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    Department of Aeronautics Technology

    Fall 2004 Course List

    If no dates listed directly under course, then course is a 16 week course and will meet August 18-December 11.

    AVM111 Basic Aircraft Elect
    0480ALEC80010             F2:30-4:20PSAC 141Hiechel, George M
    LEC          U9:30-10:20SAC 141Hiechel, George M
    801LAB80020       W8:30-11:20SAC 149Hiechel, George M
    802LAB80030    T2:30-5:20PSAC 149Hiechel, George M
    AVM121 Aircraft Drawings
    01801LAB80040 M2:30-5:20PSAC 141Parent, Mark C
    01802LAB80050       W8:30-11:20SAC 141Parent, Mark C
    AVM131 Aircraft Standards
    0480ALEC80060    T   U1:30-2:20PSAC 141Smith, Andrew T
    801LAB80070    T      F8:30-11:20SAC 141Smith, Andrew T
    802LAB80080          U2:30-5:20PSAC 141Smith, Andrew T
    LAB M8:30-11:20SAC 141Smith, Andrew T
    AVM141 Aircraft Science
    0380ALEC80090 M   W   F1:30-2:20PSAC 141Sojka, Charles
    AVM151 Aviation Main Fund
    0380ALEC80100          U10:30-11:20SAC 141Beckman, Evan J
    801LAB80110    T2:30-5:20PSAC 158ABeckman, Evan J
    LAB M8:30-11:20SAC 158ABeckman, Evan J
    802LAB80120 M   W2:30-5:20PSAC 158ABeckman, Evan J
    AVM231 Aircraft Finish/Fabr
    0380ALEC80130             F2:30 p.m.SAC 142Kreiman, Fred M
    801LAB80140       W8:30-11:20SAC 158EKreiman, Fred M
    LAB       W2:30-5:20PSAC 158EKreiman, Fred M
    802LAB80150          U8:30-11:20SAC 158EKreiman, Fred M
    LAB          U2:30-5:20PSAC 158EKreiman, Fred M
    AVM241 Nav Aids & Comm
    0380ALEC80160    T   U11:30-12:20SAC 142Beckman, Evan J
    801LAB80170    T8:30-11:20SAC 158EBeckman, Evan J
    802LAB80180       W8:30-11:20SAC 158EBeckman, Evan J
    AVM261 Aircraft Inspct/Assm
    0580ALEC80190 M   W   F1:30-2:20PSAC 142Kreiman, Fred M
    801LAB80200 M8:30-11:20SAC 158BKreiman, Fred M
    LAB M2:30-5:20PSAC 149Kreiman, Fred M
    802LAB80210    T8:30-11:20SAC 149Kreiman, Fred M
    LAB    T2:30-5:20PSAC 158BKreiman, Fred M
    AVM290 Prb/Aviation
    V80AIND80220 Appointment Smith, Andrew T
    AVM321 Pwpplt Fundamentals
    0480ALEC80230 M   W   F11:30-12:20SAC 141Hiechel, George M
    801LAB80240             F8:30-11:20SAC 150Hiechel, George M
    802LAB80250 M2:30-5:20PSAC 150Hiechel, George M
    AVM351 Pwrplt Ign/Elect Sys
    0380ALEC80260    T   U1:30-2:20PSAC 142Parent, Mark C
    801LAB80270    T2:30-5:20PSAC 158GParent, Mark C
    802LAB80280 M8:30-11:20SAC 158GParent, Mark C
    AVM405 Non Destructive Test
    0380ALEC80290       W2:30-5:20PSAC 149Smith, Andrew T
    Enrollment restrictions: Instructor Permission
    PPIL100 Intro To Aviation
    Closed0380ALEC80300 M   W   F11:30-12:20SBE 101Shappee, Eric J
    0380BLEC80310 M   W   F1:30-2:20PSBE 101Shappee, Eric J
    PPIL111 Private Pilot
    Closed0480ALEC80320    T   U9:30-11:20SAC 140Nunes, Janine E
    0480BLEC80330    T   U1:30-3:20PSBE 101Nunes, Janine E
    0480CLEC80340 M   W5:30-7:20PSAC 140Nunes, Janine E
    PPIL112 Prof Instrum Pilot
    0380ALEC80350 M   W   F8:30-9:20SAC 140Gross, Bill
    PPIL113 Prv Pilot Flt Lab
    Closed01801LAB80360 M   W   F7:00-11:00 Shappee, Eric J
    01802LAB80370    T   UF7:00-11:00 Shappee, Eric J
    01803LAB80380 M   W   F1:30-5:30P Shappee, Eric J
    01804LAB80390    T   UF1:30-5:30P Shappee, Eric J
    01805LAB80400 Appointment Shappee, Eric J
    PPIL114 Prof Inst Pt Flt 1
    01801LAB80410 M   W   F7:00-11:00 King, Bernard F
    01802LAB80420    T   U7:00-11:00 King, Bernard F
    01803LAB80430 M   W   F11:30-1:30 King, Bernard F
    Closed01804LAB80440    T   U11:30-1:30 King, Bernard F
    Closed01805LAB80450 M   W   F1:30-5:30P King, Bernard F
    01806LAB80460    T   U1:30-5:30P King, Bernard F
    01807LAB80470 M   W   F6:00-8:00P King, Bernard F
    01808LAB80480    T   U6:00-8:00P King, Bernard F
    01809LAB80485 Appointment King, Bernard F
    PPIL196 Vfr Pilot Prof Lab
    01801LAB80490 Appointment Brockway, Troy D
    PPIL197 Ifr Pilot Prof Lab
    01801LAB80500 Appointment Brockway, Troy D
    PPIL211 Prof Commercial Plt
    0380ALEC80510 M   W   F10:30-11:20SAC 140King, Bernard F
