb/Food Science - Prb/Kosher And Halal
ZBIND155062OPT DistanceRetzlaff, Deanna Devereaux
Regenstein, Joe M
FDSCI630 Prb/Food Science - Prb/Prin of Food Defense
ZEIND167991OPT DistanceNutsch, Abbey Lee
FDSCI630 Prb/Food Science - Top/Vary By Student
AIND128241-18 Appointment Unruh, John Allen
FDSCI690 Principles Of Haccp
ALEC128252 M  W11:30 a.m.WB 146Boyle, Elizabeth A E
Aramouni, Fadi M
ZBLEC155092 DistanceBoyle, Elizabeth A E
FDSCI695 Quality Assur Fd Pr
ALEC128263 M  W  F9:30 a.m.CL 226Schmidt, Karen A
ZALEC155593 DistanceSchmidt, Karen A
This class is not open to on-campus students. On-campus students should contact for permission.
FDSCI725 Food Analysis
ZAREC155103OPT DistanceSmith, J Scott
FDSCI727 Chm Methods Food An
01BLAB12827     W1:30-4:30 p.m.CL 156Smith, J Scott
Section meets from August 26, 2008 through October 16, 2008.
ALEC128282   T  U9:30-10:45 a.m.CL 226Smith, J Scott
Section meets from August 26, 2008 through October 16, 2008.
FDSCI728 Phys Methods Food An
FDSCI730 Fd Safety/Security
ZAREC155082 DistanceNutsch, Abbey Lee
Kastner, Justin Jon
FDSCI740 Res/Dev/Food Product
01BLAB12831 M1:30-5:20 p.m.JU 115Aramouni, Fadi M
ALEC128324 M  W12:30 p.m.JU 115Aramouni, Fadi M
Getty, Kelly Karr
ZALEC155114 DistanceAramouni, Fadi M
FDSCI815 Adv Food Chemistry
ZAREC155363OPT DistanceSmith, J Scott
FDSCI840 Public Hlth Fld Exp
AIND128343-6 Appointment Fung, Daniel Y C
FDSCI850 Grad Sem/Food Sci
ASEM128351OPTAppointment Fung, Daniel Y C
ZASEM155121OPT DistanceSmith, J Scott
Enrollment restrictions: Instructor consent
FDSCI898 Ms Report
ARSH128361CNCAppointment Smith, J Scott
ZARSH155322CNC DistanceSmith, J Scott
ZBRSH168871CNC DistanceSmith, J Scott
Section meets from September 15, 2008 through December 12, 2008.
FDSCI899 Ms Research
ARSH128371-18CNCAppointment Smith, J Scott
ZARSH155331-6CNC DistanceSmith, J Scott
Section meets from August 25, 2008 through December 19, 2008.
FDSCI961 Grad Prb Fdsci - Grad Prb Fdsci
ZAIND155341-3 DistanceSmith, J Scott
FDSCI961 Grad Prb Fdsci - Prb/Food Ferment
ZBIND155602 DistanceFung, Daniel Y C
FDSCI961 Grad Prb Fdsci - Top/Vary By Student
AIND128381-18 Appointment Smith, J Scott
FDSCI999 Phd Research
ARSH128391-18CNCAppointment Smith, J Scott

General Education course indicates the course has been approved for university general education credit.

For more information, visit the Food Science Institute home page at