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    K-State Undergraduate Catalog 2000-2002

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    Extension Agriculture and Natural Resources

    Daryl D. Buchholz, Assistant Director, Professor

    Specialists in several departments of the Colleges of Agriculture and Engineering offer direct educational and technical assistance to citizens throughout the state.

    In addition, interdisciplinary programs in water quality; resource use and conservation; community and economic development; value-added processing and production; food, feed, and forage production; animal production and utilization; and farm business and financial management are offered.

    Agricultural economics
    Daniel J. Bernardo, Head

    Farm management
    Professors Barnaby and Darling; Associate Professors McEowen and Warmann; Assistant Professors Jones, Kastens, and O'Brien; Administrator DeLano; Farm Management Extension Agricultural Economists Allen, Althauser, J. Dawson, R. Dawson, Docken, Everson, Freeze, Herbel, Huschka, Manny, Miller, Roddy, Rogers, Rowell, Schwarzentraub, Smith, Snyder, D. Stucky, T. Stucky, Thompson, Wahl, Wilken, Witt, and Wood. Emeriti: Professors Fausett, Schlender, and Thomas; Associate Professors McReynolds and Parker; Assistant Professor Overley; Farm Management Extension Agricultural Economists Collins, Dickson, Faidley, Germann, Greene, Hackler, Hageman, and Mullen.

    The extension educational program in farm management is divided into two areas: Kansas Farm Management Association programs and area and state farm management programs.

    In the Kansas Farm Management Association program, the 24 farm management agricultural economists conduct an intensive educational program with approximately 2,700 Kansas farm families in the six farm management associations.

    The extension farm management program is conducted by state specialists and area economists. It is done with in-depth educational programs in cooperation with the county extension agents. The area specialists conduct in-depth workshops in farm business management with farm families, provide a nearby reference resource for agents, and develop educational materials for agent use.

    Agricultural policy
    Professor Flinchbaugh

    The public affairs extension educational program provides educational information on policy issues of current interest. Problems are analyzed, alternatives and consequences examined, and the people are challenged to reach decisions.

    The economic information program provides current data on factors affecting farming, business and industrial operations, labor supply and demand, and family living costs.

    Extension marketing
    Professors Barton, Mintert, and Tierney; Emerita: Professor Walker.

    The main projects of marketing include marketing information, agri-business, and commodity marketing activities. News releases, monthly teleconferences, publications directed to the general public, and special information directed toward specific agricultural audiences are used to disseminate information.

    Extension economic development
    Professor Darling.

    Extension economic development assists communities in development efforts. News releases, publications, and seminars are offered through county extension agents and area community development specialists.

    Extension local government
    Assistant Professors Garrett and Leatherman.

    The extension local government programs provide direct educational assistance in the areas of structure, management, finance, and policy.

    Extension biological and agricultural engineering
    James K. Koelliker, Head James P. Murphy, State Leader

    Professors Harner, Koelliker, Murphy, Powell and Rogers; Assistant Professors Alam, Taylor, and Wolf; Emeriti: Professors Clark, Holmes, Jepsen and Wendling.

    Extension agricultural engineering conducts an educational program which relates to engineering principles to agricultural concerns including water management, water quality, waste management, food processing, ag safety, pesticide application equipment, and livestock production facilities.

    Extension agronomy
    David B. Mengel, Head David A. Whitney, State Leader

    Professors Devlin, Fjell, Kilgore, Lamond, Mengel, Ohlenbusch, Peterson, Regehr, Shroyer and Whitney; Associate Professors Duncan, Eberle, and Thompson; Assistant Professors McVay, Staggenborg, and Stockton. Emeriti: Professors Bieberly, Bohannon, and Edelblute.

    Extension agronomy conducts a statewide educational program in agricultural crop production and natural resource conservation. The program is focused on conservation and protection of natural resources through education and technology transfer that results in improved, stable crop production efficiency. The breadth of the program is in understanding the dynamics of crops, weeds, soils, and water on crop production.

    Extension animal sciences and industry
    Jack G. Riley, Head John Smith, State Leader

    Professors Brazle, Kuhl, Penner, Riley, Schafer, Smith, and Spaeth; Associate Professors Aramouni, Arns, Blasi, Bolze, Boyle, Nelssen, Stokka, and Tokach; Assistant Professors Beyer, Boyle, Brouk, Huck, Johnson, Marston, and Paisley; Instructor Lee. Emeriti: Professors Adams, Call, Corah, Dunham, Francis, Good, Henderson, Westmeyer, and Zoellner; Extension Assistant Olson.

    Extension specialists in animal sciences and industry provide leadership for state programs in beef cattle, dairy cattle, horses, poultry, sheep, swine, meats, dairy products, value-added food products, food safety, and wildlife damage control.

    Extension entomology
    Sonny Ramaswamy, Head Randall A. Higgins, State Leader

    Professors Bauernfeind, Brooks, Cress, Higgins, Mock, Ramaswamy, and Sloderbeck; Emeriti: Professors Gates and Lippert.

    Extension entomology is concerned with integrated insect and mite management or control for Kansas citizens. Pilot pest management projects are used to introduce and validate integrated approaches to managing pest populations.

    Extension grain science and industry
    Brendan J. Donnelly, Head Timothy J. Herrman, State Leader

    Associate Professor Herrman; Emeriti: Balding, Schoeff, and Wilcox.

    Educational efforts target all sectors of the grain industry and include people involved with wheat breeding,production, grain handling, merchandising, processing, baking, feed manufacturing, and regulatory compliance. Two thrusts of this program include grain utilization and processing quality; and flour mill, feed mill, and grain elevator management. Subjects include wheat quality as it relates to milling and baking properties, commercial and on-farm grain storage and quality maintenance techniques, on-farm feed manufacturing, commercial feed processing, grain industry safety and regulatory compliance, plant sanitation, food safety, and grain grading.

    Extension horticulture, forestry, and recreation resources
    Thomas D. Warner, Head Charles W. Marr, State Leader

    Professors Marr and van der Hoeven; Associate Professor Barden, Gast and Stevens; Assistant Professor Carey; Emeriti: Professors Leuthold and Morrison.

    Programs in extension horticulture and landscaping serve persons interested in fruits, nuts, vegetables, flowers, turf, shrubs, ornamental and shade trees, and forest and riparian management.

    Extension plant pathology
    Robert Zeigler, Head Douglas J. Jardine, State Leader

    Professors Jardine, Schwenk, and Tisserat; Associate Professor Bowden; Instructor O'Mara; Emeriti: Professors King and Willis.

    Plant pathology extension specialists provides information about the occurrence and nature of plant diseases and the economic means for their control.

    Topics within K-State Research and Extension:
    dAgricultural Experiment Station dYouth, Family, and Community Development dServices and Facilities
    dExtension Agriculture and Natural Resources dFood, Nutrition, Health, and Safety   
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