    0380BLEC80520 M   W   F2:30-3:20PSAC 140King, Bernard F
    PPIL212 Prof Inst Pt Flt 2
    02801LAB80530 M   W7:00-11:00 King, Bernard F
    02802LAB80540    T   U7:00-11:00 King, Bernard F
    02803LAB80550             FS7:00-11:00 King, Bernard F
    Closed02804LAB80560 M   W11:30-3:30 King, Bernard F
    Closed02805LAB80570    T   U11:30-3:30 King, Bernard F
    02806LAB80580             FS1:30-5:30P King, Bernard F
    02807LAB80590 M   W4:00-8:00P King, Bernard F
    02808LAB80600    T   U4:00-8:00P King, Bernard F
    PPIL213 Prof Comm Plt Flt Lb
    02801LAB80610 M   W   F7:00-11:00 King, Bernard F
    02802LAB80620    T   U7:00-11:00 King, Bernard F
    02803LAB80630 M   W   F11:30-1:30 King, Bernard F
    02804LAB80640    T   U11:30-1:30 King, Bernard F
    Closed02805LAB80650 M   W   F1:30-5:30P King, Bernard F
    02806LAB80660    T   U1:30-5:30P King, Bernard F
    02807LAB80670 M   W   F6:00-8:00P King, Bernard F
    02808LAB80680    T   U6:00-8:00P King, Bernard F
    PPIL221 Preventve Maintenanc
    Closed0280ALEC80700    T1:30-2:20PSAC 139Sojka, Charles
    Closed LAB    T2:30-4:30PSAC 139Sojka, Charles
    PPIL262 Multi Engine Gr Sch
    0180ALEC80750    T   U8:30-9:20SAC 142Irvin, H Hugh
    Section meets from August 19, 2004 through October 7, 2004.
    PPIL263 Multi Engine Flt Lab
    01801LAB80760 Appointment Irvin, H Hugh
    PPIL295 Tailwheel Transition
    0180ALEC80710 Appointment Brockway, Troy D
    PPIL312 Cfi Ground School
    Closed0680ALEC80720 M   W   F8:30-10:20SAC 142Brockway, Troy D
    PPIL314 Cfi Lab
    02801LAB80730 Appointment Brockway, Troy D
    PPIL342 Aviation Meteorology
    0480AREC80740 M   W9:30-11:20SBE 101Barnard, Kenneth W
    PPIL379 Turbine Transition
    0380ALEC80770    T   U7:30-8:45SAC 140Gross, Bill
    PPIL386 Aerodynamics
    0380ALEC80780 M   W   F8:30-9:20SBE 101Shappee, Eric J
    PPIL389 Prb/Aviation
    V801LAB80790 Appointment Gross, Bill
    PPIL400 Aviation Legislation
    0380ALEC80810    T   U8:05-9:20SBE 101Splichal, Jimmy D
    PPIL415 Human Factors/Aviatn
    0380BLEC80820    T   U9:30-10:45SBE 101Barnard, Kenneth W
    PPIL425 Adv Aircraft Systems
    0380ALEC80830    T   U9:30-10:45SAC 142Sojka, Charles
    PPIL430 Corp/Bus Aviatn Mgmt
    0380ALEC80840 M   W   F1:30-2:20PSAC 140Splichal, Jimmy D
    PPIL435 Air Transportation
    0380ALEC80850       W5:30-8:20PSAC 142Rocha, Ryan E
    PPIL440 Air Carrier Operatns
    0380ALEC80860    T   U2:30-3:45PSAC 142Splichal, Jimmy D
    PPIL450 Aviation Safety Mgmt
    0380AREC80870    T   U9:30-10:45SAC 139Shappee, Eric J
    PPIL482 Cfi Instrmnt Grd Sch
    0180ALEC80880    T   U1:30-2:20PSAC 140Irvin, H Hugh
    Section meets from August 19, 2004 through October 7, 2004.
    PPIL483 Cfi Instrument Lab
    01801LAB80890 Appointment Irvin, H Hugh
    PPIL492 Cfi Multi Eng Gr Sch
    0180ALEC80900    T2:30-4:20PSAC 141Irvin, H Hugh
    Section meets from October 19, 2004 through December 10, 2004.
    PPIL493 Cfi Multi Engine Lab
    01801LAB80910 Appointment Irvin, H Hugh

    89000 series reference numbers have separate enrollment through the Office of Continuing Education, 826-2633.

    PPIL197 Ifr Pilot Prof Lab
    0189ALAB89100PAppointment Brockway, Troy D
    Section meets from August 18, 2004 through December 17, 2004.
    PPIL211 Prof Commercial Plt
    0389ALEC89101 Appointment King, Bernard F
    Section meets from August 18, 2004 through December 17, 2004.
    PPIL213 Prof Comm Plt Flt Lb
    0289ALAB89102 Appointment King, Bernard F
    Section meets from August 18, 2004 through December 17, 2004.
    PPIL216 Altitude Chamber
    0189ALEC89105 Appointment Johnston, Marlon W
    Section meets from August 18, 2004 through December 17, 2004.
    PPIL263 Multi Engine Flt Lab
    0189ALAB89106 Appointment Irvin, H Hugh
    Section meets from August 18, 2004 through December 17, 2004.

    General Education course indicates the course has been approved for university general education credit.

    For more information, visit the Department of Aeronautics Technology home page at


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