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    Department of Economics

    Fall 2004 Course List

    If no dates listed directly under course, then course is a 16 week course and will meet August 18-December 11.

    General Education courseECON110 Prin/Macroeconomics
    03ALEC09570 M   W   F8:30BH 101Trenary, Roger C
    QZ          U5:30-6:45P
    03BLEC09580 M   W   F11:30BH 101Trenary, Roger C
    QZ          U5:30-6:45P
    03CLEC09590 M   W   F12:30 p.m.BH 101Trenary, Roger C
    QZ          U5:30-6:45P
    Closed03DLEC09600 M   W   F10:30UN 101Kuester, Daniel D
    03ELEC09610 M   W   F12:30 p.m.WA 231Thomas Jr, Lloyd B
    03FLEC09620 M   W   F1:30 p.m.TH 1018Gormely, Patrick J
    QZ    T5:30-6:45P
    03GLEC09630 M   W   F2:30 p.m.TH 1018Gormely, Patrick J
    QZ    T5:30-6:45P
    03HLEC09640    T   U8:05-9:20TH 1018Luea, Heather M
    03ILEC09650    T   U9:30-10:45TH 1018Luea, Heather M
    03JLEC09660    T   U1:05-2:20PTH 1018Kuester, Daniel D
    General Education courseECON120 Prin/Microeconomics
    Closed03ALEC09670 M   W   F11:30TH 1018Gayle, Philip G
    03BLEC09680 M   W   F1:30 p.m.WA 231Gayle, Philip G
    03CLEC09690    T   U9:30-10:45WA 231Ragan Jr, James F
    03DLEC09700    T   U11:30-12:45TH 1018Sankaran, Chandini
    03ELEC09710    T   U1:05-2:20PWA 231Turner, Tracy Margo
    ECON499 Senior Honors Thesis
    02AIND09720 Appointment Trenary, Roger C
    Enrollment restrictions: Instructor Permission, Honors Program
    General Education courseECON505 S Asian Civilization
    03AREC09730PM   W   F11:30AK 221
    ECON510 Intermed Macroecon
    03AREC09740 M   W   F8:30WA 348Kuester, Daniel D
    03BREC09750 M   W   F12:30 p.m.WA 348Akkina, Krishna R
    03CREC09760 M   W   F1:30 p.m.AK 116Younas, Javed
    03DREC09770    T   U9:30-10:45WA 041Cassou, Steve
    03EREC09780    T   U1:05-2:20PCW 146Cassou, Steve
    ECON520 Intermed Microecon
    03AREC09790 M   W   F9:30LS 013Walia, Bhavneet
    03BREC09800 M   W   F10:30W 218Al-Hamdi, Mohaned
    03CREC09810 M   W   F11:30WA 348Cha, Inkyung
    03DREC09820 M   W   F1:30 p.m.WA 348Potter, Joel M
    03EREC09830    T   U8:05-9:20WA 348Weisman, Dennis L
    03FREC09840    T   U9:30-10:45WA 348Weisman, Dennis L
    03HREC09860    T   U1:05-2:20PWA 348Chi, Wei
    ECON530 Money And Banking
    03AREC09870 M   W   F11:30UN 101Freeman, Amanda S
    03BREC09880 M   W   F1:30 p.m.K 004Sanders, Shane D
    03CREC09890    T   U9:30-10:45CW 102Oldfather, Michael
    ECON540 Managerial Economics
    03AREC09900 M   W   F10:30WA 348Akkina, Krishna R
    General Education courseECON555 Urban Region Economc
    03AREC09910P   T   U9:30-10:45WA 333Babcock, Michael W
    ECON580 Sem/Sr In Econ
    03ASEM09920    T   U1:05-2:20PD 106Ragan Jr, James F
    Enrollment restrictions: Dept. Majors Only
    ECON595 Prb/Economics
    VAIND09930 Appointment Oldfather, Michael
    Enrollment restrictions: Instructor Permission
    ECON620 Labor Economics
    03AREC09940    T   U11:30-12:45WA 348Chi, Wei
    ECON630 Intro To Econometric
    03AREC09950    T   U8:05-9:20W 101Li, Dong
    ECON631 Principles Transport
    03AREC09960    T   U11:30-12:45BT 114Babcock, Michael W
    ECON681 International Econ
    03AREC09970 M   W   F9:30WA 348Gormely, Patrick J
    General Education courseECON682 Development Economic
    03AREC09980 M   W   F11:30WA 350Nafziger, E Wayne
    ECON720 Microeconomic Theory
    03AREC09990    T   U9:30-10:45W 101Turner, Tracy Margo
    ECON735 Mathematical Econ
    03AREC10000 M   W11:30-12:45WA 333Chang, Yang Ming
    ECON823 Adv Internatl Econ
    03AREC10010 M   W8:05-9:20WA 329Nafziger, E Wayne
    ECON890 Grad Sem/Micromet
    03AREC10020 Appointment Li, Dong
    ECON890 Grad Sem/Growth Thry
    03BSEM10030 Appointment Blankenau, William F.
    ECON895 Prb/Economics
    VAIND10040 Appointment Ragan Jr, James F
    ECON898 MS Report
    VARSH10050CAppointment Ragan Jr, James F
    ECON899 MS Research
    VARSH10060CAppointment Ragan Jr, James F
    ECON905 Income Employ Thry 2
    03AREC10070    T   U2:30-3:45PBH 109Blankenau, William F.
    ECON930 Econometrics 2
    03AREC10080    T   U1:05-2:20PWA 132Bachmeier, Lance J
    ECON945 Adv Microecon Thry 2
    03AREC10090 M   W2:30-3:45PWA 041Chang, Yang Ming
    ECON999 PhD Research
    VARSH10100CAppointment Ragan Jr, James F

    90000 series reference numbers have separate enrollment through the Division of Continuing Education, 532-5566.

    General Education courseECON110 Prin/Macroeconomics
    0390ALEC96506 M   W5:30-7:55PWA 333Horner Iii, David D
    Section meets from August 16, 2004 through October 6, 2004.
    General Education courseECON120 Prin/Microeconomics
    0390ALEC96104 M   W5:30-7:55PWA 333Kemegue, Francis M
    Section meets from October 13, 2004 through December 8, 2004.
    ECON520 Intermed Microecon
    0390BLEC91759 AppointmentCD ROMCopeland, Douglas W
    Section meets from August 18, 2004 through December 17, 2004.
    0390AREC96507 M   W8:05-10:30PWA 333Seo, Daigyo
    Section meets from August 16, 2004 through October 6, 2004.
    ECON530 Money And Banking
    0390BLEC91779 AppointmentDIS EDUCCopeland, Douglas W
    Section meets from August 18, 2004 through December 17, 2004.
    0390AREC96105    T   U5:30-7:55PWA 132Janjua, Mohammad
    Section meets from October 14, 2004 through December 9, 2004.

    General Education course indicates the course has been approved for university general education credit.

    For more information, visit the Department of Economics home page at


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