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    K-State Undergraduate Catalog 2000-2002

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    dSecondary Education Teaching Fields
    dOptional Secondary Certification Programs
    dOptional Secondary Certification Program at the Middle Level
    dSecondary Education Programs Outside the College of Education
    dOther Program Choices
    dGeneral Courses
    dCounseling and Educational Psychology
    dEducational Administration and Leadership
    dElementary Education
    dFoundations and Adult Education
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    Human Ecology
    Technology and Aviation
    Veterinary Medicine
    Graduate School
    Intercollegiate Athletics
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    University Faculty

    Other Program Choices

    Leadership studies minor
    See the Department of Educational Administration and Leadership.

    Coaching endorsement
    The coaching endorsement is open to students who plan to coach at the high school level after graduation. The Kansas State High School Activities Association accepts the K-State College of Education coaching endorsement as a substitute for the American Coaching Effectiveness Program, which is currently offered through the KSHSAA educational program.

    Any student interested in the College of Education endorsement program should take the following hours of course work:

    EDSEC 250Scientific Principles of Coaching 3
    EDSEC 320Care and Prevention of Athletic Injuries 3
    EDSEC 587Supervised Practicum for Athletic
    Coaches 2
    One coaching and officiating class  2
    EDSEC 302Coaching and Officiating Basketball
    EDSEC 305Coaching and Officiating Football
    EDSEC 306Coaching and Officiating Volleyball
    Athletic training
    The athletic training department is jointly supported by the College of Education and the Department of Intercollegiate Athletics. Course work includes prevention and treatment of athletic injuries, evaluation and emergency management of athletic injuries, therapeutic modalities in athletic injuries, rehabilitation and conditioning for athletic training, administration of athletic training programs, and supervised internship.

    The following courses comprise the core courses in athletic training:

    EDSEC 320Care and Prevention of Athletic Injuries 3
    EDSEC 551Evaluation and Emergency Management
    of Athletic Injuries 3
    EDSEC 555Therapeutic Modalities in Athletic
    Training 3
    EDSEC 556Rehabilitation and Conditioning 3
    EDSEC 557Seminar in Issues in Administration of
    Athletic Training Programs 3
    EDSEC 585Internship in Athletic Training 1
    Topics within Education:
    dAdvising dSecondary Education Teaching Fields dEducational Administration and Leadership
    dUniversity General Education dOptional Secondary Certification Programs dElementary Education
    dHonors Program dOptional Secondary Certification Program at the Middle Level dFoundations and Adult Education
    dSupport Facilities and Programs dSecondary Education Programs Outside the College of Education dSecondary Education
    dTeacher Education dOther Program Choices dSpecial Education
    dElementary Education Program dGeneral Courses   
    dSecondary Education Program dCounseling and Educational Psychology   
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    Kansas State University
    November 10, 2000