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Department of Architecture

Fall 2006 course list

If no dates listed directly under course, then course is a 16-week course and will meet August 21-Dec 8.

ARCH248 Building Science
03ALEC03680    T   U11:30-12:45CW 102Mayo, Michael G
General Education courseARCH301 Appreciation Arch
Closed03ALEC03690PM   W   F3:30 p.m.S 063Seamon, David R
Enrollment restrictions: Non-Majors Only
ARCH302 Arch Dsgn Studio 1
05ASTD03700 M   W   F1:30-5:20PSC 214Condia, Robert J
ARCH348 Structural Syst Ar 1
03ALEC03710 M   W   F9:30S 063Simic, Dragoslav
Closed 1REC03720          U3:30-6:20PSC 214Simic, Dragoslav
2REC03730    T   U3:30-6:20PSC 213Simic, Dragoslav
Closed 3REC03740    T   U3:30-6:20PS 127Simic, Dragoslav
ARCH350 Hist Design Envir 3
03ALEC03750 M   W   F11:30S 063Charney, Mick
ARCH403 Arch Dsgn Studio 3
05ASTD03760 M   W   F1:30-5:20PSC 213Jones, James S
ARCH433 Bld Const Sys Arch 1
03ALEC03770    T   U9:30-10:45S 063Bowne Ii, Larry D
03BLEC03780    T   U9:30-10:45S 063Bowne Ii, Larry D
ARCH452 Structural Syst Ar 3
03ALEC03790 M   W   F10:30S 063Simic, Dragoslav
LAB    T   U3:30-6:20PS 063
ARCH472 Computing In Arch
03ALEC03800    T   U1:30 p.m.AK 120Knox, Matthew A
LAB    T2:30-4:20PS 211
ARCH475 Prb/Arch Presentatn
VAIND03810PAppointment Sachs, David H
Enrollment restrictions: Permission Required
ARCH515 Env Sys Arch 3
03ALEC03820    T   U11:30-12:45S 063Gabbard, R Todd
ARCH605 Arch Dsgn Studio 5
05ASTD03830 M   W   F1:30-5:20P Bowne Ii, Larry D
ARCH650 Arch Programming
03ALEC03840    T   U9:30-10:45T 101McNamara, Michael C
ARCH654 Study Abroad Orient
01AIND03850    T5:30-7:00PS 104Ewanow, Lynn
ARCH705 Project Programming
02ASEM03860    T   U2:30-3:45P Sachs, David H
ARCH706 Arch Dsgn Studio 7
05ASTD03870 M   W   F1:30-5:20P Sachs, David H
ARCH710 Top/Water Color
Closed03ASEM03880       W7:05-9:20PS 208Jones, James S
ARCH710 Top/Drawing
Closed03BSEM03881 M7:05-9:20PS 208McNamara, Michael C
ARCH710 Top/Web Design
Closed03DSEM03883       W7:05-9:20PS 104Howe, Nathan J
ARCH715 Top/Mod European
Closed03ASEM03890 M7:05-9:20PSC 213Charney, Mick
ARCH715 Top/Theory Of Place
03BSEM03900    T7:05-9:20PS 104Seamon, David R
ARCH715 Top/Poetics Of Arch
03CSEM03910    T   U3:55-5:10PS 202ECondia, Robert J
ARCH715 Top/Case Studies
03DSEM03920          U7:05-9:20PS 208Selfridge, O John
ARCH715 Top/Geometry In Arch
Closed03FSEM03940          U7:05-9:20PS 104Watts, Donald
ARCH715 Top/Healing Envir
03GSEM03950    T7:05-9:20PS 105Siepl-Coates, Susanne
ARCH715 Top/Weaving + Arch
03HSEM03951       W7:05-9:20PS 202EChambers, Shani M
ARCH715 Top/Representation
03JLEC03953    T7:05-9:20PS 208Middlebrook, James
ARCH725 Arch Res Methods
03ASEM03960          U2:30-5:20PS 131Hoag, Richard L
ARCH765 Prb/Arch Journalism
ClosedVAIND03980PAppointment Streeter, Raymond A
Enrollment restrictions: Instructor Permission
ARCH765 Prb/Leadership
VBIND03990PAppointment Sachs, David H
ARCH765 Prb/Solar House Des
VB1IND03991PAppointment Gabbard, R Todd
Enrollment restrictions: Instructor Permission
ARCH765 Prb/Digital Med Mgmt
ClosedVCIND04000PAppointment Knox, Matthew A
ARCH805 Project Programming
Closed02ASEM04001    T   U2:30-3:45PS 211Sachs, David H
ARCH806 Arch Dsgn Studio 7
Closed05ASTD04002 M   W   F1:30-5:20P Siepl-Coates, Susanne
ARCH811 Top/Rendering
Closed03ASEM04003    T7:05-9:20PS 208Jones, James S
ARCH811 Top/Drawing
Closed03BSEM04004 M7:05-9:20PS 208McNamara, Michael C
ARCH811 Top/Marketing
Closed03CSEM04005    T   U1:05-2:20PS 202EOrnelas, Wendy
ARCH811 Top/Web Design
Closed03DSEM04017       W7:05-9:20PS 104Howe, Nathan J
ARCH815 Top/Mod European
Closed03ASEM04007 M7:05-9:20PS 208Charney, Mick
ARCH815 Top/Theory Of Place
Closed03BSEM04008    T7:05-9:20PS 104Seamon, David R
ARCH815 Top/Case Studies
Closed03DSEM04009          U7:05-9:20P Selfridge, O John
ARCH815 Top/Poetics
Closed03CSEM04011    T   U3:55-5:10PS 208Condia, Robert J
ARCH815 Top/Reading The City
Closed03ISEM04012    T5:09-7:20P Simon, Madlen
ARCH815 Top/Ecol/Sustain Dsg
Closed03ESEM04014    T7:05-9:20PS 208Coates, Gary J
ARCH815 Top/Geometry In Arch
Closed03FSEM04015          U7:05-9:20PS 104Watts, Donald
ARCH815 Top/Healing Envir
Closed03GSEM04016       W7:05-9:20PS 208Siepl-Coates, Susanne
ARCH815 Top/Architecture
Closed03HSEM04018       W5:05-7:20PS 202EChambers, Shani M
ARCH830 Adv Arch Design
VASTD04010 Appointment Krstic, Vladimir
Enrollment restrictions: Instructor Permission
ARCH899 Thesis
VAIND04020CAppointment Krstic, Vladimir
VBIND04030CAppointment Hoag, Richard L
VCIND04031CAppointment Coates, Gary J
ClosedVDIND04032CAppointment Siepl-Coates, Susanne
ClosedVEIND04033CAppointment Seamon, David R

General Education course indicates the course has been approved for university general education credit.

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