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    K-State Undergraduate Catalog 2000-2002

    About the Catalog
    About the University
    Glossary and Abbreviations
    Academic Advising
    Tuition and Fees
    All-University Regulations
    Student Financial Assistance
    Services for Students
    Auxiliary Services and Facilities
    International Programs
    Secondary Majors
    Architecture, Planning, and Design
    dAdmission to the College
    dUniversity General Education
    dGeneral Requirements
    dEnvironmental Design Studies
    dInterior Architecture
    dLandscape Architecture and Regional and Community Planning
    Arts and Sciences
    Business Administration
    Human Ecology
    Technology and Aviation
    Veterinary Medicine
    Graduate School
    Intercollegiate Athletics
    K-State Research and Extension
    University Faculty

    General Requirements

    Secondary majors
    Certain departmental courses have been approved for credit toward the secondary major in natural resources and environmental sciences, gerontology, international studies, American ethnic studies, and women's studies. A listing of the approved courses may be found in the Secondary Majors section of this catalog.

    Student projects
    All programs involve extensive project work. Students are advised to budget sufficient funds to cover the cost of materials and supplies. Material costs will be higher than those published for nonstudio curricula.

    Student projects, assignments, presentations, and models may be retained by the various departments. Students are advised to assemble photographic files of their work for their portfolios.

    Transfer students
    A transfer program of study can be completed elsewhere and credits transferred to the college so a student can enter the second year of a program. In addition to credit for general studies courses, transfer credit for professional courses equivalent to those offered by the College of Architecture, Planning, and Design will be accepted if earned in environmental design programs accredited by NAAB, FIDER, or LAAB. Students who have questions concerning the application of specific transfer courses should contact the associate dean/student services.

    Topics within Architecture, Planning, and Design:
    dAdmission to the College dOptions dInterior Architecture
    dUniversity General Education dEnvironmental Design Studies dLandscape Architecture and Regional and Community Planning
    dGeneral Requirements dArchitecture   
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    Kansas State University
    November 10, 2000