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    K-State Undergraduate Catalog 2002-2004
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    Industrial and Labor Relations

    Clive Fullagar, Psychology
    469 Bluemont Hall

    The secondary major in industrial and labor relations is a 24-hour interdisciplinary program of study, offered jointly by the Department of Management in the College of Business Administration and the Departments of Economics; Psychology; and Sociology, Anthropology, and Social Work in the College of Arts and Sciences. Eighteen of the hours must be taken outside the student's primary major area.

    Four courses are required as shown in Group I below. In addition, two elective courses must be chosen from each of Groups II and III below.

    I. Required courses (12 hours)
    University General Education courseECON 523 Human Resource Economics  3
    MANGT 530 Industrial and Labor Relations  3
    MANGT 630 Labor Relations Law  3
    PSYCH 560 Industrial Psychology  3

    II. Restricted electives
    Select two courses.
    ECON 540 Managerial Economics  3
    MANGT 535 Personnel Law  3
    MANGT 537 Industrial Conflict Resolution  3
    PSYCH 564 Psychology of Organizations  3
    SOCIO 546 Bureaucracy in Modern Societies  3

    III. Group electives
    Select two courses total from two different groups.
    Group A
    MANGT 531 Personnel and Human Resources
    Management  3
    MANGT 639 Advanced Labor Relations  3

    Group B
    University General Education courseECON 507 The Japanese Economy  3
    ECON 620 Labor Economics  3
    ECON 627 Contemporary Labor Problems  3
    ECON 630 Introduction to Econometrics  3

    Group C
    PSYCH 559 Psychological Testing  3
    PSYCH 563 Gender Issues in the Workplace  3

    Group D
    SOCIO 450 Introduction to Social Interaction  3
    SOCIO 570 Race and Ethnic Relations in the USA  3
    SOCIO 647 Sociology of Work  3

    University General Education courseUniversity general education credit.

    Topics within Secondary Majors:
    dAmerican Ethnic Studies dInternational Studies dWomen's Studies
    dGerontology dLatin American Studies   
    dIndustrial and Labor Relations dNatural Resources and Environmental Sciences   
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    Kansas State University
    June 5, 2003