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    Department of Biological and Agricultural Engineering

    Fall 2003 Course List

    If no dates listed directly under course, then course is a 16 week course and will meet August 20-December 11.

    ATM020 Agr Tech Mgmt Assmby
    00 A LEC 33660 C          U 7:00-8:30P S 132 Clark,Gary A
    ATM160 Engr Sys/Tech Agric
    Closed03AREC33670 M   W   F11:30S 132 Clark,Gary A
    ATM460 Intrn/Agr Tech Mgmt
    V A IND 33680    T 3:30 p.m. S 133 Slocombe,John W
    ATM500 Chem Appl Systm
    03 A REC 33690 M   W 10:30 S 132 Slocombe,John W
    Closed 1LAB33700 M12:30-2:20PS 134 Slocombe,John W
    2 LAB 33710 M 2:30-4:20P S 134 Slocombe,John W
    ATM515 Prb/Ag Tech Mgmt
    V A IND 33720       W 12:30 p.m. S 143 Koelliker,James K
    Closed03BIND33721 Appointment
    ATM661 Water/Waste/Environ
    03 A REC 33730    T   U 8:05-9:20 S 132 Mankin,Kyle R
    ATM702 Top/Precis Ag Tech
    Closed01AREC33740 Appointment Taylor,Randal K
    BAE020 Engg Assembly
    00 A LEC 33750 C          U 7:00-8:30P S 063 Mankin,Kyle R
    BAE200 Intro Bio Ag Eng/Tec
    02 A REC 33760 M 3:30 p.m. S 132 Mankin,Kyle R
    LAB    T 11:30-2:20 S 134
    02 B REC 33770 M 3:30 p.m. S 132 Mankin,Kyle R
    LAB          U 11:30-2:20 S 134
    BAE350 Agr Machinery System
    02 A REC 33780    T   U 9:30 S 132 Taylor,Randal K
    BAE351 Agr Machinery System
    Closed01ALAB33790    T12:30-2:20PS 143 Taylor,Randal K
    Closed01BLAB33800    T2:30-4:20PS 143 Taylor,Randal K
    BAE499 Honors Rsch Ag Engg
    V A IND 33810 Appointment Koelliker,James K
    BAE533 Applied Hydrology
    03 A REC 33820 M   W 8:05-9:20 S 134 Steichen,James M
    BAE535 Fund Struc & Env Eng
    03 A REC 33830    T   U 10:30 S 134 Maghirang,Ronaldo G
    LAB    T 2:30-5:20P S 134
    BAE536 Agric Engg Design 1
    02 A LAB 33840 M   W 2:30-5:20P S 143 Koelliker,James K
    BAE575 Fund Agr Process Eng
    03 A REC 33850 M   W 11:30-12:30 S 143 Wang,Donghai
    LAB       W 12:30-2:20P S 134
    BAE620 Prb/Ag Engg
    V A IND 33860 Appointment Koelliker,James K
    BAE620 Prb/Spec Top Irrig
    V B IND 33865 Appointment Clark,Gary A
    BAE690 Nonpnt Pollution Eng
    03 A REC 33870    T   U 12:30-1:45P S 131 Hutchinson,Stacy L.
    BAE810 Res Agric Engg
    V A LEC 33880 Appointment
    BAE815 Grad Sem Ag Engg
    01 A SEM 33890          U 1:30 p.m. S 127 Steichen,James M
    BAE820 Top/Wireless Comm
    V A IND 33891 Appointment Armstrong,Paul R
    BAE820 Top/Ag Proc Engg
    03 B IND 33892    T   U 9:30
    LAB          U 2:30-5:20P
    BAE898 MS Report
    V A RSH 33910 C Appointment Koelliker,James K
    BAE899 MS Thesis
    V A RSH 33920 C Appointment Koelliker,James K
    BAE999 PhD Research
    V A RSH 33930 C Appointment Koelliker,James K

    90000 series reference numbers have separate enrollment through the Division of Continuing Education, 532-5566.

    ATM515 Prb/Env Lead Train
    V 90A IND 91541 P Appointment DISEDUC Powell,G Morgan
    Kahl,Daniel W
    Leatherman,John C
    Willingham,Judith M
    Course meets from August 20, 2003 through December 12, 2003.

    General Education course indicates the course has been approved for university general education credit.

    For more information, visit the Department of Biological and Agricultural Engineering home page at


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