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    K-State Undergraduate Catalog 2000-2002

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    Latin American Studies

    Bradley A. Shaw, Director
    215 Eisenhower Hall
    Fax: 785-532-7004

    The secondary major in Latin American studies provides opportunities for students to examine issues related to Latin America from a variety of perspectives. This interdisciplinary approach is designed to help students understand the systematic nature of political, socioeconomic, technological, and environmental problems in Latin America and the value systems of the people involved.

    The program allows students to work with specialists in the humanities and social sciences, and to benefit from the expertise and experience of scientists and engineers who are engaged in research or development projects related to Latin America. Students who complete the secondary major will be qualified to pursue graduate work in Latin American studies. The curriculum will enhance student qualifications for employment in research, economic development, social action, trade, and diplomacy related to Latin America.

    A student from any college may choose the secondary major in Latin American studies to complement course work in his or her major. Many courses may simultaneously meet the student's own college or major degree requirements. In this way, electives and required courses within a college curriculum may count toward the secondary major in Latin American studies.

    Please note: This list may change as courses are added or revised. Other Latin American studies courses are offered as ``special studies,'' ``topics,'' ``problems,'' or ``seminar'' categories.'' Intersession offerings may sometimes be acceptable. Transfer credits from approved study abroad programs, or other institutions, may be accepted as part of a student's program of study.

    For the current list of approved courses, and for new program developments, call or write the director, or view the list at the international and area studies website.

    I. Language requirement: Spanish IV or equivalent, or more advanced competence in Spanish or Portuguese.

    II. Area courses: 21 hours, including the Senior Seminar. Courses must be taken in a minimum of four departments, with no more than 9 hours in any one department.

    Area courses
    Interdisciplinary (required)

    DAS 407Senior Research in Latin American Studies
    ANTH 432Indigenous Peoples of Mexico, Central America, and the Caribbean 3
    ANTH 634Indigenous Peoples and Cultures of South America
    ANTH 673Mesoamerican Archaeology
    GEOG 620Geography of Latin America
    HIST 303Latin American History and Civilization 3
    HIST 560Latin American Nations
    HIST 561Colonial Hispanic America
    HIST 562Modern Mexico
    Modern languages
    SPAN 563Introduction to the Literature of
    Spanish America
    SPAN 566Hispanic American Civilization
    SPAN 750Spanish American Literature: Origins to Nineteenth Century
    SPAN 751Spanish American Literature: Nineteenth Century
    SPAN 752Contemporary Spanish American Narrative
    SPAN 755Spanish American Drama
    SPAN 767Spanish American Poetry
    SPAN 772Hispanic World Today [when applicable]
    Political science
    POLSC 622Latin American Politics
    SOCIO 507Political Sociology of Latin America
    SOCIO 635The Socioeconomic and Environmental Impacts of NAFTA 3
    SOCIO 738Inter-American Migration
    Topics within Secondary Majors:
    dAmerican Ethnic Studies dInternational Studies dWomen's Studies
    dGerontology dLatin American Studies   
    dIndustrial and Labor Relations dNatural Resources and Environmental Sciences   
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    Kansas State University
    November 10, 2000