Continuous Students Advisement / Enrollment

    I.  Advisement

        A.    University Advising Plan

      1.   Students are required to visit with an advisor and get an advisorís signature. Advisors can give an electronic signature via KATS,  or sign the Enrollment Worksheet.

      2.  As approved by the dean and the Provost, the following students are NOT required to get an advisorís signature prior to initial enrollment.


Graduate  -  All except 19 curriculums, contact your department

Vet Med   -  All students

B.  Access to Course Schedule Booklet
1. Via the WWW February 28 at url http:// booklet
for both Fall and Summer 2001 Semester.
2. Hard copy available March 12 in the K-State Student Union Bookstore.

C.  Acquiring Appropriate Support Documentation and/or Signatures

1.  Complete the Enrollment Worksheet.

2.  Obtain any required special permission signatures for closed or permission courses; instructors can give an electronic permission via KATS or sign a course section permit form for closed/permission courses.

Note: Some courses are offered in multi-section combinations only (i.e. PHYS 113). For these courses, sign up for all sections such as quizzes, labs, recitations, etc. which are listed in the Course Schedule Booklet.

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II.  Enrollment
  A.  Kats WWW*
  1.  Assigned time (See Enrollment Time Chart)
2.  url of
3.  Know your student ID number and KATS PIN.
B.  KATS Phone-In*
1.  Assigned time (See Enrollment Time Chart)
2.  Telephone number of 1-785-395-1200.
3.  Know your student ID number and KATS PIN.

C.  Walk-Through

1.  Assigned time (See Enrollment Time Chart).
2.  Enrollment Services, 217 Willard Hall, 8:15am-11:45am, 1:00pm-4:45pm.
D.  Late
        A $50.00 late enrollment fee is assessed for enrolling after the semester begins.

      E.  Course cancellation

The University reserves the right to cancel any course for justifiable reasons.


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