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    Department of Interior Architecture

    Fall 2002 Course List

    If no dates listed directly under course, then course is a 16 week course and will meet August 26-December 13.

    IAR301 Iar Dsgn Studio 1
    03 A STD 04350 M 2:30-5:20 S 203A Husseini,Fayez
    STD       W   F 1:30-5:20 S 203A Husseini,Fayez
    03 B STD 04360 M 2:30-5:20 S 203B Bullock,Robert A
    STD       W   F 1:30-5:20 S 203B Bullock,Robert A
    IAR304 Iar Dsgn Studio 1
    01 A LEC 04370 M 1:30 S 203A Husseini,Fayez
    01 B LEC 04380 M 1:30 S 203B Bullock,Robert A
    IAR400 Prod Dsgn Studio 1
    01 A LEC 04390 M 1:30 SC 114 Hastings,Allan J
    IAR403 Prod Dsgn Studio 1
    03 A STD 04400 M 2:30-5:20 SC 114 Hastings,Allan J
    STD       W   F 1:30-5:20 SC 114 Hastings,Allan J
    IAR404 Iar Dsgn Studio 3
    04 A STD 04410 M   W   F 1:30-5:20 S 112 Hubbell,Neal C
    IAR406 Prb/Inter
    V A IND 04420 Appointment Brown,David A
    IAR406 Prb/Int Arch
    V B IND 04430 Appointment Troyer,Rodney J
    V C IND 04440 P Appointment Murphy,Stephen M
    Enrollment restrictions: Instructor Permission
    IAR408 Design Workshop 2
    03 A LAB 04450 M   W   F 9:30-11:20 SC 101 Murphy,Stephen M
    STD M   W   F 11:30 SC 111
    Closed03BLAB04460 M   W   F11:30-1:20SC 101 Brown,David A
    Closed STD M   W   F10:30SC 111
    Closed03CLAB04470    T   U8:30-11:20SC 101 Troyer,Rodney J
    Closed STD M   W   F12:30SC 111
    IAR409 Materials & Finishes
    Closed02ALEC04480    T   U12:30DUR1052 Dubois,James H
    IAR410 Iar Microcmptrs Aplc
    Closed02ALEC04490             F9:30S 207 Borchers,Vicky L
    Closed A1LAB04500             F11:30-1:20S 111 Borchers,Vicky L
    Closed02BLEC04510    T9:30S 207 Brown,David A
    B1 LAB 04520       W 11:30-1:20 S 111 Brown,David A
    IAR411 Draw Blk & White
    Closed03ALEC04530    T   U2:30-4:20S 202F Wilson,Gwen O
    IAR413 Material/Finish Lab
    Closed011LAB04540    T1:30-3:20SC 114E Dubois,James H
    Closed012LAB04550          U1:30-3:20SC 114E Dubois,James H
    IAR420 Theory Furnit Design
    02 A LEC 04560 M   W   F 10:30 S 207 Hubbell,Neal C
    IAR430 Visual Communication
    02 A STD 04570    T   U 1:30-3:20 S 207 Bullock,Robert A
    02 B STD 04580    T   U 1:30-3:20 S 207 Husseini,Fayez
    IAR455 Prod Dsgn Illustrat
    Closed01ALAB04590    T2:30-5:20SC 114 Hastings,Allan J
    IAR456 Theory/Prod Design
    Closed02ALEC04600    T   U8:30S 161 Bullock,Robert A
    IAR600 Iar Dsgn Studio 4
    Closed01ALEC04610 M   W1:30SC 111 Wilson,Gwen O
    Closed01BLEC04620 M   W1:30SC 111 Borchers,Vicky L
    IAR602 Iar Dsgn Studio 4
    Closed04ASTD04630 M   W2:30-5:20SC 111 Wilson,Gwen O
    Closed STD             F1:30-5:20SC 111 Wilson,Gwen O
    Closed04BSTD04640 M   W2:30-5:20SC 111 Borchers,Vicky L
    Closed STD             F1:30-5:20SC 111 Borchers,Vicky L
    IAR705 Iar Dsgn Studio 6
    Closed04ASTD04650 M2:30-5:20S 206 Dubois,James H
    Closed STD       W   F1:30-5:20SC 114 Dubois,James H
    IAR706 Prod Dsgn Studio 2
    04 A STD 04660 M 9:30-12:20 SC 114 Hastings,Allan J
    STD       W   F 8:30-12:20 SC 114 Hastings,Allan J
    IAR707 Prod Dsgn Studio 2
    01 A LEC 04670 M 8:30 S 206 Hastings,Allan J
    IAR708 Iar Dsgn Studio 6
    Closed01ALEC04680 M1:30S 207 Dubois,James H
    IAR714 Furniture Dsgn Wksp
    Closed03ALAB04690 M   W   F2:30-5:20SC 101 Brown,David A
    Closed STD M   W   F1:30SC 114
    Closed03BLAB04700    T   U1:30-5:20SC 101 Troyer,Rodney J
    Closed STD M   W   F1:30SC 114 Troyer,Rodney J
    IAR753 Prof Practice
    03 A IND 04710    T   U 10:00-11:15 S 207 Thompson,Carolyn
    IAR760 Sem/Interior Arch
    Closed03AREC04720 M   W12:30S 207 Borchers,Vicky L
    IAR821 Adv Int Arch Design
    04 A REC 04730 Appointment Murphy,Stephen M
    IAR830 Prb/Int Arch
    V A IND 04740 P Appointment Wilson,Gwen O

    General Education course indicates the course has been approved for university general education credit.

    For more information, visit the Department of Interior Architecture home page at


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    Kansas State University
    November 1, 2002