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Department of Plant Pathology

Fall 2006 course list

If no dates listed directly under course, then course is a 16-week course and will meet August 21-Dec 8.

PLPTH575 Spec Top/Plnt Path
VAIND03210CAppointment Leslie, John F
PLPTH585 Crop Diseases
02ALEC03220    T   U10:30TH 4031O'Mara, Judith A
LAB    T   U12:30-2:20PTH 1506
Section meets from August 22, 2006 through October 12, 2006.
PLPTH599 Res/Plant Pathology
VAIND03230 Appointment Leslie, John F
PLPTH635 Intro Pl Resist Pest
02ALEC03240 MTWU8:30WA 132Todd, Timothy C
Section meets from August 21, 2006 through October 12, 2006.
PLPTH750 Prb/Plnt Pathology
VAIND03250 Appointment Leslie, John F
PLPTH755 Plnt Resist/Diseases
02ALEC03260    T   U9:30-11:20TH 4031Todd, Timothy C
Section meets from October 17, 2006 through December 7, 2006.
PLPTH845 Plt Pathogenic Fungi
02ALEC03270       W1:30 p.m.TH 1506Bockus, William W
LAB       W2:30-5:20PTH 1506
PLPTH870 Sem/Pl Path
01ASEM03280          U4:05-5:20PTH 1014Nelson, James
PLPTH880 Plant Molecular Biol
03ALEC03290 M   W   F10:30TH 4031Tang, Xiaoyan
PLPTH898 MS Report
VARSH03300CAppointment Leslie, John F
PLPTH899 MS Research
VARSH03310CAppointment Leslie, John F
PLPTH920 Top/Plnt Pathology
VAIND03320 Appointment Leslie, John F
PLPTH920 Top/Plpth Teach Asst
VBLEC03330 Appointment Leslie, John F
PLPTH920 Top/Ecol/Epidemiolog
02CLEC03340 Appointment Garrett, Karen Ann
PLPTH999 PhD Research
VARSH03350CAppointment Leslie, John F

General Education course indicates the course has been approved for university general education credit.

For more information, visit the Department of Plant Pathology home page at