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Department of Entomology

Fall 2006 course list

If no dates listed directly under course, then course is a 16-week course and will meet August 21-Dec 8.

General Education courseENTOM301 Insects And People
03ALEC01890 M   W   F10:30WA 041Zolnerowich, Gregory
ENTOM305 An Health Entomology
02ALEC01900P   T   U11:30WB 146Zurek, Ludek
ENTOM306 An Health Entomo Lab
011LAB01910P      W9:30-11:20WA 124AZurek, Ludek
012LAB01920P      W12:30-2:20PWA 124AZurek, Ludek
ENTOM312 General Entomology
02ALEC01930PM   W9:30WA 132Smith, C Michael
ENTOM313 Genl Entomology Lab
011LAB01940PM12:30-2:20PWA 124ASmith, C Michael
012LAB01950PM2:30-4:20PWA 124ASmith, C Michael
ENTOM320 Horticultural Entom
03ALEC01960    T   U8:30WA 041Nechols, James R
1LAB01970          U12:30-2:20PWA 124ANechols, James R
2LAB01980          U2:30-4:20PWA 124ANechols, James R
ENTOM635 Plant Resist Pests
02ALEC01990 MTWU8:30WA 132Smith, C Michael
Section meets from August 21, 2006 through October 12, 2006.
ENTOM745 Plant Resist Insects
02ALEC02000 MTWU8:30WA 132Reese, John C
Section meets from October 16, 2006 through December 7, 2006.
ENTOM767 Insect Pest Mngt
03ALEC02010PM   W10:30WA 132Wilde, Gerald E
LAB       W12:30-2:20PWA 124AWilde, Gerald E
ENTOM799 Prb/Entomology
VALAB02020 Appointment Nechols, James R
ENTOM830 Molecular Entomology
02ALEC02030    T   U12:30 p.m.WA 132Zhu, Kun Yan
ENTOM866 Insect Morphology
03ALEC02041    T   U9:30WA 124BZolnerowich, Gregory
LAB    T1:30-4:20PWA 124B
ENTOM898 MS Report
VARSH02050CAppointment Nechols, James R
ENTOM899 MS Research
VARSH02060CAppointment Nechols, James R
ENTOM932 Top/Gen Sys Entom
VALAB02070 Appointment Zolnerowich, Gregory
ENTOM950 Concept Iss/Evolutn
03ALEC02080    T   U10:30WA 129Kambhampati, Srinivas
ENTOM995 Sem/Entomology
01ASEM02090C            F1:30 p.m.WA 129Zurek, Ludek
ENTOM999 PhD Research
VARSH02100CAppointment Nechols, James R

General Education course indicates the course has been approved for university general education credit.

For more information, visit the Department of Entomology home page at