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Department of Biochemistry

Fall 2006 course list

If no dates listed directly under course, then course is a 16-week course and will meet August 21-Dec 8.

BIOCH100 Biochem Orientation
01ALEC07640CM3:30 p.m.W 218Zolkiewska, Anna
General Education courseBIOCH110 Biochem In Society
03ALEC07650 M   W   F2:30 p.m.W 218Tomich, John M
General Education courseBIOCH265 Intro Org & Biochem
05ALEC07660 M   W   F11:30KG 004Zufferey, Rachel
QZ M5:30 p.m.
1LAB07670 M   W8:30-11:20AKC 148Zufferey, Rachel
Franchitti, Adelisa
2LAB07680 M   W1:30-4:20PAKC 148Zufferey, Rachel
Warner, Matthew D
3LAB07690    T   U8:30-11:20AKC 148Zufferey, Rachel
Sukthankar, Pinakin
4LAB07700    T   U2:30-5:20PAKC 148Zufferey, Rachel
Wu, Hui-Chuan
General Education courseBIOCH399 Hnrs Sem Bioch
03ALEC07710       W1:30-4:20PW 101Reeck, Gerald R
Enrollment restrictions: Permission Required, Honors Program
BIOCH499 Senior Honors Thesis
02AREC07720 AppointmentW 104Kanost, Michael R
Enrollment restrictions: Instructor Permission
BIOCH521 General Biochemistry
Closed03ALEC07730 M   W   F12:30 p.m.CW 102Muthukrishnan, Subbarat
BIOCH522 Gen Biochemistry Lab
02ALAB07740    T   U8:30-11:20AKC 146Franchitti, Adelisa
Christen, Jayne M
REC M1:30 p.m.KG 004
02BLAB07750    T   U2:30-5:20PAKC 146Franchitti, Adelisa
Zhang, Ting
REC M1:30 p.m.KG 004
02CLAB07760       W   F8:30-11:20AKC 146Franchitti, Adelisa
Liu, Dan
REC M1:30 p.m.KG 004
02DLAB07770       W   F1:30-4:00PAKC 146Franchitti, Adelisa
Jasrapuria, Sinu
REC M1:30 p.m.KG 004
BIOCH599 Res Training/Bioch
VALAB07780 Appointment Kanost, Michael R
Enrollment restrictions: Instructor Permission
BIOCH755 Biochemistry 1
03ALEC07790 M   W   F7:30KG 004Kanost, Michael R
Krishnamoorthi, Ramaswamy
Roche, Thomas E
BIOCH756 Biochemistry 1 Lab
021LAB07800 M   W1:30-4:20PAKC 144Davis, Lawrence C
Krishnamoorthi, Ramaswamy
Roche, Thomas E
Takemoto, Dolores J
Tomich, John M
Banerjee, Debarshi
REC             F1:30 p.m.W 218
Closed022LAB07810    T   U1:30-4:20PAKC 144Davis, Lawrence C
Krishnamoorthi, Ramaswamy
Roche, Thomas E
Takemoto, Dolores J
Tomich, John M
Sullivan, Lucinda I
Closed REC             F1:30 p.m.W 218Tomich, John M
BIOCH790 Physical Biochem
03ALEC07820    T   U11:30-12:45W 218Krishnamoorthi, Ramaswamy
BIOCH799 Prb/Biochem
VAIND07830 Appointment Kanost, Michael R
Enrollment restrictions: Instructor Permission
BIOCH806 Sem/Biochemistry
VASEM07840 M4:30 p.m.WA 328Prakash, Om
BIOCH890 Adv Top/Biochemistry
VASEM07850 Appointment Kanost, Michael R
BIOCH899 MS Research
VARSH07860C      W3:30 p.m.AK 120Kanost, Michael R
BIOCH907 Top/Insect Biochem
03ALEC07880    T   U3:55-5:10PS 161Kanost, Michael R
BIOCH911 Molecular Transductn
03ALEC07890    T   U2:30-3:45PW 218Takemoto, Dolores J
BIOCH997 Postdoc Res/Biochem
VARSH07900CAppointment Kanost, Michael R
BIOCH999 PhD Research
VARSH07910C      W4:30 p.m.AK 120Kanost, Michael R

90000 series reference numbers have separate enrollment through the Division of Continuing Education, 532-5566.

BIOCH521 General Biochemistry
0390ALEC91802PAppointmentWWW CEReeck, Gerald R
Section meets from August 21, 2006 through December 15, 2006.

General Education course indicates the course has been approved for university general education credit.

For more information, visit the Department of Biochemistry home page at