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    Department of Agronomy

    Fall 2004 Course List

    If no dates listed directly under course, then course is a 16 week course and will meet August 18-December 11.

    AGRON220 Crop Science
    04ALEC00620 M   W   F9:30TH 1014Posler, Gerry L
    1LAB00630          U9:30-11:20TH 2501Posler, Gerry L
    Closed 2LAB00640          U12:30-2:20PTH 2501Rule, Dwain M
    Closed 3LAB00650          U2:30-4:20PTH 2501Rule, Dwain M
    AGRON305 Soils
    04ALEC00660 M   W   F8:30TH 1018Thien, Stephen J
    Closed 1LAB00670    T9:30-11:20TH 2509Buckley-Zeimen, Meghan E
    2LAB00680    T12:30-2:20PTH 2509Presley, Deann Ricks
    3LAB00690    T2:30-4:20PTH 2509Buckley-Zeimen, Meghan E
    4LAB00700          U9:30-11:20TH 2509Thien, Stephen J
    5LAB00710          U12:30-2:20PTH 2509Thien, Stephen J
    6LAB00720          U2:30-4:20PTH 2509Thien, Stephen J
    AGRON330 Weed Science
    03ALEC00730    T   U8:30TH 1014Dille, J. Anita
    1LAB00740    T9:30-11:20TH 2501Schuster, Christoper L
    2LAB00750    T12:30-2:20PTH 2501Dille, J. Anita
    3LAB00760    T2:30-4:20PTH 2501Schuster, Christoper L
    General Education courseAGRON335 Environ Quality
    03ALEC00770    T   U1:05-2:20PTH 1014Pierzynski, Gary M
    AGRON340 Grain Grading
    02ALAB00780 M   W2:30-4:20PTH 2501Ehler, Stanley W
    AGRON360 Crop Growth/Develop
    03AREC00790 M   W   F8:30TH 1014Fritz, John O
    AGRON375 Soil Fertility
    03ALEC00800PM   W   F11:30TH 1014Staff
    AGRON385 Soil Fertility Lab
    021LEC00810    T1:30 p.m.TH 1012Staff
    LAB    T2:30-4:20PTH 2401
    022LEC00820          U1:30 p.m.TH 1012Rule, Dwain M
    LAB          U2:30-4:20PTH 2401
    AGRON400 Topics In Agronomy
    VALEC00830 Appointment Minihan, Dana J
    AGRON405 Internship Agronomy
    VALEC00840 Appointment Posler, Gerry L
    AGRON415 Soils Judging
    01ALAB00850    T      F2:30-5:20PTH 2309Ransom, Michel D
    Section meets from August 20, 2004 through October 8, 2004.
    AGRON450 Crops Team
    02ALAB00860    T   U2:30-4:20PTH 2402Posler, Gerry L
    AGRON501 Range Management
    03ALEC00870 M   W   F9:30TH 1018Owensby, Clenton E
    AGRON520 Grain Production
    03ALEC00880 M   W   F9:30TH 1021Ehler, Stanley W
    AGRON600 Prb/Crop
    VAIND00890 Appointment Ransom, Michel D
    AGRON615 Prb/Soil
    VAIND00900 Appointment Ransom, Michel D
    AGRON635 Soil Conservtn/Mgmt
    03ALEC00910    T   U9:30TH 1021Stone, Loyd R
    LAB    T2:30-5:20PTH 1021
    AGRON645 Soil Microbiology
    03ALEC00920 M   W   F8:30TH 1021Rice, Charles W
    AGRON646 Soil Microbiol Lab
    011LAB00930          U2:30-4:20PTH 1506Rice, Charles W
    012LAB00940          U12:30-2:20PTH 1506Rice, Charles W
    AGRON660 Range Research Tech
    02ALEC00950    T   U10:30TH 1013Fick, Walter H
    LAB Appointment
    AGRON670 Prb/Range Management
    VALEC00960 Appointment Owensby, Clenton E
    AGRON762 Range Grasses
    02ALEC00970 M2:30-4:20PTH 2402Owensby, Clenton E
    AGRON770 Plant Genetics
    03AREC00980 M   W   F10:30TH 1012Liang, George H
    AGRON810 Sem/Agronomy
    01ASEM00990       W   F3:30-5:20PTH 1014Al-Khatib, Kassim
    AGRON822 Herb Interactions
    03ALEC01000 M   W   F12:30 p.m.TH 1012Al-Khatib, Kassim
    AGRON898 MS Report
    02ARSH01010CAppointment Ransom, Michel D
    AGRON899 MS Research
    VARSH01020CAppointment Ransom, Michel D
    AGRON905 Adv Soil Chemistry
    03AREC01025    T   U8:05-9:20TH 1012Pierzynski, Gary M
    AGRON910 Top/Plant Breeding
    VALEC01030 Appointment Schapaugh Jr, William T
    AGRON930 Top/Plant Genetics
    VAIND01040 Appointment Liang, George H
    AGRON935 Top/Soils
    VALEC01050PAppointment Ransom, Michel D
    AGRON960 Top/Crop Phys & Ecol
    VAREC01060 Appointment Ransom, Michel D
    AGRON960 Top/Sim Modl Res Mgt
    03BREC01070 M   W   F1:30 p.m.TH 1013Welch, Stephen M
    AGRON980 Molecular Tool Genet
    03ALEC01080    T   U9:30-10:45TH 1012Tuinstra, Mitchell R
    AGRON999 PhD Research
    VARSH01090CAppointment Ransom, Michel D

    90000 series reference numbers have separate enrollment through the Division of Continuing Education, 532-5566.

    AGRON501 Range Management
    0390ALEC91828PAppointmentVID TAPEOwensby, Clenton E
    Section meets from August 18, 2004 through December 17, 2004.

    General Education course indicates the course has been approved for university general education credit.

    For more information, visit the Department of Agronomy home page at


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