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    Department of Engineering Technology

    Fall 2003 Course List

    If no dates listed directly under course, then course is a 16 week course and will meet August 20-December 11.

    CET020 Sem/Civil/Const Engg
    00 80A LEC 82080 C    T 1:30-2:20P STC168 Rietcheck,Andrew A
    CET120 Mat Samp & Test
    02 80A LAB 82090 M   W 2:30-5:20P STC120 Rietcheck,Andrew A
    CET211 Statics
    03 80A LEC 82100 M   W   F 10:30-11:20 STC166 Hassan,Masud A
    CET220 Soils & Found
    02 80A LEC 82110          U 1:30-2:20P STC166 Rietcheck,Andrew A
    LAB    T 2:30-4:20P STC166 Rietcheck,Andrew A
    CET241 Const Met & Est
    02 80A LEC 82120    T 1:30-2:20P STC172 Rietcheck,Andrew A
    LAB          U 2:30-4:20P STC166 Rietcheck,Andrew A
    CET300 Prb/In Cet
    V 80A IND 82130 Appointment Rietcheck,Andrew A
    CET323 Route Location Srvy
    03 80A LEC 82140    T   U 11:30-12:20 STC166 Rietcheck,Andrew A
    LAB             F 2:30-5:20P STC115 Rietcheck,Andrew A
    CET350 Site Construction
    03 80A REC 82150    T   U 11:30-12:20 STC166 Rietcheck,Andrew A
    LAB             F 2:30-5:20P STC115 Rietcheck,Andrew A
    CET410 Man & Engg Economics
    03 80A LEC 82160 M   W   F 1:30-2:20P STC120 Brockway,Kathy J
    CMST101 Applied Basic Progrm
    02 80A LEC 82220    T   U 10:30-11:20 STC168 Williamson,Marcia A
    02 80B LEC 82230    T   U 2:30-3:30P STC168 Williamson,Marcia A
    CMST102 Intro Computer Tech
    03 80A LEC 82235 M   W   F 10:30-11:20 STC172 Kinsler,Les
    03 80B LEC 82236 M   W   F 12:30-1:20P STC166 Kinsler,Les
    CMST103 Intro/Program Dsgn
    03 80A LEC 82240 M   W   F 8:30-9:20 STC169 Leite,Pedro T
    03 80B LEC 82250 M   W   F 1:30-2:20P STC169 Leite,Pedro T
    CMST104 Database Management
    02 801 LAB 82180 M   W 5:30-7:20P STC167 Schowengerdt,Diana L
    Course meets from August 20, 2003 through October 8, 2003.
    02 802 LAB 82190    T   U 5:30-7:20P STC167 Schowengerdt,Diana L
    Course meets from October 16, 2003 through December 11, 2003.
    CMST108 Pc Desktop Software
    Closed0380ALEC82360 M   W   F10:30-11:20STC167 Penzenstadler,Suzanne
    03 80B LEC 82370 M   W   F 11:30-12:20 STC163 Penzenstadler,Suzanne
    03 80C LEC 82380 M   W   F 1:30-2:20P STC163 Penzenstadler,Suzanne
    03 80D LEC 82385 Appointment Penzenstadler,Suzanne
    TUESDAY, AUGUST 26 AT 6:30 P.M. IN STC 163.
    CMST130 Intro To Pc Admin
    03 80A LEC 82260    T   U 11:30 STC118 Kinsler,Les
    80A1 LAB 82270    T 2:30-4:20P STC171 Kinsler,Les
    80A2 LAB 82280          U 12:30-2:20P STC171 Kinsler,Les
    80A3 LAB 82285          U 2:30-4:20P STC171 Kinsler,Les
    CMST135 Web Page Development
    03 80A REC 82300    T   U 8:05-9:20 STC163 Williamson,Marcia A
    Closed0380BREC82310    T   U1:05-2:20PSTC163 Williamson,Marcia A
    CMST155 Web Page Develpmnt 2
    03 80A REC 82330 M   W   F 11:30-12:20 STC167 Harding,Troy D
    CMST180 Intro Database Systm
    03 80A LEC 82340 M   W   F 1:30-2:20P STC172 Mertz,Thomas E
    CMST210 Visual Basic 1
    03 80A LAB 82325 M   W   F 12:30-1:20P STC169 Leite,Pedro T
    CMST245 C++ Programming 1
    03 80A LEC 82400 M   W   F 8:30-9:20 STC172 Mertz,Thomas E
    CMST250 Networking 1
    03 80A LEC 82410 M   W 2:30-3:20P STC151 Harding,Troy D
    801 LAB 82420 M 12:30-2:20P STC171 Harding,Troy D
    802 LAB 82430             F 12:30-2:20P STC171 Harding,Troy D
    CMST302 Appl/C/Engr Tech
    03 80A LEC 82450 M   W   F 10:30-11:20 STC168 Mortensen,Alvin Norman
    CMST310 Visual Basic 2
    03 80A LEC 82440 M   W   F 9:30-10:20 STC169 Leite,Pedro T
    CMST315 Networking 2
    Closed0380ALEC82460 M   W8:30-9:20STC168 Harding,Troy D
    Closed LAB             F7:30-9:20STC171 Harding,Troy D
    CMST335 Web Develpmnt Prog 1
    03 80A LEC 82395 M   W   F 10:30-11:20 STC169 Harding,Troy D
    CMST362 Intro Bus Program
    03 80A LEC 82350 M   W   F 9:30-10:20 STC172 Kinsler,Les
    CMST370 Applied Data Struct
    03 80A LEC 82355 M   W   F 2:30-3:20P STC168 Kinsler,Les
