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    K-State Undergraduate Catalog 2002-2004
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    If a student wants to drop or add a course or if an instructor recommends a change, the student should confer with an advisor.

    The instructor may drop a student from a course after the first week of classes if the student has neither attended any of the scheduled course meetings nor notified the instructor of his or her intent to take the course. For purposes of this procedure enrollment in and payment of tuition for a course do not constitute notification of intent to take a course.

    No student may add a course after the first week of classes without the permission of the instructor.

    The last day for dropping a course without a W being recorded is at the end of the 25th day of the semester. After the 10th week of the semester, courses may not be dropped. For courses less than 16 weeks, the drop dates are prorated.

    A summer semester course of six-, seven-, or eight- weeks may be dropped without a W being recorded through the thirteenth day; after the fifth week a six-, seven-, or eight-week course may not be dropped. A course less than six weeks is prorated.

    Topics within Enrollment:
    dAssignment to Courses dA/Pass/F Policy dAuditing Courses
    dDrop/Add dCredit/No Credit Courses dPrep Week
    dCurriculum Change dCourse Attendance dFinal Examinations
    dRetake Policy dWithdrawal From the University   
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