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    K-State Undergraduate Catalog 2000-2002

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    Agricultural Experiment Station

    Western Kansas Agricultural Research Centers: Colby-Garden City-Hays
    Patrick I. Coyne, Head and Professor

    Agricultural Research Center—Hays
    Professors Brethour, Harvey, Martin, and Stahlman; Associate Professors Kofoid and Seifers; Assistant Professors Harmoney and Thompson.

    Investigations are primarily related to plant and animal systems specific to western Kansas, where rainfall is limited. They include beef grazing, feeding, and breeding studies; crop improvement, with special emphasis on wheat, sorghum, pearl millet, and specialty crop improvement; soil management; weed control; plant disease; and insect management.

    Northwest Research-Extension Center— Colby
    Associate Professors Lamm and Sunderman; Assistant Professor Aiken.

    Major areas of research are crop improvement; soil management; irrigation; weed control; and horticulture.

    Southwest Research-Extension Center— Garden City and Tribune
    Professor Schlegel; Associate Professors Buschman, Currie, Norwood, and Witt; Assistant Professor Trooien.

    Current investigations involve irrigation research; dryland soil and crop management, crop improvement; weed control; insect and other pest control in crops and livestock; soil management; and beef cattle nutrition and management studies; environmental management for livestock operations.

    KSU Southeast Agricultural Research Center
    Lyle W. Lomas, Head and Professor

    Professors Moyer and Sweeney; Associate Professor Kelley; Assistant Professor Long.

    Research focuses on soil and water conservation; crop improvement; weed control; beef cattle grazing investigations; and forages.

    Experiment fields and irrigation development farms
    The Kansas Agricultural Experiment Station includes 11 experiment fields: Cornbelt (Powhattan), North Central Kansas (Belleville), Irrigation (Scandia), Sandyland Irrigation and Dryland (St. John), South Central Kansas (Hutchinson), Harvey County (Hesston), East Center (Ottawa), and Kansas River Valley Irrigation (Rossville, and Silver Lake).

    Experimental work is devoted to horticultural and forest crops at three fields: John Pair Horticultural Research Center (Wichita), Pecan Experiment Field (Chetopa), and East Central Horticulture Field (Olathe).

    Affiliated agencies
    Kansas Water Resources Research Institute
    Cooperating with the Water Resources Institute, University of Kansas
    William L. Hargrove, Director

    The Kansas Water Resources Research Institute conducts basic and applied research on water use and to train scientists in water resources. Representatives of K-State and the University of Kansas participate in institute policy making and research. Research is focused on finding the most effective ways of conserving, using, and distributing available water.

    Food and Feed Grain Institute
    Roe Borsdorf, Director

    The Food and Feed Grain Institute has these goals: to develop effective methods of milling and processing grains; to evaluate and improve the quality and nutritional properties of food grains; to find new uses for grains; and to improve the handling, transporting, storing, and domestic and international use of grains and grain food products. Institute scientists are faculty members of the Departments of Grain Science and Industry, Agricultural Economics, Agricultural Engineering, and personnel of agencies such as the U.S. Grain Marketing and Production Research Center.

    Center for Applied Statistics
    George A. Milliken, Director

    Center for Applied Statistics provides consulting services for scientists associated with the Agricultural Experiment Station.

    Kansas Center for Agricultural Resources and the Environment
    William L. Hargrove, Director

    The Kansas Center for Agricultural Resources and the Environment (KCARE) is an interdisciplinary research and education unit of K-State Research and Extension whose purpose is to provide focus on environmental issues related to agriculture. The center works with faculty from academic departments to provide coordination and support for research and educational activities in natural resources and environmental management. The center also works to garner financial support for programs and serves as a single point of contact for agencies and organizations outside K-State who have interest in natural resource and environmental issues.

    Wheat Research Center
    Ronald L. Madl, Director

    The center supports multi-disciplinary wheat research programs at K-State. The purpose of the center is to facilitate development of interdepartmental teams to resolve issues facing the wheat industry. The center seeks to expand funding options for wheat programs and serves as a source of information on wheat-related topics at K-State.

    Plant Biotechnology Center
    Robert Zeigler, Director

    The Plant Biotechnology Center links scientists in several colleges and departments who use molecular biology and cell and tissue culture to modify the plant genome. The center's mission is to use biotechnology to add quality and value to Kansas products.

    The major emphasis is to develop systems, approaches, linkages, and a knowledge base to apply biotechnology to plant improvement. The goals are to enhance yield and product quality for traditional uses, and to explore value-added uses for novel markets.

    Projects include activities that are immediately important to Kansas agriculture and that have a high probability of success in a relatively short period of time. They also include a component of basic research that will reach application at a later time. An important consideration is work on Kansas plants and plant products that could be designed to better meet the demands of national and international markets.

    Topics within K-State Research and Extension:
    dAgricultural Experiment Station dYouth, Family, and Community Development dServices and Facilities
    dExtension Agriculture and Natural Resources dFood, Nutrition, Health, and Safety   
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