    CMST400 Java 2
    V 80A FLD 82490 M   W   F 11:30-12:20 STC169 Mertz,Thomas E
    CMST400 Soph Systs Analy/Des
    V 80B FLD 82492    T   U 9:30-10:45 STC118 Mertz,Thomas E
    ECET020 Sem/Elect/Cmptr Tech
    00 80A SEM 82520 C    T 1:30-2:20P STC151 Mortensen,Alvin Norman
    General Education courseECET100 Basic Electronics
    04 80A REC 82530 M   W   F 9:30-10:20 STC118 Shepard,Scott R
    801 LAB 82540 M 12:30-2:20P STC142 Shepard,Scott R
    802 LAB 82550          U 12:30-2:20P STC142 Shepard,Scott R
    803 LAB 82560       W 12:30-2:20P STC142 Shepard,Scott R
    ECET201 A/C Circuits
    04 80A LEC 82570 M   W   F 8:30-9:20 STC108 Wilson,Michael L
    LAB             F 12:30-2:20P STC142 Wilson,Michael L
    ECET210 Linear Circuit Applc
    04 80A LEC 82580 M   W   F 9:30-10:20 STC168 Wilson,Michael L
    801 LAB 82590       W 2:30-4:20P STC142 Wilson,Michael L
    ECET240 Elect Manufact
    Closed0380ALEC82600    T   U8:30-9:20STC142 Mortensen,Alvin Norman
    Closed 801LAB82610    T9:30-11:20STC139 Mortensen,Alvin Norman
    ECET250 Digital Logic
    04 80A LEC 82620 M   W   F 10:30-11:20 STC151 Khan,Saeed M
    801 LAB 82630          U 2:30-4:20P STC154 Khan,Saeed M
    ECET304 Elec Power & Device
    03 80A LEC 82633    T   U 10:30-11:20 STC106 Wilson,Michael L
    LAB    T 2:30-4:20P STC153 Wilson,Michael L
    ECET352 Digital Circuit/Syst
    04 80A LEC 82635 M   W   F 8:30-9:20 STC151 Mortensen,Alvin Norman
    LAB    T 2:30-4:20P STC154 Mortensen,Alvin Norman
    ECET492 Prb/Elect/Cmptr Tech
    V 80A IND 82640 Appointment Mortensen,Alvin Norman
    ELET400 Adv Network Analysis
    03 80A LEC 82660    T   U 8:05-9:20 STC151 Shepard,Scott R
    ELET421 Telecomm Systems
    02 80A LEC 82670 M   W 12:30-1:20P STC151 Khan,Saeed M
    MET020 Sem/Mech Engg Tech
    00 80A LEC 82680 C    T 1:30-2:20P STC169 Dandu,Raju S
    MET111 Technical Graphics
    03 801 LAB 82690    T   U 2:30-5:20P STC119 Hassan,Masud A
    03 802 LAB 82700    T   U 8:30-11:20 STC119 Morse,Julia L
    MET121 Manufact Methods
    03 80A LEC 82720 M   W 10:30-11:20 STC120 Morse,Julia L
    801 LAB 82730 M   W 12:30-2:20P STC121 Morse,Julia L
    802 LAB 82740 M   W 2:30-4:20P STC121 Spaulding,Gregory L
    MET231 Phys Mtrl/Metallurgy
    03 80A LEC 82750    T   U 1:30-2:20P STC120 Spaulding,Gregory L
    801 LAB 82760 M 12:30-2:20P STC122 Spaulding,Gregory L
    802 LAB 82770       W 12:30-2:20P STC122 Spaulding,Gregory L
    MET245 Matr Strength/Test
    03 80A LEC 82780    T   U 8:30-9:20 STC120 Dandu,Raju S
    801 LAB 82790       W 2:30-4:20P STC123 Dandu,Raju S
    MET252 Fluid Power Tech
    03 80A LEC 82810    T   U 10:30-11:20 STC120 Hassan,Masud A
    801 LAB 82820             F 12:30-2:20P STC119 Hassan,Masud A
    802 LAB 82830             F 2:30-4:20P STC119 Hassan,Masud A
    MET314 Cmptr-Aid Dsgn Modlg
    03 80A LEC 82840 M   W 2:30-4:20P STC119 Morse,Julia L
    LAB          U 12:30-1:20P STC119 Morse,Julia L
    MET365 Machine Dsgn Tech 2
    03 80A LEC 82860 M   W   F 9:30-10:20 STC108 Spaulding,Gregory L
    MET382 Ind Instrmnt/Contrls
    03 80A LEC 82870 M   W 8:30-9:20 STC120 Dandu,Raju S
    LAB M 2:30-4:20P STC153 Dandu,Raju S
    MET462 Senior Dsgn Projt 1
    01 801 LAB 82880             F 10:30-11:20 STC120 Spaulding,Gregory L
    MET481 Automated Mfg Sys 2
    03 80A LEC 82890 M   W   F 12:30-1:20P STC168 Dandu,Raju S
    802 LAB 82910          U 12:30-2:20P STC121 Dandu,Raju S
    MET492 Problems In Met
    ClosedV80AIND82920 Appointment Dandu,Raju S

    89000 series reference numbers have separate enrollment through the Office of Continuing Education, 826-2633.

    CMST210 Visual Basic 1
    03 89A LAB 89600 Appointment Leite,Pedro T
    Course meets from August 20, 2003 through December 29, 2003.

    General Education course indicates the course has been approved for university general education credit.

    For more information, visit the Department of Engineering Technology home page at


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