Course Schedule Format


A - Anderson Hall JU - Justin Hall
AFH - Ahearn Field K - Kedzie Hall
House Main KF - Kramer Food Center
AK - Ackert Hall KG - King Hall
BH - Bluemont Hall L - Hale Library
BT - Burt Hall LS - Leasure Hall
C - Calvin Hall LSH - Lafene Student Health
CB - Chemistry & M - McCain Auditorium
Biochemistry Bldg MA - Music Annex
CL - Call Hall MS - Military Science Bldg
CW - Cardwell Hall N - Nichols Hall
D - Dickens Hall NA - Natatorium
DC - Danforth & All-Faith NAPOOL- Natatorium Pools
Chapel S - Seaton Halll
DE - Denison Hall SC - Seaton Court
DF CTR - Derby Food Center SH - Shellenberger Hall
DO - Dole Hall T - Thompson Hall
DU - Durland Hall TH - Throckmorton Hall
DUF - Durland/Fiedler Hall UD - Child Develop Lab
DUR - Durland/Rathbone Hall UM - Umberger Hall
EH - Eisenhower Hall UN - Student Union
ER - Home Management UNREC - Stu. Union Recreation
House VCS - Veterinary Clinical Sci
ES - East Stadium VH - Dykstra Hall
F - Fairchild Hall VMS - Veterinary Med Sci
FMC CTR- Family Center VMT - Trotter Hall
FT - Feed Tech Building W - Willard Hall
GY - Gymnasium WA - Waters Hall
HST HOU -Hoeflin Stone House WAX - Waters Hall Annex
HH - Holton Hall WB - Weber Hall
HZ - Holtz Hall WD - Ward Hall
WS - West Stadium


AC - Aviation Center SCI - Science Center
CA - Composite/Avionics Lab TC - Technolgy Center
CVL - Civil Engineering Tech Lab TU - Tullis Building
NE - Neely Building


CD ROM - CD-ROM/Continuing Education
DIS EDUC - Distance Education/Continuing Education
DIS LRN - Distance Learning/Continuing Education
FT LEAV - Ft. Leavenworth/Continuing Education
FT RL - Fort Riley/Continuing Education
KS CITY - Kansas City/Continuing Education/Continuing Education
MAN CC - Manhattan Christian College/Continuing Education
MAN HATN -Manhattan Off-campus/Continuing Education
MAT C - Manhattan Area Technical College/Continuing Education
OFF CAMP - Off-Campus/Continuing Education
SAL INA - KSU-Salina Campus/Continuing Education
TEL NET - TELENET2 Locations Statewide
TOP EKA - Topeka /Continuing Education
TRA VEL - Travel/Continuing Education
VID TAPE - Videotape/Continuing Education
WIC HITA - Wichita/Continuing Education
WWW CE - World Wide Web/Continuing Education


Special instructions pertaining to a course will be printed immediately UNDER the course section.


The letters denote the department in which the course is offered. The three digits in the course number represent the level of the course, i.e.

GEOL 704 (GEOL= Geology, 704=graduate level course).
000-099 An undergraduate course in which no credit is granted toward degree requirements.
100-299 An undergraduate lower division course, designated as a freshman or sophomore level course.
300-499 An undergraduate upper division course, designated as a junior or senior level course.
500-699 An undergraduate upper division course, primarily designated as a junior or senior level course. Courses numbered 500-599 may be taken for graduate credit only in a graduate student's minor field. Courses numbered 600-699 may be taken for credit in a graduate student's major field.
700-799 An undergraduate upper division or graduate course, primarily graduate level course.
800-899 A graduate course, primarily for a master level course or a professional level course.
900-999 A graduate course, primarily for doctoral level course.

Variable credit courses are designated with a "V"; students must indicate the number of hours. All other courses are offered for a fixed credit amount as indicated.

The following messages may appear in the Course Schedule (message applies to the course listed above the printed message):
a. "Honors Program"--indicates this section is only open to students participating in a college Honors Program.
b. "Department Majors Only"--indicates this section is only open to students with majors in that department.
c. "Non-Majors Only"--indicates this section is only open to students who are not majors in that department.
d. "Instructor Permission"--indicates permission must be obtained from the instructor PRIOR to enrolling in that section; a COURSE SECTION PERMIT form should be completed or electronic permission in KATS, see Supplementary Information, Permission Courses.
e. "Permission Required"--indicates permission must be obtained PRIOR to enrolling in that section (may be electronic permission in KATS). See text message accompanying that course section for location to obtain permission, see Supplementary Information, Permission Courses.


The "Y" listed under GE indicates the course has been approved for university general education credit.


Blank-This section may only be taken for a letter grade.
C-This section may only be taken for the Credit-No Credit option.
P-This section may either be taken for a letter grade, or under the A/Pass/F option.

Some courses list multiple sections and types. Students enrolling in these courses must sign up for each of the different section types required for each course.
ACT - Activity PRC - Practicum
AUD - Audio QZ - Quiz
FLD - Field Study REC - Recitation
HLP - Help Session RDG - Readings
IND - Independent Study RSH - Research
INT - Internship SEM - Seminar
LAB - Laboratory SLF - Self-paced
LEC - Lecture STD - Studio
LES - Lesson TCH - Teaching-student

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