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    Department of Aerospace Studies

    Fall 2004 Course List

    If no dates listed directly under course, then course is a 16 week course and will meet August 18-December 11.

    AERO099 Aerospace Studies
    00ALAB05610C         U3:30-5:30PDUF 1107Skinner, Kurt
    LAB          U3:30-5:30PMS 213
    LAB          U3:30-5:30PMS 209
    LAB          U3:30-5:30PMS 201
    AERO110 Aerospace Studies 1A
    01AREC05620       W9:30MS 209Kinkaid, Shane
    01BREC05630       W2:30 p.m.MS 209Kinkaid, Shane
    General Education courseAERO210 Aerospace Studies 2A
    01AREC05640    T8:30MS 209Kinkaid, Shane
    01BREC05650    T2:30 p.m.MS 209Kinkaid, Shane
    AERO215 Afrotc Summer Progrm
    04AREC05660 Appointment Kinkaid, Shane
    General Education courseAERO310 Professnl Officer 3A
    03AREC05670    T   U9:30-10:45MS 209Skinner, Kurt
    03BREC05680    T   U1:05-2:20PMS 209Skinner, Kurt
    AERO399 Prb/Aerospace Study
    VAREC05690 AppointmentMS 108Skinner, Kurt
    AERO410 Aerospace Studies 4A
    03AREC05700    T   U9:30-10:45MS 201Dodd, Charles
    03BREC05710    T   U1:05-2:20PMS 201Dodd, Charles

    General Education course indicates the course has been approved for university general education credit.

    For more information, visit the Department of Aerospace Studies home page at


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