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    Department of Anatomy and Physiology

    Fall 2002 Course List

    If no dates listed directly under course, then course is a 16 week course and will meet August 26-December 13.

    AP700 Gross Anatomy 1
    06 A LEC 40880       W 9:30 Cash,Walter C
    LEC          U 8:30-10:20 Provo-Klimek,Judy A
    LAB M   W 1:30-4:30 VMT304 Weiss,Mark Louis S
    AP710 Micro Anatomy 1
    05 A LEC 40890 MTW 7:30 VMT301 Troyer,Deryl L
    Provo-Klimek,Judy A
    LAB MT 8:30-11:30 VMT304 Mitchell,Kathy E
    AP737 Vet Physiology 1
    06 A LEC 40900 MTWU 11:30 VMT301 Ross,Christopher R
    Schultz,Bruce D
    LEC       W 10:30 VMT301 Wangemann,Antje Philine
    AP770 Pharmacology
    05 A LEC 40910 Appointment VMT201 Kenney,Michael J
    LEC Appointment VMT201 Freeman,Lisa C
    LAB    T 1:30-4:20 VMT201 Rob,Hunter
    AP773 Bioinstrument Lab
    01 A LAB 40920          U 6:30-9:30P DU 037 Marcus,Daniel C
    AP790 Prb/ A & P
    V A IND 40930 Appointment Blecha,Frank
    AP803 Seminar
    01 A SEM 40940 M 4:00-5:00 VMS235 Kenney,Michael J
    AP825 Special Anatomy
    V A LEC 40950 Appointment Cash,Walter C
    Troyer,Deryl L
    AP880 Mechanisms Drug Act
    03 A REC 40960 Appointment Freeman,Lisa C
    AP890 Prb/Pharmacology
    V A IND 40970 Appointment Freeman,Lisa C
    AP895 Equine Exercise Phys
    02 A REC 40980 Appointment Erickson,Howard H
    AP899 MS Research
    V A RSH 40990 C Appointment Blecha,Frank
    AP925 Advanced Physiology
    V A LEC 41000 Appointment Erickson,Howard H
    AP995 Prb/Physiology
    V A IND 41010 Appointment Blecha,Frank
    AP999 PhD Research
    V A RSH 41020 C Appointment Blecha,Frank

    General Education course indicates the course has been approved for university general education credit.

    For more information, visit the Department of Anatomy and Physiology home page at


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    Kansas State University
    November 1, 2002